Emotions – Final Words

It is not easy giving up the emotional side of us, even more so if one has a history of it in this life and in other lives. For my friend and me, it had gone on incarnation after incarnation, and I could not release it. It took Maitreya and his energy to enable me to let go of it and then to help others like my friend to see what a waste of energy it is to spend so much time on such a fruitless thing.

For me, having no emotional body anymore means that I have more intuition, far more than I ever had before. I can also manifest my needs much easier. No wonder I could not manifest the things I needed (and, can I say, wanted) because I was giving so much energy to things which were emotional. I realized that the Self and the emotional part of us are like a big box with a lid on it. We cannot get out of the box. However, when we take the lid (the Self and emotions) off of the box, there is more space and energy to manifest, to see the light and become more intuitive.

It does not happen overnight. It is simply a matter of taking one step at a time. Awareness is the key, becoming aware of how you are reacting, and saying to yourself, ”Is this necessary?” and then changing the energy. Affirmations such as, “I am not going to react to this anymore” or “I choose to change the way I do things from now on” can really help with this. It can be changed if you want to change it. I have grown so much since giving up the emotional side of me, however at times it comes back. When I am tired or exhausted from my work, the Self slips in again. It starts playing the record again and, lo and behold (because the Higher Self is not there because I am so tired), I cannot handle it, and so it briefly takes control. It does not last more than a day though before the Higher Self brings in enough energy to thwart the Self in its tracks. It is a battle, but very well worth the battle when you win it!

Margaret McElroy

Emotions – Continued

I recently watched a friend of mine go through a harrowing emotional experience and, as it always did, her Self came out in all its glory. Her response always has been to react by crying. Why would people treat her this way? Was she not a decent person? Her Self not only had a field day with her, but it really wrung out the emotions full blast. The person who had upset her was a family member, one she had been close to all of her life. The person would not speak to her and, worse than that, when she was in his presence he would not make eye contact and treated her as if she did not exist! I had told her not to cry in front of this person as this gave the person more fuel to hurt her with. She managed to stem the crying until she was alone. Then the Self came out big time and really brought her down. I told her that once the crying stopped, she should thank this person for doing what they did, for they were teaching her emotional detachment.

She was, ironically, in her 2nd Saturn return at age 59 (Saturn is in its second return at age 58 to 61½). Her life lesson is to learn detachment and, at age 59, she was finally learning how to detach from her emotions, something that prior to 59 (and in past lifetimes) she had found very difficult to do. Had she not learned her lesson now, she would have another 29 years until age 85 (if she lived that long) to learn. And if not then? She would have to come back again for another try.

I told her that she should be grateful to be learning it now and not have to come back, as each lifetime it gets harder and harder to learn. Thankfully, she understood what I was saying to her. Whether it was Maitreya’s energy or just the right time for her to learn, I do not know, but she finally felt at peace!


Christmas 2 – Continued

Because of our metaphysical awareness, Alan and I can see every lesson we are here to learn and hold no malice against anyone on the path for teaching us that. I was taught emotional detachment a few years ago, and I feel I passed the test. Finally, after 60+ years of holding on to things emotionally (including my family), I was able to detach emotionally from everything. At that time, I think Alan wondered how I could do what I did – the biggest lesson being the detachment from my family. Now he is also learning how to detach emotionally.

Maitreya, my teacher from the world of Spirit, has told me that we cannot return home to Spirit and stay there until we can detach emotionally from the earth plane. There is no emotional attachment in their world. To be honest, I find it hard to envision. We are so used to emotional attachment, but I do believe it is possible to detach and I look forward to one day being able to experience that myself when I return home.

Holiday times are also the worst times of the year to experience emotional issues because most of the issues are family oriented. Brother against brother, or sister, or parent or another person – you can guarantee that the issues come up in many homes around the world at those times. If you are one of those experiencing something like this, then instead of getting upset by it, look at it as a blessing. See it as the Universe’s way of teaching you detachment, of not giving any energy to the situation, and at the same time try not to overreact emotionally yourself. Any emotional reaction is not going to change things. It is not likely that things will change with your situation and a lot of energy will be wasted worrying about it, fretting about it, or getting angry. But it can be used to manifest what you really want in your life. It is as simple as that.


Christmas 2 – Continued

The world is the way it is also because of past-life energy. In his astrological natal chart Alan has Chiron, the wounded healer (representing his deepest wounds), in the 3rd house of communications and brothers and sisters. There are deep wounds there for him both from this life and from past lives. Only when we can learn to let go of the emotions and the hurts inside of us can we move on and find peace in our lives from these kinds of happenings. One of his sisters speaks to him, the other does not – nor does she want to. It is so sad this is happening, but again, welcome to the energy of past lives.

There is a bigger lesson here though, and he has to thank both of his sisters for helping him to learn the lesson this is bringing, for it has to do with emotional detachment. It is teaching him to let go of all emotional attachment to his family – and especially to his sisters. It is something we are all here to learn in this incarnation, to let go of the emotional body and to move on. That does not mean we need to be frigid, cool, or uncompassionate, but just to let go of attachment to people, places and things.

It has been one of the hardest things for me to learn in this lifetime because I did have an attachment to people, places and things. Over the years though, the Universe in its wisdom has taken away that attachment leaving me with love, commitment, understanding, and a feeling of peace within without being emotionally attached. There is a difference between the above and being attached emotionally – a big difference. We cannot go through these experiences unless we have people to help us do this, but often we take it so seriously that we cannot see the purpose behind the actions.


Christmas 2

I stopped celebrating the Christian Christmas many years ago, but I do celebrate the holiday and look upon Christmas as a time to remember Christmas of times past – a time of memory. It is even more poignant for me this year because, after 25 or more years, I have found my brother – or should I say – he found me on Facebook. Not only did he find me on Facebook, but he also discovered Skype. We lost contact with each other all those years ago and have just reunited, spending long hours on Skype talking to each other. He is in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, and I am in Seattle, Washington, USA. The last two weeks have been spent with both of us saying, “Remember when?” and laughing at times ‘till we cried! More than anything, my brother has discovered Skype and he is amazed at how he can communicate using it. I told him about being able to see my grandchildren open their presents in Australia on Christmas Day and it only being Christmas Eve here in the USA.

For me it is a happy Christmas because I’m able to communicate with my brother, but for Alan it is a sad time as his family has split apart into two factions, and it means that this Christmas the gathering will be missing members of his family. His marital break-up six years ago caused the rift and, unfortunately, sides were taken – which has turned quite ugly. I know this is not an isolated incident and many thousands (if not millions) of families around the world will be spending the holidays the same way. One can ask, “But why does this happen?” Well, it is happening because people have free will and choice, and because we – as humanity – have not yet learned to let go of emotional detachment. We also judge others instead of accepting their choices and we hold anger inside of us for those who have created the issues such as those mentioned.