In all of my years in business, I have never had difficulty in finding work – from my first days working in the coffee shop and from home – even before we had a website. I always had work, but I had many lessons to learn about working. In the beginning, I worried about so much in my life. If a client did not turn up I would get upset over the money I had not made for that reading, not realizing as I did later that sometimes the client did not come because I was tired and those in Spirit knew that doing the reading could cause me problems with my health, or that someone else needed the reading more than the person who had cancelled. Eventually, I learned that, as soon as I let go of the concern over the money, the Universe would bring me a new client. However, if I did not let go and continued to be worried and angry, that person could not come because I was stopping their coming toward me with the energy of anger and fear! It took me a long time to have that “Aha” moment but I finally let go of it.

In the beginning I only earned what I needed, but I was grateful for that. I could pay my accounts and take a salary, albeit small. As I became more experienced in metaphysics, I learned to let go more and more and to generate more salary. As the fear left me little by little, the door opened up to the manifesting energy and more abundance. My business got bigger and bigger – first on a small level, then on a larger and larger level. I never had to network or even give thought to it. As I said to people, my friends in Spirit will take care of me.


Suffering – Last Words

I have always been able to see where a problem is with my clients and also have been given the metaphysical reason for this happening along with past-life issues. There are people who do this who are extremely talented, and we are very lucky to have people at our center who can work in helping people heal their inner/outer being. We have a wonderful medical intuitive in our center, Johnna Shyrack, along with hypnotherapist/past-life therapists, Jean Luo, and Dennis Dossett. Karen Dossett, Dennis’s wife, is a wonderful Bach Flower practitioner. Jean is also an astrologer.

We also have a healing dog, Baxter, who loves his role at our center and who takes pride in every healing he does. How does he heal? Just by being there and sitting by a person he will draw the old energy from them. Once the client has had their healing session with a practitioner and left the building it is not uncommon for Baxter to go outside and vomit up the etheric energy he has taken out of the person. Just like human healers, he needs days off to recover and get his energy back. On those days he stays home and just lies on the couch all day, very rarely eating. All of our practitioners can use Skype to help clients who do not live locally. Jean Luo has done quite a few past-life sessions around the world in Europe, Asia and other parts of the USA.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with these practitioners, you need to call the center at 425-644-3263 if you live locally, and if not call 1-888-644-3263. If you would like to email us you can do so by emailing any of the practitioners through the website. You can also view their profiles and skills on that website. The wonderful thing is that we do not have to suffer. Once we know where the situation we are suffering with comes from, we can let it go and move on. As one who has done that for over 27 years, I am so very glad I did so.