The School

Often you will not see the teachers in your life because you are not trained to do so. My channel had many teachers who had an Aquarian sun sign and, for many years, she could not see that they were with her to teach her emotional detachment. Her mother, first boyfriend, and first husband were Aquarians, and her second husband’s rising sign was Aquarius. It was only with the second husband that she came to the awareness he was a teacher for her. She could not see it for over 50 earth years. Whom do you keep attracting into your life? What Sun sign do you seem to attract? Look at what that Sun sign represents and you will see one of your lessons.

There are also more educated teachers. These people are astrologers who are intuitive. They have learned special knowledge to enable you to learn about yourself and your life plan, and they can make the school learning much quicker. Many people are born and die without even knowing about the schools and the teachers. You never stop learning. From birth to death, life is a school. Some people have to repeat certain subjects over and over again, often having to do this over many lifetimes before they are free of the lessons they bring. It is not easy but, as one learns, one grows in knowledge and once a lesson is learned, it is very rarely repeated.

Ask yourself, “What are my lessons on this earth plane? What am I here to learn?” Once you have those answers, then and only then can you return home to your true home with us. It is known by many as heaven, Spirit, the “other world,” but whatever you call it, you come home never to return to the earth plane again. It is worth the study never to have to return.


Disasters – Continued

Another thing we do not realize is the fact that, if we leave the earth plane in death, we go home to our spiritual home (our actual home). This earth plane is just a schoolroom where we learn our lessons and grow as a soul. We cannot see that everyone who comes into our life is a mirror to force us to look at things we cannot see in ourselves but can see in others. Maitreya told me last year that, now I have raised my vibration to the level I have, I can now lose the weight I have carried for the whole of my metaphysical career. I had needed the weight for my development and work, and it had served me well.

It also served the Self well, but now I do not need it. I had come to understand the Self and I thought it no longer had reign over me. That is until I tried to lose it. The Self fought back with all it could muster, putting fear into me about losing weight! I have always had a fear of being attractive and now the Self brought that fear up. It came from a past life, was no longer relevant, and I thought I had dealt with it – that is until the Self began to resurrect it. There were other issues such as the sweet things the Self liked, the cake (which I had started to dislike in my Higher Self), the candy, etc. It was not giving up without a fight. Then the Higher Self took over and began putting people next to me who carried weight. Everywhere I went they were there, mirrors to my own excess weight, and I began to see myself as I was. Of course, I was a Goddess and exuded such energy, but I knew I did not need the weight to keep me this way. I realized that I could be a Goddess and an amazing energy even without the weight.


General Stuff 2 – Continued

In the beginning, I had questions about everything and I remember one of them being, “But we have billions of people on the earth plane. Isn’t it crowded in Spirit with all of those souls passing over?” I can just see them laughing at me at that time because souls are also returning all of the time to the earth plane. As one leaves another one arrives, and there is no time in their world. Nor is there any limitation on space. It just is!

The reception areas are huge. I know because I have seen them for myself in real time. By the side of each bed are four or five souls who are there to help that soul remove the programming or fixed thinking from their earthly life. The only issue is that, if the soul had a traumatic time or a terrible death, that memory is removed in Spirit, but it is still a part of the Akashic, or soul memory for all time. We do forget our memories and awareness in the spiritual realms but, once we come back to the earth plane for another round of incarnation, the Self part of us –as crafty as it is – has learned (like a computer virus) to go into the Akashic soul record and once again pull out those memories. We choose to be a part of that by choosing to allow it to penetrate those areas to repay and to learn karma! We cannot do anything else. This energy – which was man’s survival instinct – has, like a computer virus, learned to use the soul’s memory for its own purpose – to try to slow us down. We, in turn, allow it to do so in order to work off the energy! Very crafty and very convenient. I am in awe writing this as it channels through my fingers.


General Stuff 2 – Continued

There are so many books written about when we die, and many of them are a waste of time reading them. I am sorry, but that is the way I feel about it. Each version is what they think it is like, or what they have been told. Thanks to my teachers and to Maitreya, I have been able to actually see what it is truly like from the moment we die until we have passed through the reception areas. Believe me, it is nothing to be frightened of at all. Yet, we have such a fear of death and dying!

For instance, it is not a place where we are punished, told we are sinners, or where we have to pay for anything we have done wrong. The Ultimate Being, or God, is such a loving, compassionate energy. Yes, it is sad when you have come home perhaps without learning anything, but that energy does not chastise you. In fact, the love it embraces you with is so complete, so beautiful, that one cannot believe any energy could give you so much love. It is you who are disappointed in yourself for not learning or changing – no one else.

Thousands of souls return each day, not learning anything at all, and none of them is made to suffer in any way. Only love is given and, believe me, in that Presence one feels as if one is home. Usually though, there is a soul memory of religion, belief systems, conditioning etc., and it is this that has to be removed before one can move forward into true Spirit and past the reception areas. One sees the imperfections one has when one has to look at one’s life. This is done at the very beginning of the process after one has had a rest from passing over. Some people have a traumatic passing, and something like that really makes an impact on the soul memory. It takes time in the next world to release and remove this energy, but one cannot move on until it has been removed.


Learning To Let Go – Continued

There came a day when I had to let go of a person, one I had been with for 23 years. My parents by now had gone home to Spirit, and the trauma of letting them go had not been so hard. My father had died overseas, so I did not have to attend a funeral or get involved with his death, although my friends in Spirit had let me know in a dream that he was going to go home. It was the same with my mother. Her death helped me to face my deep seated fear of death, but once again Spirit let me know she that was going to pass over and, one month after the message, she passed. But now I had to let go of a living person, one whom I cared deeply about, but no longer loved.

It had taken me many years to come to the awareness that I no longer loved him and no longer wanted to be with him. I had known this for several years. We actually had a trial separation and got back together again, but I could not hide the fact that it was no longer working. The children had left home, and there was nothing we had in common anymore. I had finally – after 23 years – decided to let go. Spirit helped me out once again and brought someone else into my life, my next husband. I could never have done it if I had not had him to help me. It was during this time that I became emotionless in that I was able to walk away without the deep emotional feelings I had most of my life over letting someone or something go. Without emotion there, it was easy to do; I was so surprised. It was he who became emotional and as he begged me to stay and said he would not stray anymore. All I could feel was relief that I was able to leave.