Suffering _ Continued

I was quick to assure the person who asked about the suffering that, yes, there is suffering if you want to call it that, but I also have lots of fun in my life. Life for me is not all suffering. The so-called “suffering” is only when I have gone through a healing crisis or a raise in vibration. In the beginning they were one after another. I would have perhaps three to four a year – even more if I had past-life sessions which also helped release the old energy. In between those experiences though was a normal life. Always after an experience I would find myself becoming so much more intuitive and sensitive. I liked to think also that I was letting go of old energy which had been stopping me from moving forward and stopping me from leaving the earth plane forever and not coming back. For that is the purpose of our life, to conquer all of the energy from past-life suppression and this life also. As Alan says so often when he is going through a release; “Better out than in.”

That is it in a nutshell. How wonderful to have it out and not inside rotting away because basically that is what old energy is, rotten old energy! Once it is removed one can see and feel a lot better, and of course there is the higher rate of vibration and intuition. If that energy stays inside it can cause dis-ease which eventually becomes physical disease. It begins in the etheric body in the chakra system and if not released latches on to the physical glandular system, which then creates illness or as I said dis-ease which then becomes disease. I find it quite funny that, when I get something eating away at me, it manifests as athlete’s foot, or tinea. The itching is terrible along with the smell from the dis-ease. Once I search for the reason as to what is eating away and address it with an affirmation and clearing session, it disappears.


Healing – Continued

Once healing begins the healer or therapist then begins the removal of the energy layer by layer. I had so much fear that my energy had to be chipped away, a little like a stonemason chips away at granite or marble. Honestly, I was a septic tank of negative energy and fear. I was frightened of my own shadow! I can laugh at it now, but back then it was a major thing. It had stopped me in many incarnations from moving forward and, despite being very psychic, I could not utilize the gift because of all the old energy blocking my chakra system and the flow of higher energy into my body.

People comment today about the incredible heat emitting from my body; it is the energy of Spirit flowing through and out of me with no stopping it now. It was a different thing 20 years ago though. I was sent to two very high-vibration teachers who became friends. Being in their energy two or three times a week (and with one of them doing past life therapy with me) I began to release the layers –and there were many layers. I remember one morning waking up and feeling as if I had little men (like Tom Thumbs) inside of my solar plexus (my worst chakra) and they were chipping away with chisels. I could feel this hard rock of a huge lump in my solar plexus, and it felt as if they were having to chip away slowly to remove it. I realize now they had to do that because the physical body cannot take the energy of Spirit, and also the layers cannot come off all at once. If they did we would be dead because of the trauma which is caused by the experience of healing spiritually. We need to do it a little at a time.

There are some people, like me, who have this incredible heat coming out of their hands when they heal. When they touch you or do healing they are able to remove two or three layers, but mostly it is one layer at a time.