Criticizing Others

Why do we waste energy criticizing others? What are they here to show us that we don’t want to see.



I really did not know what to title this blog, but I think “Observations” will cover it very well. Over the years there have been many observations I have made regarding metaphysical issues. One of them is that those who are metaphysical (and especially people like me) who have an issue health-wise should not have them. Most people seem to think that, because we work in the area we do, we should not have health problems! For instance, I have a knee problem. Over the years I have had so many injuries to my left knee. The left knee in metaphysics is attributed to the following: issues with mother, sister or significant female in your life, holding onto sadness, hurt and loss from the past; feeling like a victim; constant self- and other-criticism, and holding yourself back (Inna Segal’s book “The Secret Language Of Your Body”). It is also connected to the control issue, mainly of wanting control of one’s self.

Over the years I have had most of the issues mentioned in the book, but more than anything, the issue of holding myself back. My staff will tell you of the times I held myself back. I had so much fear of going into the public arena. I had been in the public in the past – as a magazine columnist for instance – but I was behind the scenes in a way, hiding behind a magazine column. I really did not have to be “in the public” where people could touch me. Being a radio clairvoyant was also behind the microphone, and it is ironic that my knee only became a problem after I came to the USA and we started to work toward doing a TV show and being “really public.” I began sabotaging myself, not wanting to be photographed and attending photo sessions without make-up etc. It was shortly after this that my knee became a problem.


Learning to Let Go – Final words

The pain was in leaving Australia, a country which had embraced me when I migrated in 1974 from England. Now it was 30 years later. I had come to love living on the Gold Coast mountain where I had made my home and built a business. By now I was more detached than I had ever been. In my third year in New Zealand, I suddenly realized that I had let it go and no longer wanted to go “home.” The most important thing I found was the fact that, even though one lets go and detaches from the emotions, one may not forget the person and their actions (whether good or not), but one can look at them without judgment or criticism. It took me a long time – many years – to do that and I am so thankful now for that detachment in my life. It helps me so much just to walk away or give it no energy.

Recently, I was placed in a situation where my detachment was tested and I was able to completely let go – not react, not go back into the way I had been previously. I was so shocked because my old Self would have roared like a lion and given an Oscar winning performance. Instead, my Higher Self yawned and said, “What a waste of energy!”

We cannot move forward if we have an emotional body, but it is also true that, even with removing it, we still need to have compassion, love, and understanding. We need to find a balance. Everything in life is on loan for this lifetime; learn to let go of it. For Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio people (or people who have two or more planets in those signs), it can be very hard but it can be done. If you find yourself like I was – with Aquarian after Aquarian coming into your life – they are there to help you detach, to see detachment, but not to be like Aquarians who are often critical, judgmental, and who have to learn to find balance in being compassionate, understanding, and loving. It can be done. I have done it, but it has taken a long time. Don’t despair if it takes time though, it will be worth it in the end.


You hold such store on the Earth plane with what you call money. It has become your God. You fear it, envy it, desire it, and yet you do not realize it is there for all if only you know the rules to obtain it.

There are many who are on a spiritual path who say, “But to ask for money is not spiritual.” Why is it not spiritual? Should everyone in the world go around like a Buddhist monk with his begging bowl? The Creator gave all of you an abundant supply of energy, however you are not using the energy in the right way and this is why many of you have problems.

First of all, many of you limit your thinking. You say over and over, “I will never have enough money” or other such negative statements. By saying those words and affirming them, you are creating them. Many of you carry around the programming of your parents which has been negative. Your parent’s lack, fear, or concern over money can often become yours.

I have said many times that “A laborer is worthy of his hire.” All humanity is worthy of hire, but many do not know what their worth is. Several earth years ago I informed my channel to place a worth on herself. She was working for very little money. She was not happy doing this and felt she was not being paid what she was worth. She had studied metaphysical subjects for years, had paid out much money for books (which we had led her to) which became teaching tools.

She could not see this aspect of her work. Because she chose to experience criticism and negativity in her early life to help control the ego that for many incarnations had been a problem to her, her earth father had not made life easy for her. He continually told her she was not worthy, that she was stupid, a thickhead, a blockhead. She did not have a very good opinion of herself. With our help and that of the Masters – plus that of her husband – we were able to finally release her from the feelings of inadequacy and she finally put a worth on herself.


Judgment and Criticism – Continued

The interesting thing is the fact that there was a time I could not bear to be alone! I had to be surrounded by people and things. I had to be busy all day long; I could not sit still and be quiet like I do now. The chatter from my Self was constant. I actually have spaces now in my brain. Nobody talks internally to me anymore and it is so quiet inside of me! It is as if I am in my own little bubble, and the only time I find myself having problems – especially with criticism and judgment – is when I am with other people. As an empath, I take on everyone’s emotions and feelings, including their judgment and critical views. I love the quiet, and strive to have it more and more.

I am lucky in that I have a beautiful home that Maitreya found for me with a creek within viewing distance of the kitchen window. Birds come to feed at the feeders all day, my family (my cat) sits with me all day absorbing the energy of my Master, and he loves it. The area I live in is so quiet despite there being a main road just across the street. With the silence of the house and the silence in my own head, I am indeed in absolute bliss. It is getting to the point where I no longer wish to speak to anyone. I shop on-line so that I do not have to visit shops and usually go to the supermarket at 9 pm in the evening on the way home from the radio show because it is quiet then and there are hardly any people in the store. I would never in a million years have thought I would be like this, but I am and I love it. I am not tempted by other people’s feelings, ideas or thoughts then.