Now II

Question: – Hi. I recently read one of your latest newsletters entitled “Depression” (#292). This message was very helpful to me. Thank you. In the article you basically instructed us, if I understood correctly, to allow ourselves to feel in order to cleanse away past hurts, pains, etc. However, there is currently a lot of discussion on “living in the present moment.” I used to feel sad, cry, and then feel better later. Now, I try to stay in the present moment by pushing away a sad or painful memory that induces depression. Perhaps I do not understand the concept of living in the present moment, so would you please comment on how we can feel our pains etc., and still live in the present moment if it is possible? Thank you.

Answer: By living in the now, one does not worry about the future or live in the past. When one lives in the now, one gives the body permission to release a lot of suppressed emotion. This is often known as depression. When it comes to the surface, one should let it go. If one is not trying to avoid it – which one would do if one were in the now – then it would come to the surface to be cleansed away. When one is not living in the now, then one is concerned over so many things past and future. If one is in the now, then all one concerns oneself with is the now. One can plan for the future, but then let the future happen instead of making it happen. It is not easy to explain; it is far better demonstrated.

Most souls have depression and do not know they have it. Only by being still and living in the now – with no concerns for anything but that moment of time – can one allow all that is buried deep within to come to the surface. As one does this, layer upon layer can be released because there is nothing stopping it. The soul is simply living in the moment. It has total faith that all its needs will be provided. It has no fear, doubt, or insecurity. It is one with the Divine. Free of worry and concern, it can release all that is buried within, often from many previous incarnations. As one cleanses away the deeply buried emotions and feelings, then one becomes more intuitive and sensitive to the world of Spirit and its energy.


Now I – Continued

By living in the now you allow blessings to come to you. You follow your intuition and follow direction that is given to you by your Guardian soul who is in charge of your life in this incarnation. Margaret does live in the now, but she also listens to the voice within which she knows (after over 20 years of listening to it) is never wrong and only wants to help her. Many years ago this voice told her that, in six months time, she would be traveling once again to the USA and England. Knowing this, she started preparing for that travel. Because it was meant to be, everything fell into place – even the discount on her travel. She did not worry about anything, just accepted that it would all fall into place, and it did do.

Living in the now is the only place to be because one is living in the moment. Even the words I wrote a few sentences ago are now passed. By living in the now one is only aware of this moment. Nothing else matters. It takes much training to change old conditioning of living in the past, the present, and worrying about the future. Once you start to change your thinking though and accept the now, then nothing can go wrong because you allow your destiny to come to you. There is no difficulty. You just are in the now – in the moment – without fear, worry, doubt, envy, greed, or any emotion. You just experience the now in all of its glory. It is the ultimate experience to do so.


Fairy Tales – Continued

Toward the end of this marriage I had decided there is no Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming. I was going to stay single! Little did I know that the Universe was going to send me another candidate. My present and last husband (and I say this with conviction) then came into my life. I needed someone to help me with my work with Maitreya. The Universe sent him to help. We have a lot in common and our temperaments are very similar. However, there were no rose colored glasses or ideas of romance for me this time. I liked him a lot, and we got on so very well together. He made me laugh – something I needed to learn – and he seemed to genuinely care about me. I also genuinely liked him. But love? What is love? Neither of us could define it.

It did not matter; we were having fun together. We had our bad days and our good days. On the bad days I was not going to stay with him; on the good days I felt that God had saved the best for last. It was a place of comfort for me, and he soon showed me that he felt the same as I did about the work we were doing.

Astrologically we are very compatible, but I am under no illusion this time and, as such, I am detached from the emotion. One day I stopped wearing my eyeglasses – whether by accident or deliberately I cannot remember – but as the days passed I no longer needed them. I could see very clearly where I could not see before. I never wore them again and still do not wear glasses. Almost six years have gone by, and I have seen more clearly every year. I believe it is because I am no longer in illusion. I don’t miss them either. It seems strange to even imagine that I wore glasses for so many years. My early books show me on the cover wearing glasses, but no more. I have seen through the illusion.


What Do I Do? – Final Words

I know my life will never be free of decision making. After all, I am a Libran, and one trait that Librans have is their inability to make decisions. In the past (as I have said many times), my decision making was filled with emotion and tension – not to say an Oscar winning performance each time. Now it is almost an effort to react to making a decision. I often cannot be bothered for a start but, if I do, I move into the Higher Self and am not swayed by emotion any more. The Higher Self enables me to see the way it is meant to be without fear or other emotions. I also know that these people who I have to make decisions about (or the decisions themselves) are part of my growth and learning. It is helping me whether I believe it or not.

I no longer have fear or can be swayed by fear, which is what that young person at the beginning of this post expected me to do. Maybe he came into my life as a test – to test me to see if I would go into fear. I did not. Astrologically, that day in my transits it stated that I would be defending someone whom I held in high regard, so it was all meant to be anyway. However, the choice I made could have gone two ways, one to the young person, the other to the other person. I know I made the right decision. How do I know? It felt right and I felt at peace after I had made the decision.

If you make a decision and it haunts you after you have made it, it is probably not the right decision. We are all going to ask of ourselves, “What do I do?” at some point in our lives. The next time you ask yourself this, try to look at the issue without emotion – without fear, doubt, and other emotions. You will be amazed at how much better the decision is.

Raising The Vibration 2 – Continued

I had to ask Spirit to help me because it was not good – in the middle of a reading – to suddenly break down in tears. Not only did it interrupt the reading, but it also took extra time. I asked Spirit to wait until the end of my readings to release the emotion within me. This they did, and I was no longer assuaged by tears during the reading. But it also meant that; after doing a reading, if emotion came to the surface I could not go out anywhere because I would cry in the middle of the street, the supermarket, or wherever I was! I still do that today, but now it is even worse (I will go into that later in this blog).

In the early days though, it was hard to become detached during my readings or not to take on a client’s conditions. It was something which took time and happened slowly; it was not an overnight happening. I finally managed to get through readings without taking on the emotions of others, even though I often could not go out afterwards. The more sensitive I became, I found it harder to actually go out into the mainstream of society. Going to a shopping mall would be so hard as I felt all the emotions of everyone shopping and browsing. I became supersensitive to noise, so shopping in a mall became a problem, and loud noises in general became a problem. I began to find that people’s voices would affect me; the more shrill the voice, the more it affected my sensitivity. I began to keep away from shopping centers and places where there was a lot of action and people. As the years progressed I became more and more sensitive. I could tell when people were lying – it was just a “knowing” – and I began to see deep into their soul where that came from in their past and from their past-life experiences.