I recently received an email from a website viewer, asking me what Maitreya’s views are on healing. Does he approve? I was quite taken aback because on his website (www.maitreya-edu.org) are newsletters and early teaching about healing others and healing yourself. Since 1996, I have written newsletters and teachings which have now become blogs. I honestly cannot remember any of them. Once channeled, they are removed from my consciousness and, although I do recall some, it is only because they are the most popular and ones we have read on the radio more than once. I actually have to search like everyone else for a newsletter/teaching on a particular subject! I was also asked, “What is the difference between a newsletter and a teaching?” There is no difference. I wrote what were known as teachings from 1996 to 2000 and then I changed the name to newsletters.

But let’s go back to the subject of healing. Our center in Australia – which is soon to be no more due to our living in the USA – and our center in Redmond, Washington are both healing centers. In Australia we specialize in massage, aura-soma, energy healing, past-life therapy, and other forms of healing. In Redmond, Washington, we have aura-soma, flower essences, crystals, past-life therapy, EFT, Emotion Code therapy, and massage. We also have an incredible medical intuitive and we do energy healing of all kinds.

The one thing I have become aware of since becoming metaphysical is that there are no instant results. Yes, at times one will see an overnight miracle, but they are few. Most of the time it takes time before one begins to see results and a true healing. “Why is this?” I can hear you ask. It is because our bodies are made up of many layers of energy – physical, mental, and emotional. This energy also comes from many incarnations we have had and where we have not faced issues, or we have run away from experiences because of fear, or because we have had some trauma. However, it has never left our spiritual body.