Working for Spirit – Continued

The more I released from the past though (and there was heaps of stuff as the years went by), the more the Higher Self was able to function. For 14 years – despite my being a very respectable reader/healer/past-life therapist/ teacher/astrologer – the Self had control over me. It was not until after 1999 that the Higher Self really began to kick in and was then able to lead me and guide me to solutions to deal with the Self part of me and not have me in so much fear of it. Yes, I was lucky to have such a teacher as Maitreya, but even though his presence in my life was strong, he could not do anything to help me, as I needed to find the answers on my own. At times, it was not easy. Maitreya’s love and guidance, though, was an incredible help during that time despite his not being able to help me at times.

Like everyone else – despite having a master teacher to help me – I was alone in going through it. My students have said that they do not know how I did it as they have me to question and to give them the answers, but I did do it and feel proud of the fact I did it on my own.

Even when I went with Alan and the past-life energy began to emerge, my Self had a field day until I was able to face the fear and move away from it. It was a very strong energy, and the Self did not want to give it up. Alan’s Self also had fun coming in and making the fear worse, as tones in his voice and certain actions triggered the memory of that past life we had spent together. Finally, in 2009, I was free of it, but it had been quite a struggle over the previous five years.


Disasters – Continued

I lived in New Zealand for 8 years and I loved it there. Why? Because it was like going back in time. Shops closed at 1pm in most towns at that time. For me it was like living back in England. It was “sleepy hollow” to me, a place where time never moved or much change took place. It was ideal for my personality of not wanting change. I plodded along each day. I worked hard, but it was the same routine each day. My Self loved routine. I would go back to Australia to visit family and friends, and so much change had taken place in my absence that it was very visible, but then I went back to New Zealand, back to sleepy hollow and the same old routine.

I also visited Japan three times and each time I became aware of the way the Japanese people were stuck in their ways – to the old way of living. Tokyo was very modern and populated by a lot of younger people, but as I traveled out of Tokyo I found so much fear – fear of change and fear of anything new – especially from the older generation.

I had a student who loved her metaphysical studies, but her family was in such fear of these practices that they forbade her to study them. Of course she did, but not with me. She had to study alone through books. Here was a brilliant healer, a channel, a beautiful soul who was not allowed to change and incorporate new ideas because her family was so into the old ways and feared losing those old ways and moving into the new. It was the same with the majority of more mature people in Japan.

I watched the earthquake events last week and could only hope and pray that my old student is OK, as she lives near a nuclear reactor on the coast, right on the sea. After this disaster, I also wondered if her family will still try to live in the past. I don’t think I will ever know.


General Stuff – Continued

Working for Spirit takes an incredible amount of energy. After teaching, doing a reading, a channeling, or any other spiritual work I am starving! I am not as bad as I used to be when I would chomp my way through the refrigerator and eat two pizzas at one sitting (I cannot believe I did that then), but most people have no idea how much energy is expended in doing Spirit’s work. I actually thought the energy drain after working was my imagination and a Self ploy until one of my graduate students began doing deep trance channeling work. It took her a week to recover after her session. I no longer think it is my imagination. Not only am I starving, but I can sleep 12 – 14 hours a day – and I do that most of the time.

The energy also affects my lower joints and, when I stand after doing my work – especially after sitting for some time, the energy is so strong that I liken it to channeling and bringing in 1 million volts of energy. My legs are so painful that I can hardly walk. Often on going home and getting into bed, it feels as if I have black mud at the back of my knees and I can actually feel it. Thank goodness I have a husband who is a healer, and he will give me healing in the middle of the night when it is at its worst.

There is a downside to doing the spiritual work and that is what the energy does to you, especially if, like me, you have damage to your knees over your life (“Pick your feet up” was a mantra my mother said all of my life). My injuries came from many falls I had while playing ice hockey: one too many hits on the knee with the hockey stick and puck, slamming into barriers when ice skating, and not being able to stop when I was a speed skater and falling over hurting the knee – once again.


A Few Things – Continued

Over the last few years I have been able to see the effects of past-life energy and the emotions and feelings of an enormous number of people. There is no doubt in my mind the truth of Maitreya’s words that we spend 85% of our lives in past-life mode, meaning that we are acting out our lives and reacting to emotions of others and situations because of the energy left over from past lives. Consciously, we often do not know what we have inside of us until it is ready to come out, and one has to be on a certain rate of vibration/consciousness to be able to release this energy.

Someone asked me the other day about a friend of theirs who is releasing a lot of anger and frustration and who is obviously able to do so consciously/vibrationally and yet this person does not appear to be “spiritual” in any way. This is a soul who, in the past, had been able to raise their vibration, but in this life cannot recall any of that memory, and is trapped by the old energy moving through it. I have met thousands of people who have done this, and have had no recollection of being so-called “spiritual” in a past life. There will come a time – once the old energy is released – when they will start to become spiritual once again. No, they will not have to start at the beginning again. Most people like this are very spiritual in a non-spiritual way. All of their actions are that way, but they do not realize it. Some come to be tested with religion, others with fear (like me). But they all have lovely personalities and are usually very kind and tolerant of others. I have met people who channel and do not know they channel. Also healers who have the most amazing healing energy and do not use it because they do not know they have it. Only when I open them up and show them how to use it do they get the message. Even then they sometimes do not use the energy.