Going Back in Time – Continued

The young woman whom I had given a reading was an incredibly sensitive young woman. She had needed to be held and loved, and when she had allowed someone to do that to her, she was “used,” in a way, and then discarded. I know, of course, that it was a past-life situation. Mine had also been a past-life situation, but it had not been easy for this very sensitive young woman, and she had done things similar to what I had done as a way of getting back. However, just like me, it did not serve a positive outcome; it rarely does.

In the last 42 years since my first daughter was born, I have had much opportunity to look at the way our emotions react and how we allow them to do so. We are all looking for love, every one of us. Some of us are lucky in that we get it from our parents. Others find a partner who feels the same way, but most of us live in relationships that are not two-sided. We stay in them for comfort, convenience, fear, but very rarely are we true to ourselves. As I aged, I came to the realization that I should have left my first husband 10 years prior to when I did. My second husband I should have parted 5 years before I left, but I did not do so because of fear. The first time I had young children. How would I cope? live? etc.? The second time I was comfortable. Everyone else could see the marriage was not working except me. However, it took 5 years for me to finally see it. With my second marriage there was no love really. It was a marriage of convenience, but I was so busy and so wrapped up in my life that it covered up the fact that there was no love. It is that also which often deceives us. We do not have love, so we work instead because it fills that hole which is waiting for something called love. With Alan, whatever love is, it is there and I no longer crave it.