The Presence of Spirit – Final Words

There are a few things that you need to know about the presence of Spirit in our lives. Unless we are destined to win the lottery, it will never happen. You would not believe how many people ask for that. Instead of asking for lottery winnings, ask for the money you need to run your business or for you to do your work for Spirit. They will not give you more than you need until you have learned your lessons.

For instance, although I was doing well financially after Maitreya’s presence in my life, it was not until I had passed my graduation by doing what I did at the UN in New York that I was given the money to open my first big center as well as the people I needed to help me run it. You have to give them something first before they will give to you. You cannot expect to have it handed to you on a plate immediately. In my case I had to show them that I would work morning, noon, and night, and even travel in the middle of the night if need be. I had to let go of an enormous amount of fear and show them that I was ready to do it their way, not mine.

You also need to know to ask for what you need, the word need being the correct word, not want. Usually by the time Spirit gives you what you have always wanted, you no longer want it the way you needed it. In my case again, I had wanted money and esteem to, basically, show people that I was worthy, because I never felt worthy. But when I did get what I always wanted, it meant nothing to me because the need for esteem had left me long before I got the money.

So in closing, do know that, if you work with Spirit, they are always with you. Never doubt it, and also note that they are so grateful for what you are doing for them. Just do not expect too much in the beginning!

Margaret McElroy

Advice and Guidance – Continued

Over a year ago in my astrological transits (which are where the planets are right now in our life), the planet Uranus visited my sixth house of health and healing. This brought in the possibility of health problems if I had not dealt with issues such as anger, fear, doubt etc. in the past. It also meant that issues will happen without warning – very quickly when they do occur. Thankfully, I have dealt with those issues and so I have not suffered like some who have that planet in their transits now. Jupiter also came into that house and will be there for a year and, as Jupiter is about growth and expansion, I experienced one or two small health problems that seemed to become quite big during that Jupiter transit. However, knowing that it was there to help me to clear issues dealing with other people, and also to bring to the surface an issue dealing with my first daughter (the one I gave up for adoption), I knew it would go away eventually, and that allowed the release to happen without medical intervention.

My spirit guides also showed me (once again) that my medical transits (which confirmed that this needed to happen and also gave me instructions on what to do about it) triggered it. I had all of the triggers, so I immediately slowed down, and things got better health wise. Sometimes we just need to slow down or take time off and allow the body to heal itself! I am reminded as I write this of a friend who informed me that his wife had found a lump in her breast. This man and his wife are a spiritual couple and as such had done much work on themselves, especially the wife who had worked hard at removing old blocked energy over a couple of years of working on herself.


Advice and Guidance – Continued

Over the years every time I have experienced anything relating to new energy and have had physical symptoms with that energy, Spirit has given me information about it which has taken away any fear or doubt about the subject. It is wonderful now to be able to help my students and graduate students who are just beginning to experience such symptoms. Today I was communicating with a graduate student overseas via Skype, and we were discussing her physical symptoms – all of which are identical to the ones I experienced in my early channeling days. It was of great comfort to her to know what and why it was happening. I had nobody when I was going through it, only my intuition which, thankfully, was very acute, and I was able to connect with what Spirit was trying to tell me. None of my teachers could help me. I found some books written by early spiritualists such as Estelle Roberts, Ena Twigg, and others which spoke of their experiences. These books also helped me to understand, but, in the beginning it was a matter of letting go of any fear I had and then allowing the intuitive process to work.

When we have fear, we do not realize that we stop the flow of Spirit into our being. Therefore, what they are trying to give us intuitively, we cannot receive; the radio is switched off! It is such a blessing for me now to be able to explain to my graduate students and new students what is happening to their bodies and the experiences they are going through. Many people feel that spiritual development is about just going up in vibration but, there are health symptoms which go with this. If one does not know why this is happening, it can create the most abject fear.



It amuses us in our world in the fact that many of you carry talismans with you in your daily life. Although through history there has been a strong belief in these items, they really do not provide any protection or bring one luck. However, if one believes they do so, then it shall become. For centuries of earth time humanity has carried or worn crosses, talismans, amulets, and other kinds of protection for all sorts of things, including to bring one luck. These items are created by fear of others or from conditioning from parents, family, friends, or even the church. You are the creator of your own reality, and you can have protection and the ability to manifest if you just believe it will happen. For some this will take a long time because their deep, subconscious beliefs have not yet been cleared away. Thus, even if they believe and affirm, it may take time to happen. Others will find it happening very quickly because they have cleared away their fears and subconscious negative beliefs. Whether it is made of wood, metal, or other materials, a talisman will make no difference. Only you can be the creator of your own luck or protection.

So much money is spent on talismans when, in fact, just saying what you want to happen and having belief will start the creative process. Do you wear a talisman, amulet, or other item to protect you or enable you to have luck? If your answer is “Yes,” then take it off and watch how the fear manifests within you once that item is no more. You do not need to protect yourself. You are always protected unless you believe differently. There is no evil to be frightened of, only what you believe and create. Let go of your fear and your doubt in yourself and open the door to a new beginning in your life where just your affirmation will be the magnet for all that you need.


Destiny – Continued

Why do people not fulfill their destiny even though they do not need a partner? One simple reason: the Self! Fear, doubt, and other emotions can stop a person in their tracks. The earth plane is a minefield. If you do not know where you are going, you get blown up! If you have a natal chart it can help you maneuver through the minefield so it is not so hard. When a person tells me it is their destiny to do something, I often ask them if they are prepared to walk through the minefield to get there, because that is often what happens if one does not have a map.

My destiny is to channel Maitreya and to bring new teachings to the earth plane. In the minefield were two husbands who could not stay the distance, people who told me I was not channeling Maitreya, other people who put obstacles in my way, as well as obstacles my Self put there – heaps of fear and confidence issues in my journey, just to name a few of them. I was lucky in the fact that I put no astrological oppositions in my destiny, my natal chart. Had I done so I would never have made it – I know that.

Oppositions are astrological aspects that really make it hard to do what one has to do in pursuing their destiny. I have a good natal chart. As such – although it has not been easy – it has not been extremely hard. Each step along the way has been a learning experience that has taken me on to the next lesson. All I needed to make the journey was provided; I just needed to believe it. Here lies the first lesson: I had no idea about what I could do. Once I conquered that aspect, I was then able to maneuver through the minefield with a lot more ease.