Laughter Final – Words

I was so serious I must have seemed so straight-laced to Alan in the beginning. I did laugh, of course, but it was few and far between. My ex-husband had tried to make me laugh at times, but even he was not really a laughing person. But every now and again something funny would pop out of his mouth. My teacher, Maitreya, told me that, in the world of Spirit where we go after we die, they are constantly laughing, and many souls who pass over after death cannot share this laughter for quite some time after they pass because they are just not used to it. They have to gradually come into the presence of that world and then rest and recover for some time in Spirit before they go back to the way they were before their incarnation.

Over the years of working with Maitreya, quite often he has had a better humor than me. Recently in a channeling where he was working through me, he claimed the Fifth Amendment which made everyone laugh when he did not want to talk about something! I am now learning to laugh more and to be more humorous. He told me that he would help me on that Independence Day a few weeks ago, and someone even said they could see him with me (you can always tell he is there because my eyes change). I must say it was a really humorous day and one I will not forget for a long time. I have heard of people who are sick, watching funny DVD’s and TV shows because the doctors who treat them believe in the fact that laughter can heal. I do know one thing: everyone left in an up-mood that day, and one or two of them are still talking about the fun we had and the laughter we shared on the day. If you are a serious person, try not to be. Laugh as much as you can. it will really change your life and make for a much better person.

Suffering _ Continued

I was quick to assure the person who asked about the suffering that, yes, there is suffering if you want to call it that, but I also have lots of fun in my life. Life for me is not all suffering. The so-called “suffering” is only when I have gone through a healing crisis or a raise in vibration. In the beginning they were one after another. I would have perhaps three to four a year – even more if I had past-life sessions which also helped release the old energy. In between those experiences though was a normal life. Always after an experience I would find myself becoming so much more intuitive and sensitive. I liked to think also that I was letting go of old energy which had been stopping me from moving forward and stopping me from leaving the earth plane forever and not coming back. For that is the purpose of our life, to conquer all of the energy from past-life suppression and this life also. As Alan says so often when he is going through a release; “Better out than in.”

That is it in a nutshell. How wonderful to have it out and not inside rotting away because basically that is what old energy is, rotten old energy! Once it is removed one can see and feel a lot better, and of course there is the higher rate of vibration and intuition. If that energy stays inside it can cause dis-ease which eventually becomes physical disease. It begins in the etheric body in the chakra system and if not released latches on to the physical glandular system, which then creates illness or as I said dis-ease which then becomes disease. I find it quite funny that, when I get something eating away at me, it manifests as athlete’s foot, or tinea. The itching is terrible along with the smell from the dis-ease. Once I search for the reason as to what is eating away and address it with an affirmation and clearing session, it disappears.


New Technology – Final Chapter

I still balk and go into fear at the thought of anything new technically. I recently got a new mobile phone and found myself going into old mode fear, but I was determined this time not to do that. I got the instruction book and read it cover to cover. Then, taking a deep breath, I set all the settings myself. I put in my contacts, and how I wanted my phone to be. I found the way to get news and information and set my ring tone. Boy did I have fun! It was amazing how quickly I was able to do it. Yeah!!! I am technical! LOL!

Maitreya has told me that, as time unfolds we will not believe what we will be using technology-wise in the future. I was born 63 years ago, and as such have seen an enormous technology surge since I was born. From the days I had to visit the phone box for my mother and press buttons A and B, to having a cell phone which is as small as the palm of my hand, I have come a long way phone-wise. We did not even have TV when I was a child. I was 12 before we had our first TV. I have written before about my first portable radio being like a suitcase. So much change, and much of it I have fought the fear of. I still have a problem with our TV which needs 2 controls to watch a DVD. But one day I will work it out – I just need the time to do it. If you are like me and you have a fear of electronics and technology, just look at it as a challenge which you are going to conquer. I say to people who have a fear of computers, “If I can do it, so can you!”