Ramblings – Continued

A few weeks ago I went into our center to find that I was not the only one experiencing vertigo and nausea. Three staff members were going through it as well as Alan, who was away in Spokane that week. I had been experiencing this for a few days and it was a sign to me that I was raising my vibration, albeit not a very nice way to go through it. I have been aware of the Photon Energy speeding up time quicker and quicker, but I felt strongly that, with all of us going through the same symptoms, it must be the Photon Energy compressing our earth-plane energy and creating the symptoms we were experiencing. You know you have it when you get out of bed, the room swims, and you do not feel that you are in your body. Usually on standing, this slowly gets better, and for the rest of the day one is all right.

Johnna, our medical intuitive, who already is on a high rate of vibration, had symptoms that started at almost the same time as mine. We had a really great discussion about this as she took me home from work one afternoon. We both said we really felt sorry for those who did not know what it was all about and who were having symptoms they could not understand.

I also discovered from those who were having the symptoms in the office that they were like Alan and me having problems getting enough sleep. When we do not have to get up in the morning for appointments, Alan and I have found ourselves sleeping for 12 – 14 hours. Although we sleep well and feel we get some good sleep, we wake up in the morning feeling so tired and so drained that you would swear we had not slept a wink! We wondered how many other people are also experiencing this? Unfortunately for me, people do not write and tell me if they are having symptoms they cannot understand.


Lost Souls – Part 2 Continued

Thursday morning I was very tired after doing a day’s work after our return, but thought a day at home before the radio show would assist in helping me gain back energy as I felt so drained and tired. In my email that morning was one from a colleague at work who keeps an eye on this blog to let me know the blog ran out in two days’ time and I needed to do another. So I did a blog in the morning and then went in to do the radio show which I had to do on my own as Alan had gone away to his other job in Spokane. I did a lot of readings on air – which is also draining – but when I have energy, I am OK I also did an interview and a natal chart reading. After the show (and using all the energy –I had to do the radio show and other work) I could hardly walk. I was so drained. I realized for the first time that I had been running on my reserve energy and was now at the bottom of the barrel. I realized too late that I should never have gone into work on Wednesday but stayed home and rested all day and night.

Friday I woke up with, for me, the usual signs of energy starvation, a sore throat, flu-like symptoms (but I do not have the flu), very loose bowels, and feeling so sore all over that I feel as if I have done 15 rounds with a boxing champion. To make it worse, Alan came back from his trip to Spokane (where he had gone to work at his other company) as sore as I was, with mouth sores and extreme tiredness and exhaustion. We made a right pair I can tell you, and it is made worse because Alan has only just begun experiencing these symptoms whereas I have had them since connecting with Maitreya in 1992.