The Path – Continued

Many years later, I have learned to live in the now and not be afraid of change. I actually look forward to it each time it comes. Each change has taken me to the next level of my destiny, but it also has taken a long time. Some of the e-mails I received this week asked, “When is it going to happen?” “When am I going to get the rewards?” I hate to tell them that the rewards do not come until one learns the lessons, but this is the truth.

I remember sitting in my office in New Zealand in 1998 begging God to help me use my energy to help people. I honestly thought I was ready to do that. This was before I had the invitation to speak at the UN, and I suppose, in a way, that energy did give me the opportunity to use it, but I did not realize that I had another 12 years to go before I would be allowed to have the freedom to go where I needed to.

I was so impatient! The path to spiritual development is the hardest path anyone can take. It is fraught with frustration, fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. If one has spent many incarnations fighting the Self but not dealing with issues, it can be a long, hard road. Eventually though, one gets to a place where there is very little to face any more and one is at peace – total peace. There are no worries or cares. What you need is provided, and the Self (although still there) is controlled most of the time.

I saw myself in every one of the e-mails I received this week. It is so hard for me to write to these people and tell them that this is what they have chosen and that they cannot blame anyone else but themselves. Even worse, the people they are having problems with and are angry with are the ones who have come to help them to face those issues. That often goes over like a lead balloon!


The Path – Continued

We are all like this. We have been programmed to fear change. Friends and family who are frightened they might lose us as we move on put doubt into our minds so that we are tortured as to what to do. Usually when this happens, we stop ourselves from fulfilling our destiny. “What do you want to do that for?” is the first thing usually said by others. Then come the questions with a negative overtone. Very rarely does anyone say “Great!”

Recently at a meeting I attended, one of the participants – a woman I know quite well – pointed out to me that she would have more time to socialize now as she had left her marriage. Intuitively I had known for some time that she was not happy in her marriage. In fact, it had aged her terribly. I was so pleased for her and told her so. She informed me that I was the only one who was positive about it. Everyone else had questioned why she had left. Nobody had supported her or even asked why she was leaving. She was the “Scarlet Woman” as far as they were concerned. It did not matter that she was unhappy; she should stay!

Our path in life is to try to be happy. We cannot be happy, though, if things in our life are making us unhappy. A few months later this woman has taken ten years off her age, she vibrates with energy, she is sleeping soundly (something she never used to do), and is happy for the first time in her life. Is it wrong for her to want to be happy? I think not!

For me, I was terrified of going to New Zealand because I had never been there before and I had been stripped of all I owned – including my business bank account – when my first husband took it all out of the bank without my permission. I was terrified, but I should not have been.


The Path – Continued

Doors close and doors open all of the time, and often we cannot see that the doors closing are closing for a reason. That reason is to move us on. In my astrological natal (birth) chart, I placed in my chart (yes, nobody else did it except me) Cancer as the sign on my mid-heaven. In a past life, I would not move on. Not from living quarters – I could do that – but from a particular way of thinking. I need to be forced to change or else I stay stuck in the old way. Of course, it is nice to be able to do that, but I had so much to learn and thought I could do it one particular way. Unfortunately, it took many different levels for me to learn what I needed to do, and each one I had to be forced into.

It was the cost of living in England and the prospect of a bleak future which prompted me to apply to migrate to Australia. Then it took a big push for me to purchase a house there. I would have stayed renting forever if I had had my way. Each time I faced change, I needed to be pushed. Later on it was the recession that forced me to seek-out my future work in metaphysics. As time passed, I was forced to face so many fears. My marriage breakdown forced me to go to New Zealand, and again later (with marriage number two) to the United States. I cannot say that I went happily, because I did not, and of course, the Cancer mid-heaven is all about change and letting go of the need to control that part of my life. I could not see that the change would bring me closer to my destiny. All I could see was the negative: What if this? What if that? For a long time I could not see the benefits that change would bring.


Holidays – Continued

As I sit on the island of Curacao sipping my island drink, it will be nice to know that I already know what my coming year will be like. I am forever grateful to Maitreya for assisting me with learning astrology. Many people think it is so hard to learn, yet it is not; I found it so easy. I am not educated like many people. I had severe problems learning at school and, even after school, found learning anything very difficult. I cannot believe I learned astrology or even became as good as I am. I always thought someone else would do it. We had someone who was an astrologer and who was going to do it with us. However destiny changed our path and I became the astrologer myself, not realizing that I was going to be doing it as part of my work.

Astrology – despite looking complicated – is not hard to learn. On my website in the retail store there are two inexpensive workshops that Alan and I did about astrology that are a teaching tool for the subject. If you cannot understand astrology after viewing the two DVD downloads, then you really do have problems. I am fortunate in that, as I am reading the chart of a person, I am also using intuition and the world of Spirit to help me even more. My whole life has become astrology.

Recently I had a small health problem and decided to check my health transits for what was happening. There it was – the health problem – in full glory, so I knew it was meant to be. I chose to give the problem no energy, in fact not worry about it, as I was a little concerned although I had not been concerned prior to seeing the report. When I stopped being concerned, the problem disappeared within a few weeks. It is interesting though that the problem could raise its head again when I am on holiday in Curacao. However, I am forewarned and will be prepared for it happening (if it does) instead of being surprised and perhaps in difficulty with it.


Destiny – Final Words

So, what is your life plan, or your destiny, or your fate? Whichever way you look at it, we are all here for a reason, but we all chose different reasons before we reincarnated. Astrologically, each star sign has a purpose. For instance, Librans (like Alan and me) are here to learn to let go of the fear of making decisions and also to find balance in our lives. Taurus energies are learning about being frugal and yet allowing the flow of abundance to take effect – once again a form of balance. Each star sign has its purpose in learning. Whatever your sun sign or birth sign is, it represents your destiny, fate, or ultimate life purpose. We then choose in what area of our lives we will learn that lesson. That is where we need an astrological natal (birth) chart to help us find where that is.

The earth plane is riddled with fear, and there is so much fear all around us – including fear of ourselves. I have often met people through my work who are actually frightened of success! Fear is the one thing I have found to be at the top of the tree when it comes to the reason for unfulfilled destiny/fate/life purpose. I am in awe at how I faced so much of my own fear. I just cannot believe I have done it. Hopefully, very soon I will be able to help many people leave their fear behind as I move forward in my career. I do not want to come back again. Ironically, as a child I used to tell everyone I met that I was not coming back again to the earth plane. Let’s hope I can fulfill that prophecy!

With the help of an astrologer and a personal reading, one can find the keys to abundance, happiness, fulfillment, and many more positive truths. It is up to us to become aware and then spend the time to find out who we are and what we are here to do. Most of all though, we must work through the minefield of issues which hold us back, and astrology can help us to do so. It certainly was what enabled me to walk through the minefield even on some rocky days.