No Particular Subject

As I write this blog, my faithful cat, Tuppence, is sitting at the side of my computer, bathing in the energy of Maitreya. He actually has a few problems in that he has no nose to speak of and so when he eats he tends to blow his food all over the plate. He is incredibly sensitive, terrified that someone is going to hurt him; and he sheds hair 24/7 all year round We have had him for 4 years now, and he was approximately two years old when we got him from, of all places, the Humane Society in Canada. No, we did not get him in the USA. We actually took him sight unseen and paid for his vaccinations and handling fee over the phone via credit card before we had even seen him. Why did we do that? Because I had a cat when I was with my ex-husband. Although it was his cat, it was a very faithful friend to us both.

When I decided after meditating to get a cat with Alan, I was shown that the cat who had died at age 17 of kidney disease had now incarnated again and was waiting to come back home. I searched the local animal shelters and finally saw him. The only thing was that he was in Canada (was this an accident or arranged?). When I called the shelter to inquire about him they told me he was available for adoption and asked how I was getting there. Was I going by ferry?

“Ferry?” I asked. Are you on Bainbridge Island?” which is a very popular tourist attraction island only accessible by ferry or boat.

“No,” they said. “We are in Victoria, British Columbia.” Of course, I told them I could not possibly go there, but Alan said that if I wanted that particular cat we would go, and the next day we set off via car to collect him.


The Masters – Part 3

The truth is this:

We, the Ascended Masters, do not and never have lived in the Himalayas. We are in spiritual realms and will remain here. We cannot live on the earth plane because our vibration is so high. We recruit disciples – who agree before they come to the earth plane – to work with us, and these souls become our channels. To do this, they have to go through rigorous training to remove the Self and replace it with the Higher Self. This training consists of many years of discipline and hard work in learning to handle our energy and also learning total obedience to us so that our words, and not the channel’s, are spoken. There are many dimensions of the spiritual world. We reside on one of the highest ones. We became Masters because we freed ourselves from the earth plane. We repaid all of our karma and learned all of our lessons. Then we went into the higher worlds and worked our way up again through the many dimensions until we reached ascension. The world knows of only a few Masters but there are thousands of us. We all work in the process of overseeing the Universe, and especially in trying to help humankind reach a higher state of being.

In my case, I have been with the woman I channel through since 1992, accustoming myself to her physical body, her energy, and her subtle bodies. She was trained before that for five years by another being who taught her to channel and accustomed her body to the energies of spiritual realms. For her, this has not a pleasant experience and has caused her much discomfort and imbalance. She knew it was necessary though if she were to communicate with the Highest. There are what you would recognize as male- and female-energy Masters, the Lady Nada and the Lady Mary to name just two of the female energy Masters. Each one of us has a role to play in directing the energy of humankind on earth to a higher vibration. We can only work through a channel, and this channel has to be specially trained. For those who are experienced in understanding astrology you can see if you study my channel’s chart that she is befitted to channel my energy. Much has been written about us the Masters, but the majority of those words are not true. In time, humankind will recognize that what has been written in the past is not true. We wish it to be known that we are now ready, with Madame Blavatsky again, to take the word of us in spiritual realms to the people. Madam has incarnated once again to be our channel, but this time to do it as we wish. This time, she has been an excellent student, and is now ready to take our words to the world.