Weight Loss – Final Words

People who have a weight problem – who are either overweight, under weight, anorexic, or bulimic – have this problem because they do not allow the energy to flow. These people are nearly always insecure or have fear or some other negative emotion. This problem can also be brought through incarnation after incarnation, compounding life after life – like a Danish layer cake – layer after layer after layer. It is not the weight that is the problem, it is the cause of the weight – where it came from originally that is the problem. When the cause of that is found, the person usually loses the weight, never to put it on again. It is not the calories you eat, as you humans call them, but the fact that you eat to provide sweetness in your life. You eat to comfort yourself at times of fear, doubt or insecurity. When you find the course of that doubt, fear, and insecurity, you then no longer need to eat the way you did.

It is usually the case that those who have a weight problem have no motivation for exercise. They do not like being seen because of their weight, so another scenario is created, that of the overweight person not exercising because they cannot motivate themselves. It is a vicious circle. Those who work with weight loss as a profession have only part of the answer. The answer lies in the energy, and the fact that energy must go somewhere. Once it is spoken or thought, it has to be created. If it is not created it returns to the Source. When it returns to the Source, it is changed. If it was positive it can help the physical body (through the glandular system) to be well, just like positive energy through the hands of a healer or therapist. If it is negative, it blocks the glandular system and creates dis-ease or even disease.

Find the cause of your problem and you will find the answer to your weight gain. But also look at past-life conditioning. Many souls find the solution to their problems from this incarnation, but if the problem is not cleared on a spiritual level through past-life or incarnation therapy, the problem will return. You need to get to the original source and then it will be no more – ever.