Why? – Final Words

Perhaps I was programmed to do what I did, and it was all meant to be. I wouldn’t doubt it as I was told at 5 years of age by a “knowing” that one day I would work with God. My husband, Alan, felt the same. He, too, has never wavered about what Maitreya needs done. His Self has tried to stop him at times, but his Higher Self has always won the battle. For all of you who are thinking of working for Spirit and working with a Master, there are no magic wands or “abracadabra’s,” nor is there going to be lottery winnings anytime soon. You have to show Spirit that you trust and have no fear. It is agony doing this because often they will wait to give you what you need until the very last minute – but it will come. It is hard work and it isn’t couched in glamour or rewards. The rewards come later, but they do come if you learn the lessons you have come to learn.

You also need to be aware that Spirit does not tolerate those who tell lies, are not true to themselves, and who cannot accept that they have faults. We all have faults on the earth plane because we have the Self part of us. They do not accept excuses either. When the Masters call, we are supposed to jump. Often this is because, astrologically, it is the right timing – even at 3:00 in the morning! However, working for them can give one the most incredible happiness and contentment.

Knowing that I have helped someone move on has more meaning for me than all the money in the world. It always will. Maitreya says that, if you can help one person in this world, your life is worth living. When I think back to the people I have been able to help (with Spirit’s help), I am extremely proud of what I have done. I can face God when I die and say, “Yes, my life was worth living.” It is not about money, fame, success, or any other reason. It is about service and serving humanity. Eventually everything will come to you because of that purpose, but when it does, one does not need it. One is satisfied fully inside.

Margaret McElroy

General Stuff 2 – Continued

I once read a book entitled Dark Robes, Dark Brothers, a book channeled from a spiritual master known as Hilarion. In this book, Hilarion teaches how the Masters in the light actually use the dark side (or those who are not of the light) to test and prepare souls like me for Mastery, or enlightenment. It is a book not readily known, but a very interesting book for those seeking enlightenment and a higher vibration. Just as in the previous chapter where I wrote about the Self penetrating the soul memory, well, it is the fear the dark side consciousness creates that causes this to happen. I cannot tell you what a blessing that book was to me. It is only a small, thin book but, as in all of the books the Masters have written through their channels, it is plain and simple. But it helped me enormously on my travels to becoming enlightened.

Maitreya once told me that life is a game. He told Alan the same thing, and it is a game – a game between the dark and light – and the majority of the time the dark side wins. Why? Because we allow fear into our energy. I have an expression for the fear. I call it the creeping crud! Unless we can learn not to react to it, learn to face it and not to run away from it, it will rule our lives and stop us from having happiness, abundance and faith. I know I gave so many years to my own fear, and many incarnations before that also. The interesting thing is that fear can be transferred from family to family, person to person, and I will give examples of that in the next chapter.

As I am writing this blog, I have no idea what I am writing. My fingers are moving over the keys, but I have no prior awareness of what I am writing. Someone is writing this for me, and I thank them for their help, because it is not me!


Holidays – Final Words

In closing this blog, do consider seeking the help of an astrologer to help you with seeing what the energy will be like if you spend your birthday in your home town. We can do it for you for a small fee. You are the creator of your own reality. You are the one who chooses whether life will be easy or hard, and so many of us choose the hard road when we do not have to. Utilizing the energy of astrology and choosing where we spend our birthday each year can make life a lot easier for us. I am already scoping-out our birthday location for 2011. It takes time to find the perfect chart with all of the right planetary placements for prosperity and happiness in our future, but it is well worth the search to have the right information and energy.

I am going to fly to Curacao with a great sense of ease and peace. It took me a long time to find the right place to go. Initially I chose Omaha Nebraska, but on closer inspection it was not a good choice because there could have been some serious financial issues had we gone there. I just did not want them in the next year and neither did Alan. It was interesting listening to people when I told them we had (in the beginning) decided to go to Omaha. They were not the best reactions either. So before you have your birthday make sure the place you spend your birthday is going to bring you the best opportunities the following year. You will be amazed at the difference a shift in location can make. As I said earlier in this blog, I am so pleased that I know about this because I truly am able to create my own reality, and that of my husband. Who would want to do anything different?

Margaret McElroy

Destiny – Final Words

So, what is your life plan, or your destiny, or your fate? Whichever way you look at it, we are all here for a reason, but we all chose different reasons before we reincarnated. Astrologically, each star sign has a purpose. For instance, Librans (like Alan and me) are here to learn to let go of the fear of making decisions and also to find balance in our lives. Taurus energies are learning about being frugal and yet allowing the flow of abundance to take effect – once again a form of balance. Each star sign has its purpose in learning. Whatever your sun sign or birth sign is, it represents your destiny, fate, or ultimate life purpose. We then choose in what area of our lives we will learn that lesson. That is where we need an astrological natal (birth) chart to help us find where that is.

The earth plane is riddled with fear, and there is so much fear all around us – including fear of ourselves. I have often met people through my work who are actually frightened of success! Fear is the one thing I have found to be at the top of the tree when it comes to the reason for unfulfilled destiny/fate/life purpose. I am in awe at how I faced so much of my own fear. I just cannot believe I have done it. Hopefully, very soon I will be able to help many people leave their fear behind as I move forward in my career. I do not want to come back again. Ironically, as a child I used to tell everyone I met that I was not coming back again to the earth plane. Let’s hope I can fulfill that prophecy!

With the help of an astrologer and a personal reading, one can find the keys to abundance, happiness, fulfillment, and many more positive truths. It is up to us to become aware and then spend the time to find out who we are and what we are here to do. Most of all though, we must work through the minefield of issues which hold us back, and astrology can help us to do so. It certainly was what enabled me to walk through the minefield even on some rocky days.

Our Life Purpose – Final Words

It also amazes me how many people are in a job they hate, yet rather than open a new door they continue on in the job they are in and eventually have health problems because they are not at ease in their career. Rather than open a door to begin to study a new career if they have not done so already (and most have not), they plod along until eventually they create dis-ease, then full blown disease within themselves. I have actually seen people die because they would not make the changes they were capable of, all due to fear.

I am finally living my life’s purpose. I must say also that you are never too old to change. I had a 67-year old friend who had always wanted to do healing. Her astrological chart showed this was her true destiny. She had been a mother and grandmother but never worked. One day she came to classes I was teaching and learned how to heal. She found that she had (as I felt) a natural talent for healing and began using it part time. It gave her so much happiness to do this, and I know it kept her young and healthy. She is now almost 90 and still healing. I know she will make it to 100 and still be healing.

Are you unhappy in your career or job? Are you doing what you came here to do? You do not have to give up your job or career to open a new door. This can be done casually or part time in study and in working it (before one builds up a clientele) and then give up the old work one is doing. In closing, I wish to say that Maitreya, my teacher, taught me the fact that happiness is ours to create. Spirit does not do this for us – we do it. When we find our life purpose, we find our passion, and then one is truly happy. So many people never find their passion or their life destiny, and it is such a shame because they bring themselves around for another incarnation just as I did. I am so glad I found what mine is and that I am fulfilling it. Not only that, but I am truly happy in what I do. So many people tell me that I work so hard, but I do not feel that I do. It is not work for me; it is my true destiny and passion.