Our emotions rule our lives. While we have emotions, we have no chance of raising our vibration or of moving forward on our life path. Recently, I got to see what our emotions do to us and I also watched myself as I used to be. It was quite an interesting experience. We are all emotional beings. I will admit that there are some people who do not demonstrate their emotions outwardly. These people feel them, but do not express them. Actually, holding the emotions in is one of the worst things one can do. I can hear you asking, “But if we hold it in, surely that is doing what you tell us to do, not give it any energy,” but it is not. One has to not care about what is said or done to us – give it no energy – but that does not mean to say that we do not have compassion, understanding, or even love for the situation or person involved.

When we hold it in, the energy stays within. When we react, we waste energy by being concerned and reacting (usually) with a great deal of energy. The Self part of us is our emotions and the emotional body. It is an actor and it loves the drama that emotions bring. I have said many times that I was an Oscar winning performer. When my Self was in control, it would squeeze each emotion for all it was worth, feeling sorry for itself, and acting just as if it were in one of the TV soap operas. I was not only that way in this lifetime, but also in other lifetimes. It was a recurring theme, and my Self loved it. Trying to stop reacting to things is very hard. All of my life I got so upset over people hurting me and I gave energy to all of it. As I look back I say, “What a waste of energy it was!”


The Emotional (Astral) Body

“Master, how can I raise my vibration?” I am often asked. This can be done in many ways by removing blocks that you have set in this incarnation and others, and also in working to remove the emotional body. The emotional body is connected to the Self. There is nothing the Self likes more than a good drama. It can have this when it uses and triggers the emotional body and your emotions.  

When you think of how much energy you waste over the emotions, you will realize that you waste an awful lot of energy. That energy could be used in creating more energy in your own life to enable you to develop your spiritual energy more. Once you remove the emotions from the soul, there is a clear vision. One can see so much better the past, the present, and yes, the future. The Higher Self has no emotions. It is the observer; it knows the right way. It knows the path you are to take. It has been directed with that path from before you were born. When you remove the emotions you then become limitless because the Self has nothing to hold on to anymore. Let go of the emotions and the emotional body and you can fly! That is how you can raise your vibration.


Severe Testing – Continued

It made me think of how many times we do explode and have anger. Yet if we just wrote down that emotion – whether we emailed/mailed it or not – how much easier it would be without all the drama, stress etc., I was looking for things externally to explain the problems I had endured and were still were, and yet the answer was so easy. I just could not access it. The Self loved the dramatics, but finally the Higher Self said, (Yawn) “Do we have to go through the drama again?” and finally showed me a better way.

Both Alan and I as Libra’s have hated upsetting anyone. We have feared rejection, and only a few weeks ago Alan made mention of the fact that he does not complain. He puts up with the situation until it explodes within him, just like it did with me. I thought of the world and what if everyone in the world, instead of getting angry, just wrote their feelings down. I am sure the world would be a better place.

There was something for me about writing it down. First of all I was able to shut off the anger which wanted to come out. I felt quite a peace sitting at the keyboard and typing the letter, I was able to see the situation better, clearer, and was able to write of the experience with clarity. I chose not to put Alan’s name on the email; it was my complaint after all – MY truth – nobody else’s. It felt so good to express my frustrations and say what I felt. After I had wrote it and emailed it, it was gone.

In the past I would have allowed the Self to stew on it until there was very little meat left. Boy, what an “Aha” moment! I remember when I first moved in with Alan how embarrassed he had been over my complaining about things publicly – and also quite vocally – yet without anger. At that time, I had just started doing it and I basically shut it down because it affected him, and each time I said I would do it he would talk me out of it.