Changing Patterns – Final Words

So what do you do if you feel like you need to change your patterns? I would suggest that the first thing you do is to find an astrologer who can help you understand the patterns which need changing. You may not realize it but you may have already worked a lot of them out. Many on the metaphysical path have done a lot of work on themselves, so there actually may not be as much as you think you need to do. Once you know the patterns, seek out people to help you: past-life therapists, people who work with flower essences, and other forms of healing. Recognize that it will not happen overnight and do be prepared to pay for the services. It is not a charitable thing. The people who will assist you will be professional people – experts in their field.

Remember that at our center we have past-life therapists who work with Skype, so the therapy sessions can be done from a distance, even overseas. Make a decision to do it and see it through. Many people start the process and then do not complete it because the Self gets to them and persuades them that other things are important, or the cost is too high, or other reasons which are excuses, not reasons. You are the one who has to make the decision; nobody else can make that decision for you.

Most people think there is an easy way out. There is not. It is a lifetime commitment, but the reward is so worth it. All those who work with you from our center will be 100% committed to you and will do all they can to help you. However, it is you who has to make the final decision and commitment. We cannot do it for you. Each person is different and will need different ways of assistance because not everyone is the same. Changing patterns is not easy, but it can be done, You just need to step forward and be counted. Spirit, then, can do the rest.

Changing Patterns – Continued

So how can we change the patterns of the past? Unless we raise our vibration, or become aware spiritually (not religiously), we may find this very hard. Of course, an astrologer can assist you here, but unless one feels the need to change, one cannot move on from the old energy of the past. In the last 30 years, millions of people have become aware from going to Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, reading books, taking classes, or just their own awakening.

I chose my awakening a short time prior to beginning to raise my vibration. I faced much fear in doing so because I had such a strong fear of change – once again the Cancer midheaven. When people talk about astrology they really do not understand that it is not just your sun sign that determines who you are, it is the whole chart and what is in that chart. Not only do I have that Cancer midheaven, but I also have my moon in Leo which makes me a very fiery individual – as my husband Alan will attest. It takes a brave person to live with me. Although over the years I have mellowed quite dramatically, every now and again I still have my fiery moments!

The first step in changing oneself is to become aware and the second is to then want to change the old patterns. This can be done with past-life therapy, affirmations, and healing on a metaphysical level with flower essences, color therapy, counseling, or other alternative practices. I found the use of crystals and gem stones helpful as well as Bach Flower Therapies for the fear I had on an emotional level. It was not just one thing but many, and it took over 30 years to achieve all of the changes I needed to make. It can be done in one lifetime – I am proof of that. However, the most important factor is the fact one needs to want to change more than anything.


Complementary Medicine

If one is happy and content in one’s life and at total peace with oneself, then there should be no illness. Illness comes from being at dis-ease with oneself.

Much has been written about complementary medicine and how it should be used. Many souls believe that this kind of medicine is the only one to use and rubbish the use of the medical profession. The kinds of complementary medicine that I communicate about include such things as flower essences, gem elixirs, perfumed oils, and spiritual healing in all its forms. There are also subjects such as reflexology, shiatsu, and massage. There are so many kinds of alternative medicine today, and they each have their part to play in the role of healing. But they are not the total answer. They cannot, for instance, heal a broken bone. Only a physician can do that with the proper tools and equipment. 

Complementary medicine can help to heal you more quickly and it will also help to heal the spiritual as well as the physical body. I remember many earth years ago when my channel’s daughter contracted a very rare disease called Sudek’s Atrophy. Her daughter, at 13 years of age, had contracted a disease that was only prevalent in women of 80 or 90 years of age. My channel was distraught because the medical diagnosis was not good for her. She started to receive medical help, but we in the spiritual realms impressed upon my channel to also try calcium tablets. Because the disease was of the bones, we also suggested acupressure. With the combination of both conventional and complementary medicine, my channel’s daughter was soon well and has had no reoccurrence since of the condition.


Healing – Continued

There are also many ways of healing people such as energy healing, Reiki, spiritual healing on all levels, aura-soma, flower essences, past-life therapy, color therapy, counseling with a Master teacher who has access to the Akashic records, etc. Often the energy will actually manifest in the physical body. This happened to me. When this happens, such therapies as massage and reflexology can assist the healing process. Crystals also help along with many other therapies. Each soul needs to find what is suitable for them. For me, crystals, spiritual healing, past-life therapy and color therapy helped.

However, do not expect an overnight miracle. Healing, as I said before, can happen but usually it takes much time. It greatly disturbs me when people complain about the cost of a healer (which is usually a lot less than that of a doctor), and yet will go and pay a doctor for drugs when sometimes (and quite often) with a really qualified healer/spiritual channel, the answer can be found very quickly and treatment begun for healing it.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying do not see a doctor, but, if a doctor has tried to assist you and it has not worked this is usually because it is not connected to the physical but the spiritual/etheric. If it has manifested into the physical body and is not treated promptly then it can become a really big problem. Often people have come to see me when they have been told they are going to die, expecting a miracle healing. I wish they had come to me earlier and not left it until the last moment. It is so hard to heal something which is in its final stages of usually eating away at the body. Of course, if it is your time to go, then nothing you can do can change it. There is such a fear of death, such a fear of leaving the earth plane. I must admit I am intrigued myself, despite visiting there each night and frequently in meditation. They have just been visits and, although I have had many such visits, I do wonder what it will be like to go back home and spend time there – perhaps permanently – again. I have had some wonderful visits to the next dimension.



I recently received an email from a website viewer, asking me what Maitreya’s views are on healing. Does he approve? I was quite taken aback because on his website ( are newsletters and early teaching about healing others and healing yourself. Since 1996, I have written newsletters and teachings which have now become blogs. I honestly cannot remember any of them. Once channeled, they are removed from my consciousness and, although I do recall some, it is only because they are the most popular and ones we have read on the radio more than once. I actually have to search like everyone else for a newsletter/teaching on a particular subject! I was also asked, “What is the difference between a newsletter and a teaching?” There is no difference. I wrote what were known as teachings from 1996 to 2000 and then I changed the name to newsletters.

But let’s go back to the subject of healing. Our center in Australia – which is soon to be no more due to our living in the USA – and our center in Redmond, Washington are both healing centers. In Australia we specialize in massage, aura-soma, energy healing, past-life therapy, and other forms of healing. In Redmond, Washington, we have aura-soma, flower essences, crystals, past-life therapy, EFT, Emotion Code therapy, and massage. We also have an incredible medical intuitive and we do energy healing of all kinds.

The one thing I have become aware of since becoming metaphysical is that there are no instant results. Yes, at times one will see an overnight miracle, but they are few. Most of the time it takes time before one begins to see results and a true healing. “Why is this?” I can hear you ask. It is because our bodies are made up of many layers of energy – physical, mental, and emotional. This energy also comes from many incarnations we have had and where we have not faced issues, or we have run away from experiences because of fear, or because we have had some trauma. However, it has never left our spiritual body.