Just Stuff 2 – Continued

I have a friend who is a natural healer and she also has problems with people who do not want to pay her. Yet the doctor across the road can charge quite a large fee for his specialist services and people will pay it. One of her new clients came to her after years of trying to find a solution to her health problems and found her answer. She revealed to my friend she had been thinking about coming for over a year, but did not feel she was qualified enough. My friend has certificates all over her wall from Reiki to recognized certificates in Chiropractic and natural medicine. She actually did more study than the doctor did, but we are so accustomed to going to the doctor that we usually cannot see the benefits of natural medicine and healing.

I know myself when I sit with clients I really work hard to assist them. I allow them a few extra questions in case they forget anything in the reading, and let them know I am there if they have problems. I usually do not charge for this either. A few years ago, we looked at how much it was costing us to run our websites and the center we work from and made the realization we had to charge more for our services. One graduate student wrote to me with questions about his future, and I wrote back and told him I had to stop doing free answers and would he mind paying to support what we were doing? He sent his questions in and paid for them, but we never heard or saw from him again. I could feel his unhappiness through his email, but that is what we had to do to help defray costs, and this person could afford to pay for the services – he had a good job. It was sad because he did not have to remove himself, yet he did.