One Man’s Truth

The hardest lesson I have had to learn in raising my vibration is that each man/woman has their own truth, and we cannot change that truth no matter what we do or try. They have to change it and they cannot do so unless they are ready. As a child growing up, I had the truth of my parents and I lived that truth in fear, even if I thought something different, put it into action, and went against their truth. As I entered the workforce and left the home environment, I began to see another truth from those around me. This made the fear even worse because, I not only understood their truth, but found that it was my truth in a way. Then I married and took on 80% of my husband’s truth – while, of course, still battling the “real” truth of childhood and teenage years. I had children and, from talking to other mothers, found another truth. And so it continued through my life, experience after experience.

Then Maitreya came into my life and shattered my belief in truth by telling me that there is no truth because one man’s truth is another man’s folly. In other words, each person has their own truth, and as such, there is no correct answer. What I saw as truth was not someone else’s truth. He also explained to me that I cannot change their truth. I could try, but if they were not ready to change, nothing I could do would enable change in that person. Until then I had spent years trying to change people – from my days of being a Christian and wanting to educate people about Jesus, to my wanting to educate people about metaphysics, I had not managed to change anyone, yet I still persisted in trying to do so.


Now I – Continued

By living in the now you allow blessings to come to you. You follow your intuition and follow direction that is given to you by your Guardian soul who is in charge of your life in this incarnation. Margaret does live in the now, but she also listens to the voice within which she knows (after over 20 years of listening to it) is never wrong and only wants to help her. Many years ago this voice told her that, in six months time, she would be traveling once again to the USA and England. Knowing this, she started preparing for that travel. Because it was meant to be, everything fell into place – even the discount on her travel. She did not worry about anything, just accepted that it would all fall into place, and it did do.

Living in the now is the only place to be because one is living in the moment. Even the words I wrote a few sentences ago are now passed. By living in the now one is only aware of this moment. Nothing else matters. It takes much training to change old conditioning of living in the past, the present, and worrying about the future. Once you start to change your thinking though and accept the now, then nothing can go wrong because you allow your destiny to come to you. There is no difficulty. You just are in the now – in the moment – without fear, worry, doubt, envy, greed, or any emotion. You just experience the now in all of its glory. It is the ultimate experience to do so.