Destiny – Continued

Although we went on to work together for another four years, we eventually separated, and husband number 3 (Alan) came in. By now I was becoming concerned at my fulfilling my destiny. I had found out from Maitreya that the mishaps in the USA and New Zealand were meant to happen. First of all, it was part of the ego destruction I needed to help me go where I had to go, and second, it was to force me to face my fear. And boy did I have some fear over the whole episode!

For some reason I trusted Alan. His purpose from day one was to help me as much as he could, and he has helped me tremendously. I had been told about him coming into my life by an intuitive friend in 2003, and he came into my life in 2004. His dedication to Maitreya surpassed anything I had ever seen and his support of me even more. He also told me in New Zealand that he is the last man in my life. That made me even more positive about the future and fulfilling my destiny.

What would have happened if Alan had not come in or run away in the first few years? Someone else would have come in, or I may never have been able to fulfill my destiny. If not, it would have meant that I would come back for another round of existence.

That source we know as God created within us the gift of free-will – choice – and did not realize how much of a problem it would be in the fulfillment of our destiny. Our destiny is the fate we have chosen for ourselves before we are born – our life plan – and this can be seen in the birth chart an astrologer creates which will assist you to see where your life lessons are and also where your hardest lessons and transformation are going to be. Without this information, even people who do not need a partner to fulfill their destiny often cannot fulfill it.