Different Subjects – Continued

Someone asked me the other day what I see in the future, and I see it without labels. We will all be one. It won’t happen overnight, but when you look at what we have done over the last 60 years, so much more change is destined to happen. Will there still be dissention in the world? Yes, there will, but more and more people will not want violence or labels. We will become more understanding about things, more compassionate. We will see men playing a better role and being more interested in metaphysics – far more than they have in the past. More people will begin healing themselves rather than going to visit medical practitioners. We will be more honest in speaking our truth and, over time, the earth plane will become changed for the better.

Since 1980 we have been experiencing a great deal of change. The 1960′s brought tremendous change, so much so that, by the time we reached the 1980′s, we were not afraid of anything new – unlike our parents who had a lot of fear. I will not be alive in this body in 60 years’ time, but I can see it now, and it will be a better world than we have now.

We are in a huge time of change on so many levels. Our whole way of life will change as we head toward 2050. I truly believe that will be when we will see and communicate with beings from other planets or star systems. They cannot come now while there is so much anger and frustration in people. The energy that Maitreya, my teacher, named the Photon Energy is really beginning its work of bringing peoples’ anger to the surface. Only when we have found peace – or at least a semblance of peace – inside ourselves can they come to be with us. They will not come to rule or frighten us but to work with us and be one with us. It is interesting that our President, Barack Obama’s, natal chart shows that he has come to bring change with his Presidency and, of course, he is doing so. He is making us question and, through that, we are seeing the negative side of politics, something many people did not see before but which we are seeing now.


Accusations and Redemption

Margaret’s video blog today deals with what to do if you find yourself in a situation where you have been accused of doing something which you have not done. She give you a simple exercise to do that will lighten the burden from your shoulders and give you immediate redemption from the negativity of the situation.


Advice and Guidance – Continued

Over a year ago in my astrological transits (which are where the planets are right now in our life), the planet Uranus visited my sixth house of health and healing. This brought in the possibility of health problems if I had not dealt with issues such as anger, fear, doubt etc. in the past. It also meant that issues will happen without warning – very quickly when they do occur. Thankfully, I have dealt with those issues and so I have not suffered like some who have that planet in their transits now. Jupiter also came into that house and will be there for a year and, as Jupiter is about growth and expansion, I experienced one or two small health problems that seemed to become quite big during that Jupiter transit. However, knowing that it was there to help me to clear issues dealing with other people, and also to bring to the surface an issue dealing with my first daughter (the one I gave up for adoption), I knew it would go away eventually, and that allowed the release to happen without medical intervention.

My spirit guides also showed me (once again) that my medical transits (which confirmed that this needed to happen and also gave me instructions on what to do about it) triggered it. I had all of the triggers, so I immediately slowed down, and things got better health wise. Sometimes we just need to slow down or take time off and allow the body to heal itself! I am reminded as I write this of a friend who informed me that his wife had found a lump in her breast. This man and his wife are a spiritual couple and as such had done much work on themselves, especially the wife who had worked hard at removing old blocked energy over a couple of years of working on herself.


Advice and Guidance

I often receive email from readers of my blog or our radio show who feel they have the answers to the issues I experience, especially anything to do with my health. From the very beginning, my teacher, Maitreya, told me I would be taken care of with regard to my health and not to worry about it. He also informed me that I have a doctor who is looking after me from the world of Spirit and that energy would let me know if I need to see a doctor. I have nothing in my astrological natal (birth) chart in my house of health, or of work and service and I must state that, for most of my life, I have been very well and healthy. Apart from having my children, a small operation on a cyst many years ago, and a tonsillitis operation when I was eight years of age, that is the sum total of health issues I have experienced.

My grandson has a lot of health issues to deal with: visits to the hospital, leg casts every few months, and recently this year a big problem with his teeth – all because he does have issues in his house of health and healing. My granddaughter in the same family also has issues planetary wise in her sixth house of health and healing. Over the years I have come to be aware of when those in the world of Spirit require me to listen to them. Recently, a week before we left on our trip to Curacao, I had a small health problem and went into my astrology program to find out what was happening. Maitreya led me to this program in 1997, and since then it has been a valuable help to me when I have had health issues; most of them being stress or exhaustion related.



As I write this blog, Alan and I will be spending a week on a Netherlands island called Curacao. It is just a short distance from South America and very popular with the cruise ships which sail the waters there. One of my graduate students lives on the island and is looking forward to building a small center for education and healing. Hopefully, we are going to choose the right place on the island for the center.

There is another reason though that we are going to Curacao, and that is because where we spend our birthdays is very important for the energy we will generate next year in 2011. In 2009 I chose a place which would open the door to new adventures. The way the planets were placed in that area brought in a complete change in the direction of my career. Since I began working with Maitreya, I follow his instructions each year as he has shown me where we should go to spend our birthdays. Some of you know that Alan and I are both Libras and our birthdays are two days apart – Alan’s on October 17th and mine on October 19th. Apparently, also I share my birthday with the psychics Sylvia Brown and John Edward. Each year I have created the reality of my next year by choosing the place to visit for my birthday.

Since Alan came into my life I always choose a destination which would also be good for him. In 2009 I chose to go to London, and the trip there enabled me to open new doors into the media area. Our 2010 destination will take the media area further by making it actual – in other words, creating it and manifesting it. There has only been one time I chose to go to a different destination than the one Maitreya pointed out, and that was when we were given India as a destination in the year 2007. At the time, I honestly did not feel I could cope with the energy of India.