The Anti-Christ – Continued

What can be done to override this negative, Anti-Christ energy? I will tell you, but it will not be easy.

For first you must remove all fear from your being. Then you must have total faith in all that you do, and no doubt that what you do will happen. This is the only way to fight the negative energy. While you have these negative traits you cannot be in the light, for the darkness of negativity blinds the light of Good and God and shuts you off from the spiritual realms for a time. The length of this time will depend much on you. But ask for help and we will do all we can to assist you to break free from the negativity that you find yourself in. It is your choice!


The Anti-Christ

On my travels with my channel, Margaret, I have been asked often about the Anti-Christ. Who and what is this energy, whom many believe to be on the earth plane today? The Anti-Christ is the sum total of all that is negative in the world today. Just as there is light and those who work in the light, there are those who prefer the darkness. Their belief is that they are in truth, but they are in their illusion. They believe that they are right and that those in the light (who are positive and happy) are wrong. Anyone who judges and has hate in their heart, fear in their mind, and doubt in their being are working for that negative energy, the Anti-Christ.

I can hear many of you saying that you have fear and doubt, but do not hate, so you cannot be with the negative, but you are. Yes, you are. Your negative fear and doubt assists and aids the energy of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is an energy, an energy made up of the collective thoughts of anyone who is negative.

Just as there is the Ultimate Being, the God of the light, there is the God of the dark, the Anti-Christ. The more positive you are and the less fear you have, the more faith that you have and the more you support the light, the more you will move forward in vibration and raise your consciousness. Imagine an energy cloud in space – moving along, picking up energy from all areas that are negative, getting bigger and bigger like a snowball. That is what the Anti-Christ `is doing. It feeds on people’s fear. While people have fear, it has power! The more power it has, the more it wants!


Why Me? – Part 1

Whenever suffering, hardship, or difficulty arise, the soul in its darkness calls out and says, “Why me?  What have I done to deserve this?”

If the soul were in a state of permanent bliss and happiness without strife or trouble, there would be no learning because these states do not allow for that. When there is peace and happiness there is just that. The purpose of the soul on the earth plane is to grow and expand, to climb even higher, and to free itself forever from the earth plane. For instance, at times in an incarnation one can experience periods of strife, loss of job, financial restrictions, or attack by those around one. When this happens, the Self is usually brought to the fore and starts to complain loudly, “Why me?” being the usual question. Everything is looked at from a negative point of view. Rarely is the experience seen as an opportunity to change, to move on from a situation that is stagnant, or to move forward to bigger and better things. Yes, all that comes in the form of difficulty is a blessing if only you can see that.

Many years ago my channel went through a very difficult situation in which she lost her business, her marriage at that time, and even found herself moving away from the country she lived in. She had been given warning through a reading that this would happen but, when it happened, she could only see the negative. Even at the airport waiting to leave the country she was still negative, saying “I can see nothing for myself in the new country.” Her negativity about the situation stopped her from seeing her future and the opportunities which were there. That is why she could not “see.” Nine months later she had a new life, a very popular radio program, a new career in journalism, and much happiness. Her journey to another country had brought her much success and joy, much more than had she stayed where she had been living.


Karma – Part 4

The darkness is the Self of all your subtle bodies. It does not want to let go. It will create fear, illusion, doubt, insecurity, and lack of confidence. It will hold you back because it does not want to let go. Why should it? It has had free rein for many thousands of incarnations. Illusion is the worst thing that the Self will create. It can create a situation that has you believing something that is totally untrue. The Higher Self, though, knows the truth. It has no negative thoughts and feelings. It just IS. It is the “I AM” of all. When union with this Higher Self is achieved, then total peace is assured. There are many who think they have achieved control of the subtle bodies – who feel that they have everything in control – but only by their actions will you know if this is so. If they criticize another, if they doubt, have fear, judge another, allow anything negative in their life, then they have not done this. Even one small criticism of another is enough to stop this.

For those who have learned to control the subtle bodies and have passed the tests placed in front of them, the Light shines from their bodies. They are in control of all that they do. The love for their fellow humans shines forth from their heart chakra, and they are truly of man and God, or the Ultimate Force. When this is done, then the earth plane can be left behind once and for all.


Karma – Part 3

The path to controlling the Selves in each subtle body is a long and arduous task. It will not happen overnight and at the least will take ten to fifteen years of earth time from when you start your path of learning. All kind of tests are thrown in your way. The purpose of all incarnations is to free you of the limitations you have placed in your subtle bodies. However, when you return to the earth plane for another incarnation, the Self takes control again and the battle between the Self and the Higher Self begins. Many incarnations go by before the control of the subtle bodies is achieved. Sometimes souls plead for help in freeing themselves of their limitations and ask the Lords of Karma for assistance. A teacher or a healer is then found to help them, and arrangements made to work with them in an incarnation.

For many souls on the earth plane at this earth time, opportunities await them to learn to free themselves of the subtle body limitations. The Photon Energy – the Christ Soul in that energy – is creating these opportunities. As there is the power of light, there is also the power of darkness.