Holidays – Continued

We were born with free will and the choice of doing things. Many of us have no idea what we are here to do – never mind where we should spend our birthdays. I did choose not to go to India for my birthday in 2007 because I was dealing with a lot of stress at the time and was very tired and exhausted. I felt that, had I gone to India, it would have made me worse. However, Alan and I have plans for a visit there further down the path of our work. We know we will go, but for now it is not important to our work at this time.

I once had a friend who went to Mexico from California just because it moved one planet in her chart from one house to another and thus avoided a lot of friction with her partner during the following year. For the last 5 years I have had Neptune in the 2nd house in my chart. The 2nd house involves money matters and assets, and Neptune is about illusion. When Neptune is in the 2nd house of a solar return chart, one usually does not know how much income one will earn during that year. There can be an illusion over what thinks they will earn and what they actually do earn. For me it meant that I did not know how much I would be earning. Year after year it was the same. I was working but did not know how much I would earn. I am lucky to have money saved and, as such, I did not need money to survive. However, after 5 years with Neptune there and the situation being that way, I desire change. Next year Jupiter is placed in my 2nd house, and as I have positive aspects there, financially things are destined to change in a positive way – all because I chose a different location for my birthday.


Fairy Tales – Continued

Toward the end of this marriage I had decided there is no Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming. I was going to stay single! Little did I know that the Universe was going to send me another candidate. My present and last husband (and I say this with conviction) then came into my life. I needed someone to help me with my work with Maitreya. The Universe sent him to help. We have a lot in common and our temperaments are very similar. However, there were no rose colored glasses or ideas of romance for me this time. I liked him a lot, and we got on so very well together. He made me laugh – something I needed to learn – and he seemed to genuinely care about me. I also genuinely liked him. But love? What is love? Neither of us could define it.

It did not matter; we were having fun together. We had our bad days and our good days. On the bad days I was not going to stay with him; on the good days I felt that God had saved the best for last. It was a place of comfort for me, and he soon showed me that he felt the same as I did about the work we were doing.

Astrologically we are very compatible, but I am under no illusion this time and, as such, I am detached from the emotion. One day I stopped wearing my eyeglasses – whether by accident or deliberately I cannot remember – but as the days passed I no longer needed them. I could see very clearly where I could not see before. I never wore them again and still do not wear glasses. Almost six years have gone by, and I have seen more clearly every year. I believe it is because I am no longer in illusion. I don’t miss them either. It seems strange to even imagine that I wore glasses for so many years. My early books show me on the cover wearing glasses, but no more. I have seen through the illusion.


The Way Things Were – Continued

One by one over the next few years I found my ideas, concepts and fixed thinking changing. I even found my view of everything around me changing. On the one hand it was frightening, but on the other hand it was liberating. My biggest awareness came from being able to see that I was not happy in my marriage. Once again the Universe, or God, brought into my life someone to show me that I was not happy. Shortly after, I left my marriage. She who thought she would be married forever until one of us died had no idea that she would have another husband – never mind two more!

Everything I had valued and believed in came crashing to the ground during the next few years. The little girl who stood in church in love with Jesus, now began to question the very existence of this energy. I began to see through the illusion of the church in every way. I also realized that, until a person is ready to change vibrationally, no amount of persuasion or influence by another can change that person. Everyone is where they need to be vibrationally, all of them working at raising their vibration if they can and, if they want to, often through some hard lessons and experiences. This was a hard thing to learn because, once I raised my vibration and became metaphysical, I wanted to change others around me. I had a husband at the time who did not believe in God and two children who attended Catholic schools even though they were not Catholic. They were not ready to change yet, but I did all I could to change them for a while until I realized it was a waste of energy. It was the same with friends around me. I was disappointed when they did not change to suit me but, of course, now I can see the bigger picture.


The Way Things Were – Continued

My teachers then taught me about spirit guides and my Guardian spirit. All of a sudden I did not feel alone and, more than anything else – the most important thing of all – that I needed to ask these energies for help when I needed it. I had done this prior to my not liking God, but had stopped the practice after going through my darkness (as I called it). So I began asking for help and assistance again. It did not happen overnight – and not even within a few weeks – but I noticed change in my life, and the things I asked for came a lot easier and quicker. In my classes with them they taught me to see the other side – namely Spirit – and to communicate with that realm. Life was still hard, but life was bearable.

By now we had sold the “Dream House” and had bought another house the complete opposite of it. This house had no kitchen to speak of. It was old and rickety compared to the “Dream House.” This was a hovel, but it was home, and we made it nice with cheap carpet and furniture. We actually did not create a fully-equipped kitchen until just before we left the house (in order to sell it).

My entrance into metaphysics was changing my thinking big time about so many different things. I lost a lot of my fear – especially about the future – and came to realize that I was a very talented intuitive. When my teachers left me after a short period of time, I knew that this was where I wanted to be with my life. I had asked God to forgive me for my turning away from its energy and began to realize that God does not do things to us, but God is there to give us strength if we need it – along with those who help us from Spirit. My concept of God and that energy changed so much. It was as if the illusion of what I had been taught and raised with was all stripped away.


The Physical Body

Why do you have such a fascination with the body? It is just a vehicle, a carcass to carry the soul on this earth plane. You are obsessed with the fact that your body is fat, or thin, or tall, or short. You spend hours discussing your body – its faults, its problems, why you don’t like it. What a waste of energy! You have the body that you need on this earth plane. Some of you have the body you have because of karma. Others, like my channel, have a large body to hold the energy needed. They are like batteries, holding the energy until it can be given to humanity. Others burn the spiritual energy and have difficulty in dealing with the energy.

There are those of you who deliberately vomit your food. You do this because you think you carry too much weight. There are others who do not eat and become so thin that they often die. Each one of you has chosen your body. Yes, you have chosen it. You made the decision to have the body you have.

When you stop the obsession with the body, with losing or gaining weight, when you accept that it is just a vehicle for the soul, then it will become like the sky above you and the earth below you – just another illusion. When you are concerned with your body, you waste energy which could be used elsewhere.

Think about how much time you give to worrying about your body, your face, your hands, and feet, your hair, your ears, your nose etc. How many hours have you spent doing this? Your body is the vehicle for your soul – for the spiritual within – nothing more. Let go of your concerns for the physical form and you will then start to enjoy life. Your body, too, is an illusion.