Different Subjects – Final Words

It was 1993 when I was embraced by God, or as I came to know it, the Ultimate Being. I was not expecting it and, when it happened, it changed my life for the better. Over a period of approximately a year, I left my body at night (and sometimes during the day) and moved toward this Being of Light that I saw in the distance. I could not move very fast toward it, as I knew that I had to take it slowly or else the experience would affect my physical body. I was not afraid, but neither did it take away the lessons I was destined to learn with Maitreya whom I had just connected with in 1992. I finally got close to the energy, and it was then that it embraced me totally and I felt such love. I have never felt so much love from anything in my life. It told me that, once I had learned my lessons, it and I would work together. I did not realize at the time that I had a mammoth task in front of me in changing my outlook, facing my fears (which at the time were absolutely terrifying), and letting go of so many old and outdated beliefs. That was 18 years ago.

As I write this in 2011, I know that the time has come to do what I came to do, to work in helping humanity shift its consciousness. I could not have done it even last year. I was not ready. I am totally at peace within myself now; all the fear, doubt, insecurity and old beliefs are gone. I follow what I am told by this energy, and it has never let me down in the 18 years as it led and guided me through Maitreya, my teacher. As I do my work and see the effect my readings have on people, I know that I am working with this energy. It is so beautiful to be able to do what I do, and I am in awe of even my own work. That energy is non-judgmental and true compassion, it knows our soul better than we do and, if we want to, it can help us to become all we can be and more. I am very blessed.

Margaret McElroy

Different Subjects – Continued

On another subject, the other night I heard a well-known entertainer on TV stating that, over the years, she had been called a Negro, colored, and black – along with other names – and it made me ask the question “Why do we have to label everyone?” Just because they have a different skin color does that mean they are different? No, it does not, as we are all the same inside. Originally, a black person’s skin was the way it was to protect them from the sun in Africa. I would never have survived one day there as my skin burns at the first sight of the sun. From what I have read, the original black people were highly intelligent souls who, when brought to the USA, were expected to be like white people. However, I don’t think we were intelligent enough then to see that they came from a different country and, as such, were different! When they came, they became slaves and had to fight for their freedom.

It astonishes me to know that, even 60 years ago in the United States, if you were black you had to go to a different toilet than white people. We are all the same inside as I have said before. Our religious faith, belief system, color of our skin, whether we are large in size or very thin, have a larger nose than someone etc., should not warrant a label. We are what we are because of our genetic make-up, nothing more. When we finally go home to Spirit – our true home – we will not look like we do now. We will be without a body – just our soul – and as such can be as we want to be. If we come back to give a message to someone to let them know we have passed and are OK, we can appear as the person we were so that we can be recognized. We do this with thought, but we are not the same. The physical body is left behind to be buried or burned. We are pure consciousness. Our Self stays here also, and when that happens, we really get to see what the Self has done to us.


Working for Spirit – Continued

After 1999, things got a lot better for me – in fact, so much better that I could not believe it, but I had spent all those prior years working through karma, health issues, and bringing an incredible amount of emotion to the surface. A lot of the health issues evoked fear so abject that I was in terror at times. For instance, the pain in my leg started without any warning and thankfully, as the time passed, I was shown where it came from, but not before I had experienced chronic severe pain in my leg which left me wondering if I did have something such as bone cancer. Thankfully, a past-life regression removed it immediately after only one session. I had limped into the bedroom in such pain to have the past-life session and, when I was finished, the pain and everything associated with it was gone. It is almost as if, once you work for Spirit and open yourself up to metaphysics, everything from the past which has not been removed comes to the surface to be dealt with.

Thinking about it on a deeper level, it would have to be that way because those in the next world cannot work with us on a higher vibration until we remove any blocks we have put there. We cannot move forward in consciousness while we are carrying all the old energy. I also found that, as I cleared away the health issues, faced the fears, etc., I became more intuitive and sensitive. Although some things did clear up after 1999, I still had a big issue I needed to clear with the man who was to come into my life in 1994, my present husband, Alan. Had I known what I was to go through with that, I would never have agreed to even see him, never mind spend time with and marry him. If those in the next world had told me what would happen I would never have allowed it, it is as simple as that.


Differences – Continued

Why do we have difficulty with the differences between people? A lot of it is from childhood. Some of it is a form of control; we have no control when people are different from us. We cannot control them (subconsciously that is) while they are different. I remember in the early days noticing that Alan liked cottage cheese – he ate a lot of it. Even though it turned my stomach, he liked it. I could not understand why he liked it. It is bland and tasteless as far as I am concerned, yet he would wolf it down as if it was the finest rib-eye steak! Yuk! was my reaction, yet now I can watch him eat it without any comment or emotion at all.

Even twins have their differences. We were meant to be different. Can you imagine if we all ate the same food in the same way? Our differences make us who we are. We are unique individuals, but for the majority of us (unless we can move beyond it), these differences can be a source of frustration that our partner, mother, friend etc., can be the way they are with their issues over things and foods.

Maitreya has said that, until we can accept the differences in each other, we can never have peace, and I have to be honest and state that I do wonder if we can ever do that. We are so diverse in our energies, so set in our ways sometimes. If one has raised one’s vibration/consciousness and is on the metaphysical path, it can be easier as we learn not to give energy to such trivial things. But what if one has not raised one’s vibration/consciousness? The Photon Energy is enabling many souls on the earth plane to do just that, and many are. But what about those who are entrenched in their religious faith and will not change? Maitreya has said that it will take time, but we are moving forward and are better than we were. There will be more and more souls on the earth plane who will change over the next few years, and he said that, eventually, we will become more tolerant of each other.


General Stuff 3 – Continued

The more you raise your vibration and consciousness, the more energy you are able to bring in. The more fear and issues you face, the more intuitive you become. One of our staff members went through an enormous healing crisis the other day. He found it difficult to connect with Spirit because his energy was very into logic, not the spiritual. I tried to help him and did, but he still could not connect with the higher energy. He went through a couple of days of vomiting, headaches, vertigo etc., which really cleared old energy out of him, but also opened him up to higher energy. I know now that he will become more intuitive and more open to the energy of Spirit.

The Photon Energy is enabling millions who want to raise their vibration and move to a higher level of consciousness. I can see it every day in everything that is happening in the world. The downside is that one has to go through healing crises which create uncomfortable symptoms. Because we are not trained or educated in metaphysics in our school system or early years, most of us are not aware of the symptoms associated with raising one’s vibration. My ex husband and Alan, my present husband, both told me that they had problems with their eyes – which is a definite sign of something happening spiritually. Both of them had problems with vertigo and nausea long before I came into their lives. They both had CAT scans done, but nothing wrong was found because it was within the spiritual not the physical. If we were educated (and that is what I hope to be doing and have been doing so far – teaching people), it would not make us so frightened when things happen to us that we cannot explain. I know when it happened to me (the nausea and vertigo) I was so frightened yet, once I understood it, it did not bother me at all.