Emotions – Continued

Looking back over my life, I can see so many times – thousands if not millions of times – when my Self had control and squeezed each emotion for all it was worth. Often this was done in public. After all, with my Moon  (emotions) in Leo (emotions colored by Leo, the starmaker, the drama queen), why would it not be in public? In past lives I had felt unworthy and a “nobody;” I wanted to be a “somebody.” The Self would get noticed by acting out its pain in the public arena. Of course, looking back I can see how stupid I looked and how silly it was, but I could not see it then because my Self was in control!

Since 2004, I have spent the years learning how to let go of the emotions. It has not been easy. It was like stepping on and off a bus. Sometimes I would react and the Self would give it everything it had, and at other times I had it in control. As I stated earlier, it is not good to hold the emotions in, nor is it good to react either. Actually both waste energy. Surprisingly, one wastes energy demonstrating their emotions and yet, when one stifles them, one holds in the energy. Energy contained is energy that becomes dis-ease and eventually disease. We then have to use energy to heal the disease and make ourselves well. In addition, we do not realize just how much emotion we have carried inside us from past lives. Energy does not go away until we deal with it, but letting it out can also cause problems for those around us who are usually the whipping posts for our energy! Whether it be an animal in our house or a human being, they take the brunt of our emotions, often taking them into their own energy.


2011 – Continued

As the world becomes more and more in turmoil with the Photon Energy bringing change, pressure, stress, and speeding up the Universe, we need to welcome change into our lives. We cannot move into change with fear. With change there are unknown factors, but if we can look upon that change as an adventure – look at it in a positive way – it will be positive because we are creating that with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our own reality. I see 2011 as a very positive year, a year of moving forward to a better way of life. Will it happen overnight? No. Will it bring massive change? No, it will not. Will there still be war, the Taliban, cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes? Yes, there will be. However, when one looks at the change that has taken place since 1980, boy have we made progress!

Many people may have moved away from the “new age movement,” but they hold within themselves the information that they gained during their tiptoe visit into it. It helped them to change a little even if they did not realize it. For those who did embrace it and moved forward, their lives have never been the same since.

If you are thinking of change in your job, marriage, or life, don’t hesitate to make that change. Do not let fear stop you from exploring the new avenues you want and often need. Remember also that unhappiness eats away at one, creating eventual dis-ease that then becomes full-blown disease. One of the saddest things for me is to see people who are obviously very unhappy, clinging to the thing they are the most unhappy with because their Self will not allow their Higher Self to see a better picture in the future. We came into this incarnation to experience change, to move away from the patterning and energy of the past, and to step outside of the boundaries we created in the past that have held us back for so long. We often cannot see it though.


Our Life Purpose – Final Words

It also amazes me how many people are in a job they hate, yet rather than open a new door they continue on in the job they are in and eventually have health problems because they are not at ease in their career. Rather than open a door to begin to study a new career if they have not done so already (and most have not), they plod along until eventually they create dis-ease, then full blown disease within themselves. I have actually seen people die because they would not make the changes they were capable of, all due to fear.

I am finally living my life’s purpose. I must say also that you are never too old to change. I had a 67-year old friend who had always wanted to do healing. Her astrological chart showed this was her true destiny. She had been a mother and grandmother but never worked. One day she came to classes I was teaching and learned how to heal. She found that she had (as I felt) a natural talent for healing and began using it part time. It gave her so much happiness to do this, and I know it kept her young and healthy. She is now almost 90 and still healing. I know she will make it to 100 and still be healing.

Are you unhappy in your career or job? Are you doing what you came here to do? You do not have to give up your job or career to open a new door. This can be done casually or part time in study and in working it (before one builds up a clientele) and then give up the old work one is doing. In closing, I wish to say that Maitreya, my teacher, taught me the fact that happiness is ours to create. Spirit does not do this for us – we do it. When we find our life purpose, we find our passion, and then one is truly happy. So many people never find their passion or their life destiny, and it is such a shame because they bring themselves around for another incarnation just as I did. I am so glad I found what mine is and that I am fulfilling it. Not only that, but I am truly happy in what I do. So many people tell me that I work so hard, but I do not feel that I do. It is not work for me; it is my true destiny and passion.

Complementary Medicine – Continued

Proper diet, a happy life, and contentment within are all precursors of good health and continued good health. If an illness requires it, medical assistance should be sought from a medical professional. However we do believe that, as it is your body, you should be able to say what you do or do not ingest or take part in. If your intuition tells you that a certain medicine is not good for you or that a certain treatment is not good, then you should be free to refuse that. So many souls do not speak up with regard to the medical profession. Often they hand over their power to a person they have only just met or have known for only a short time. It is your body – your life – and you should dictate what happens to it. Do not be afraid to ask questions of your medical professional.

If you are ill, then seek out the help of complementary medicine, for this will help you on a spiritual level. You are more than the physical body. If only humankind understood this, then there would be far fewer people with disease and illness on the earth plane.


Complementary Medicine

If one is happy and content in one’s life and at total peace with oneself, then there should be no illness. Illness comes from being at dis-ease with oneself.

Much has been written about complementary medicine and how it should be used. Many souls believe that this kind of medicine is the only one to use and rubbish the use of the medical profession. The kinds of complementary medicine that I communicate about include such things as flower essences, gem elixirs, perfumed oils, and spiritual healing in all its forms. There are also subjects such as reflexology, shiatsu, and massage. There are so many kinds of alternative medicine today, and they each have their part to play in the role of healing. But they are not the total answer. They cannot, for instance, heal a broken bone. Only a physician can do that with the proper tools and equipment. 

Complementary medicine can help to heal you more quickly and it will also help to heal the spiritual as well as the physical body. I remember many earth years ago when my channel’s daughter contracted a very rare disease called Sudek’s Atrophy. Her daughter, at 13 years of age, had contracted a disease that was only prevalent in women of 80 or 90 years of age. My channel was distraught because the medical diagnosis was not good for her. She started to receive medical help, but we in the spiritual realms impressed upon my channel to also try calcium tablets. Because the disease was of the bones, we also suggested acupressure. With the combination of both conventional and complementary medicine, my channel’s daughter was soon well and has had no reoccurrence since of the condition.