Different Subects – Continued

So I am looking forward to the future. Fifty years ago hardly anyone knew about metaphysics. Now so many people are interested in it, and I see it being a major component of the change that is to come. It has the answers, and I know that those who attend the Master of Metaphysics course we run at our Center in Seattle leave thoroughly changed and transformed. They have received the answers to life itself on so many levels. It makes common sense, and yet we have been denied this knowledge for thousands of years.

Christianity, with its fear of God and its emphasis on “sin,” has taken away the true meaning of God, that of unconditional love. God does not judge – it is not able to. It is pure love and, when there is love and understanding, one cannot judge. We are all souls on a journey. As one person said, we are a soul on a journey in a physical body, and that body is only ours for this lifetime. When we die – and we all have to die – we become only a soul again. Every soul looks alike, not exactly of course, but you will not be able to label a soul. Through our incarnations, we have all been murderers, rapist, thieves, vagabonds, free (gay) and many other titles. we have also been happy, content, generous, kind, understanding and had good lives. We come here to the earth plane to learn from life itself. We cannot do that in the next world for there it is a perfect situation where no blame, guilt, fear or any other emotion exists. There is no Self to lie to us, only the Higher Self and God, omnipresent God with its everlasting love. How do I know this? I was embraced by that energy many years ago.


Different Subjects – Continued

Why do we shy away from loving another of the same sex? I believe it is years of programming through the centuries, not just from this lifetime. In early days of our civilization, homosexuality was open and practiced in many early societies. It was not hidden, but allowed to run free reign. Then Christianity came in with the Bible and what was purported to be “God’s word.” I say purported because I have been in the presence of God, and that energy loves each one of us unconditionally, totally unconditionally. I have to laugh when I think of God saying; “No, you cannot enter Heaven because you are a homosexual; because the God I know would never discriminate. Love is love no matter how it is practiced.

All of us in our incarnations have been gay in some form or another (from now on I will use the word “free”). It is not who we are so much as a person, but the lessons we have chosen to learn. Maitreya told me that those who in the past have persecuted free people will probably choose to come back in their next incarnation as free themselves. It was not until I watched a pornographic film that I came to realize that some people who are not free behave worse sexually than those who are free! What does it matter that people who love each other are of the same sex? It is love after all and, to be honest, I have seen more love in free couples than I have in many heterosexual couples, whether they are married or not. When I think back to the way I was, I am ashamed that I acted as I did over that friend (whose name was Elizabeth). She proclaimed her love for me, and I just ran away in fear and embarrassment. I wonder how long it had taken her to speak those words and how I hurt her by doing what I did.



I have been asked many times about the subject of Theosophy. Do I support it? Am I a part of it?

The answer to that is “Yes and no.” Yes, because it is part of many belief systems in the world today, those who believe in this way of studying the spiritual. Yes, I support it because for those souls who are searching and find Theosophy, it can be for them a door opening onto a wider world.

The answer no, is also relevant. It is so, because, for those souls who do not wish to be attached to Theosophy, who find it difficult to understand the Indian words and the way of Theosophy, I offer them something different: the teachings in a very simple form. Many souls do not want to be involved in churches, organizations, religions, or spiritual groups. They wish to serve the Spiritual realms alone. My writings are for them. Many have said they find Theosophy very difficult to understand. For those people I open another door. Many souls get great upliftment and spirituality from Theosophy. However, there are souls who do not want to be involved with that concept.

If one is truly spiritual then one can accept all thoughts on the spiritual, choosing to take what one needs. For those who are spiritual and who find it difficult to understand why there are so many different views on the spiritual, I would answer this by saying to you, “There are many different souls on the earth plane today. Each soul has its own vibration, as does the word of the spiritual. Even those who study Christianity are in the right, too. There is room on the earth plane for all views. Those souls who are searching will find the view that suits them. They should be allowed to do so.”


Why? – Part 1

On many occasions during my public channelings I have been asked the purpose of my being on the earth plane at this period of earth time. “After all,” it has been asked, “there are so many teachers and channels already.” I would agree with the last statement but point out to you that there are also many souls on the earth plane.

In the writing on Truth, I wrote about everyone being an individual, about finding his or her own path. Everyone has their spiritual teacher. Some find it in Sai Baba, others in Christianity, some in the Baha’i Faith, others in other faiths or people. You have a saying on your earth plane that, when a pupil is ready, then a teacher is found. I am a teacher and my school is the world through the internet and through personal contact with my helper, Margaret. Many call me “The World Teacher,” and that is all I am. That is what I have been called in the past. In the past I have spoken through many on this earth plane, however, it is Margaret who I now work and speak through. We chose to work together many incarnations ago but she did not always listen to my words, preferring instead to follow her own Self. Only in this incarnation has she listened and followed the way of us in the spiritual realms.


Understanding Spirit

When I first began working for Spirit, my understanding of them was what I had learned in church for many years – men in long white gowns with sandals and a God sitting on a throne above them, stern looking and waiting to judge. Heaven was a place of total bliss, and of course hell was a place of torment and disharmony with fires burning everywhere and a horned beast in charge. When I left Christianity, that is what my image of the spiritual world and heaven was – of course, along with hell.

When I left Christianity I became a member of the Baha’i faith. I had a friend who was a Baha’i and she taught me about the faith. The four years I was a Baha’i changed my whole life and took away from me the fear of the world of Spirit, especially to do with heaven and hell and the devil. During that time, I let go of a lot of fear instilled into me during childhood. My grandfather was a Methodist lay minister. He lived by the Bible. A lay minister is a minister who is not paid by the church. My grandfather had a job, but weekends and any spare time he had was spent working for God, as he called it. He took it very seriously. Every time we visited him – which was usually once a month – my brother and I were sent to Sunday School as soon as we arrived at his house. After Sunday School came dinner, and then the Bible would come out with an emphasis on and damnation. It frightened the life out of my brother and me. I was such a naughty child. I would consider something inquisitive and active, but my parents and grandfather said I was naughty. I believed wholeheartedly that I was going to go to hell when I died.