Once Again! – Final Words

In the last 15 years we have seen the advent of TV shows such a “Medium,” “Ghost Whisperer,” etc. Of course, there have also been scary shows such as “Haunting” and other such shows created, but even they have enabled people to see a better way. The Photon Energy is doing its job opening up new vistas in metaphysics and spirituality. More and more people are becoming interested. More people are leaving the churches, and spiritual centers have been created for these people.

So many books have been written in the last 30 years. It used to be just certain book stores (like mine was) which sold these books but, as time passed, more and more shops sold them. Finally Amazon and the big stores all stocked these books. People like me published our own books, and so a new era is beginning. The Photon Energy has served its apprenticeship and is now ready to go out to the world and into the next phase of its existence which is to take away fear of the metaphysical which many millions of souls have. It is intended to bring teaching and meditation to people. We will communicate more with those who work in that world and will communicate on a more personal level with them if those that are seeking information and contact can raise their vibration. Maitreya told me today that there are 3 phases to the energy: 1980 – 2012, the beginning/apprenticeship; 2012 – 2032, the laying of the foundations; and 2032 – 2062, the finished product, ongoing. It will be very interesting to see what happens. I, for one, will not be around in the finished product stage, but I am sure it will be incredible!


I have been asked many times about the subject of Theosophy. Do I support it? Am I a part of it?

The answer to that is “Yes and no.” Yes, because it is part of many belief systems in the world today, those who believe in this way of studying the spiritual. Yes, I support it because for those souls who are searching and find Theosophy, it can be for them a door opening onto a wider world.

The answer no, is also relevant. It is so, because, for those souls who do not wish to be attached to Theosophy, who find it difficult to understand the Indian words and the way of Theosophy, I offer them something different: the teachings in a very simple form. Many souls do not want to be involved in churches, organizations, religions, or spiritual groups. They wish to serve the Spiritual realms alone. My writings are for them. Many have said they find Theosophy very difficult to understand. For those people I open another door. Many souls get great upliftment and spirituality from Theosophy. However, there are souls who do not want to be involved with that concept.

If one is truly spiritual then one can accept all thoughts on the spiritual, choosing to take what one needs. For those who are spiritual and who find it difficult to understand why there are so many different views on the spiritual, I would answer this by saying to you, “There are many different souls on the earth plane today. Each soul has its own vibration, as does the word of the spiritual. Even those who study Christianity are in the right, too. There is room on the earth plane for all views. Those souls who are searching will find the view that suits them. They should be allowed to do so.”


The Masters – Part 2

We wanted to work with the churches. We saw the movement as a wonderful door to communication, but Madam Blavatsky looked upon the churches as foolish and isolated herself from them. She was a headstrong woman, very strong and determined. The Self took command and, what we had sent her to do, she did not do. She informed people that we lived in the Himalayas, she refused to accept that she herself was a medium, and she isolated herself even further from those who were mainstream spiritual. Creating a mystique for herself, she made many enemies and she was not without a few tricks to surprise people. She became adept at magic and “manifested” items to show the level of her skill.

While this was happening we could only watch with horror as our emissary twisted our words, lied abominably about meeting us in the flesh, and wrote many words of untruth in her books. We were powerless to stop her. This incredibly gifted medium, who we had hoped would take our words to the people, became more and more a recluse, and our purpose did not come to fruition.

She wrote books, but these books were so complicated that hardly anyone could understand them. Our missive to her that she make things simple so that people could understand her fell on deaf ears. We never did get to the masses. Even today, her books are still not understood by many. What a waste of energy, and what a waste of talent.

When Madam Blavatsky died and returned to the spiritual world, she was very upset when she saw what she had done. Like all souls she had to see her whole life – and its consequences – before she could move on into her true home. She begged for a second chance, and so it was decided that she would be given that chance, to again return to the earth plane with our message. This time she insisted she would get it right but, to make sure that she did not get too “heavy” and technical again, we made sure that she found it hard to use the left side of her brain. But we also made her more intuitive than she had been before. Since her passing into the spiritual realms the society she founded, The Theosophical Society, has published thousands of books, all of them based on or containing some of her information. They did not realize that the information was wrong.