Different Subjects – Continued

Someone asked me the other day what I see in the future, and I see it without labels. We will all be one. It won’t happen overnight, but when you look at what we have done over the last 60 years, so much more change is destined to happen. Will there still be dissention in the world? Yes, there will, but more and more people will not want violence or labels. We will become more understanding about things, more compassionate. We will see men playing a better role and being more interested in metaphysics – far more than they have in the past. More people will begin healing themselves rather than going to visit medical practitioners. We will be more honest in speaking our truth and, over time, the earth plane will become changed for the better.

Since 1980 we have been experiencing a great deal of change. The 1960′s brought tremendous change, so much so that, by the time we reached the 1980′s, we were not afraid of anything new – unlike our parents who had a lot of fear. I will not be alive in this body in 60 years’ time, but I can see it now, and it will be a better world than we have now.

We are in a huge time of change on so many levels. Our whole way of life will change as we head toward 2050. I truly believe that will be when we will see and communicate with beings from other planets or star systems. They cannot come now while there is so much anger and frustration in people. The energy that Maitreya, my teacher, named the Photon Energy is really beginning its work of bringing peoples’ anger to the surface. Only when we have found peace – or at least a semblance of peace – inside ourselves can they come to be with us. They will not come to rule or frighten us but to work with us and be one with us. It is interesting that our President, Barack Obama’s, natal chart shows that he has come to bring change with his Presidency and, of course, he is doing so. He is making us question and, through that, we are seeing the negative side of politics, something many people did not see before but which we are seeing now.


The Path – Continued

Many years later, I have learned to live in the now and not be afraid of change. I actually look forward to it each time it comes. Each change has taken me to the next level of my destiny, but it also has taken a long time. Some of the e-mails I received this week asked, “When is it going to happen?” “When am I going to get the rewards?” I hate to tell them that the rewards do not come until one learns the lessons, but this is the truth.

I remember sitting in my office in New Zealand in 1998 begging God to help me use my energy to help people. I honestly thought I was ready to do that. This was before I had the invitation to speak at the UN, and I suppose, in a way, that energy did give me the opportunity to use it, but I did not realize that I had another 12 years to go before I would be allowed to have the freedom to go where I needed to.

I was so impatient! The path to spiritual development is the hardest path anyone can take. It is fraught with frustration, fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. If one has spent many incarnations fighting the Self but not dealing with issues, it can be a long, hard road. Eventually though, one gets to a place where there is very little to face any more and one is at peace – total peace. There are no worries or cares. What you need is provided, and the Self (although still there) is controlled most of the time.

I saw myself in every one of the e-mails I received this week. It is so hard for me to write to these people and tell them that this is what they have chosen and that they cannot blame anyone else but themselves. Even worse, the people they are having problems with and are angry with are the ones who have come to help them to face those issues. That often goes over like a lead balloon!


Thanksgiving and Other Things – Continued

I cannot tell you how stupid I felt after realizing this situation of people moving on and myself still fuming inside. One of the issues I had was with my boyfriend when I was 21. After 5 years of courtship, he left me with my unborn daughter and would not marry me. I was so angry over it for the next 25 years that it was virtually eating away at me with terrible tinea (athlete’s foot) in my toes for years. Once I let go of the anger and the frustration, then I was shown a past life which showed me that all that had happened was meant to be and that it was nobody’s fault. For 25 years I had sat on that issue, not able to let go of it, brooding over it every now and again, sometimes on a monthly basis. What a waste of energy!

When I thought of what I could do with that energy, I could have done so much with it – manifested money, a job, a better life – but I did not. I hung on to the memories, the pain and, of course, the emotions. It evoked sympathy and sadness in the people to whom I told the story. It fed my emotional body and ate away at my soul. Now I only get tinea every once in a while. Now I go within and try to find out what is causing it, what is eating away at me. I am usually successful in doing so and then in letting it go. Now I am very blessed to have the Thanksgiving because I can forgive and bless all those in my life who have taught me through their mirroring, but also those whom I have a bee in my bonnet about. But what about the rest of the world? What do they do without a special day to say thanks?


Thanksgiving and Other Things – Continued

Of course, Thanksgiving is an American holiday not celebrated anywhere else in the world unless you are an American. But I wonder why we cannot have in every country of the world a Universal Thanks day, complete with celebration dinner where we not only have a special meal in celebration, but we bless and thank all those people who have allowed us to look in the mirror and have shown us what we did in order to be able to change. We need a day to say “Thank you” to family and friends who have helped us during the year, and a chance to say “Thank you” to our enemies despite not knowing what the problem or lesson is we have to learn. Forgiveness is one of the most important issues for us look at.

I have been keeping a log of sorts (albeit in my mind) over the years of people, male and female who will not forgive anyone, whether it be friend, family, or someone at work. The bitterness they feel is like a poison and, instead of going out to the person it is intended for, it has a tendency to go within and cause serious health problems. It is like a dark energy eating away at them, unable to go anywhere, and stewing in its own juices. The deeper the anger, frustration, and hatred, the deeper the issue. It often causes cancer in these people, but they cannot see what they are doing to themselves.

When I first connected with Maitreya, I too had a lot of inner frustration and anger over people who had hurt me. I have never hated anyone, thank goodness, but Maitreya taught me a very important thing: while I was thinking in a negative way about what had happened and how much I was upset by their actions (often from many years ago) they, the instigators of my feelings of anger and frustration, had moved on. They probably could not remember the incidents, and yet I was stewing over and over about my unhappy situation, often a situation which could be changed. I was the one suffering, not them.


Advice and Guidance – Continued

I heard through a friend of mine that this woman had found a lump in her breast and had gone to visit the doctor. My friend said her husband, also a friend of mine, was very worried about his wife. Maitreya, my teacher, came in at that time and told me that she would not find anything amiss as, with all the work she had done on herself, the lump was benign. But had she not done the work on herself, it would have been a problem! Lo and behold, the next thing I learned a few days later was that the lump was benign and nothing to worry about. I had worked with this woman over the previous two and a bit years to clear away the old energy some from this life, some from a past life, and worked on anger, hate, frustration, sorrow, sadness etc. I watched her blossom and gain more confidence as she released all of the old energy from her past. The woman is now a healer herself working with the Bach Flower Essences (www.KarensHealingHands.com). What better a person to help you heal than one who has healed herself!

Over the years I have seen so many people transform themselves – leave behind their pain and their old stagnant energy – and move on to a better, healthier life. One of the misnomers I find hard to understand is the fact that people seem surprised when a channel or medium gets sick themselves. People seem to think that we are invincible, yet the work we do – working with the energy of Spirit –is very hard to deal with. It puts excessive strain on the body, strain that the body really finds hard to deal with, especially if there are past injuries within the body. It can make one feel excessively tired. I do not know now how I did it in my middle forties: 40 readings a week, two classes (one morning, one night), a magazine column, a radio show, and a couple of past-life readings! But I did it.