General Stuff – Continued

Working for Spirit takes an incredible amount of energy. After teaching, doing a reading, a channeling, or any other spiritual work I am starving! I am not as bad as I used to be when I would chomp my way through the refrigerator and eat two pizzas at one sitting (I cannot believe I did that then), but most people have no idea how much energy is expended in doing Spirit’s work. I actually thought the energy drain after working was my imagination and a Self ploy until one of my graduate students began doing deep trance channeling work. It took her a week to recover after her session. I no longer think it is my imagination. Not only am I starving, but I can sleep 12 – 14 hours a day – and I do that most of the time.

The energy also affects my lower joints and, when I stand after doing my work – especially after sitting for some time, the energy is so strong that I liken it to channeling and bringing in 1 million volts of energy. My legs are so painful that I can hardly walk. Often on going home and getting into bed, it feels as if I have black mud at the back of my knees and I can actually feel it. Thank goodness I have a husband who is a healer, and he will give me healing in the middle of the night when it is at its worst.

There is a downside to doing the spiritual work and that is what the energy does to you, especially if, like me, you have damage to your knees over your life (“Pick your feet up” was a mantra my mother said all of my life). My injuries came from many falls I had while playing ice hockey: one too many hits on the knee with the hockey stick and puck, slamming into barriers when ice skating, and not being able to stop when I was a speed skater and falling over hurting the knee – once again.


Destiny – Continued

My second husband was very much into Maitreya and his work. He had been a member of the Theosophical Society (an early spiritual group) for many years. He knew all about the Masters whereas I did not. The Masters he knew were known as Lord and Lady before their names – Lord Maitreya, for instance, or Lady Nada. Maitreya told me that they had never sanctioned the Lord and Lady part of their names. These had come from the woman who had started the Theosophical Society, a woman named Madame Blavatsky. He told us both that he would teach us the truth about the Masters and about the true spiritual realms, and he did.

To begin with, my second husband was very supportive and, unlike my previous husband, helped me enormously. When I started to write a magazine column for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly and did a regular radio spot, he could see that whoever I was working with meant business. It was when we went to the USA for a year and nothing happened that had been predicted by an intuitive friend of mine that he began to waver. She said that I would read famous people and film stars and become famous myself, but that didn’t happen. We returned home to New Zealand and immediately got caught up in another non-happening event, the finding of two bodies in Pelorous Sound which I had said were there. But circumstances created another scenario, and I was not able to find the two bodies. It was then that I began to see him shift in a negative way.

I was asked to do a channeling to a spiritual group within the UN and we went to New York to do it. After the channeling he went home to New Zealand, and I went on to do 3 months of visiting around the US. On my return home, I was faced with him being very cold, distant, and finally telling me that he did not want to do the work with me anymore.



So much debate and energy is given to the word “selfish” or “selfishness.” I was recently asked to write about this in my blog. We are told that, if we are selfish, we are wrong and very much in the Self. Yet selfishness is a subject we really need to explore in detail. I am prompted by one of my own family members who, for many years, I felt was very selfish, indeed. He never took into account anyone else. It was always me, me, and more me! When this began I had great difficulty in coming to terms with it and even more so in that the person was a family member, a male. I struggled for years knowing that he was – as I considered – selfish, and this really disturbed me.

When Maitreya came into my life, he told me that this person was exactly where he needed to be – in his selfishness. In past lives he had lived many nomadic, spiritual lives, taking care of others, talking to people on a higher level (channeling in a way), and living a secular life of poverty and chastity. He had done his work in helping others and now was in the throes of learning about taking, not giving. In this life he had to learn to do things for himself, to learn about earning money instead of having a begging bowl and asking for alms. He had to learn how to earn and pay for food. He had to learn how to have sex with a partner for, in a past life, he had been chaste and never experienced sexual energy. There were so many things he needed to learn about the earth plane. We would say it is selfishness, but to the person concerned, it is learning about life away from the monastery or the nomadic way of life he had experienced prior to his existence in this life.

This whole conversation with my teacher completely changed not only my thinking, but my entire life! Never again did I see this family member as selfish, and I came to understand why he is selfish. It put a whole new slant on life for me. We should be spending time on ourselves and enjoying our own lives. We spend so much time trying to help other people with their lives that we cannot see what we have come to learn in our own life. Once we do see what our own lessons are – and not the lessons of others – then we can move forward with our own lives and our life path.

One Man’s Truth – Continued

So, if there is not a correct truth, what is true? It is what we see as our truth, which can be very confusing to be honest. Imagine the courtroom banter: “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” You swear to do that and you are honest about it, but it is your truth. The other party may see it as completely different. After all, it is not their truth.

I often say that we hear what we want to hear, and often we do not hear or see what others see. I remember in the beginning of my channeling with Sister (when I was conscious channeling), that Sister would channel through me to my ex-husband. I was not there – she was doing the talking – but I could hear the gist of what was being said. Although I could not hear all of it, I could hear what was important. When I came out of the channeling, my ex-husband would tell me what had been said, and it shocked me to find that he had taken the whole message out of context that he had just been given. In fact, what I had heard spoken with love through me, he had not only taken as a scolding, but he also misconstrued the message. I never told him because I was told in the beginning of my channeling work never to change what I was given. I was the messenger only; nothing more. I was to give the message; nothing more. What a person did with it was their concern.

Is anyone correct? I do not believe so, because of what has been said. However, I will try as hard as I can for the rest of my life to be honest and tell my truth! It really puts a whole new aspect on the subject of truth if one looks at it like that.


A Long Way – Final Words

During this whole blog I have not mentioned the TV shows over the last ten years, shows such as “Medium,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Ghost Hunters” (the latter made to scare people rather than interest them in the other side and what happens there after we die.) Yes, there are earth-bound spirits but they cannot harm us unless we give them our fear and let them feel it within us. “Ghost Whisperer” has just finished its run, and no more shows will be made. New shows will replace the old ones and will educate people in the ways of the spirit world and they will cover past lives and other subjects. Programs on alternative healing practices will become very popular, showing how they are done and what they are. Not many of us know what cranial sacral therapy is. Well, in the future we will all know what it is.

I have said it a number of times here that it is time for change, and change is a coming! The only reason we do not know about these things already is because we have not been educated in them, and so much fear has surrounded them. In the future we will not have that fear, and more people will be using them. It makes me laugh so much at the ads for pharmaceutical drugs these days. Yes, they can cure in some people, but they can also cause kidney damage, heart problems, stroke, etc., etc. I would love to see an ad for a Bach Flower remedy: “It will gently remove old energy from the body and safely assist you to raise your vibration.” And for a chiropractor: “Will safely and surely assist you to walk again without pain and discomfort.” Advertising such as this is what I see for the future. As for the intuitive world of mediumship and channeling: “It will enable you to communicate with those who you will meet when you die and who want to assist you to a better way of living without worry and stress.” Why do I write that? Because they have done it for me and for Alan, and now it is time for us to teach others how to do it. The Photon Energy will help us to do that.