One Man’s Truth – Continued

It is strange how we do this. We find something we like and then spend most of our time trying to make others like it too. If they do not like it we condemn them, criticize them, or turn away from them. Maitreya has said many times that, if we took the energy we spend in doing this and used it for ourselves, how much more we could manifest for ourselves. However, we continue to try to change people and to get them to think our way.

Imagine a world where there was no derision of belief and everyone was allowed to be the way they wanted to be. We would not know to criticize, turn away etc. How much better the world would be! For centuries this has been going on, but we have not been able to see it. I truly believe that we are beginning to see it these days, and are realizing that we are doing it.

I had lunch today with two very dear friends, and we were discussing what we did to force our belief systems on another. It was quite humorous listening to each other and, of course, what we used to be like but no longer are. It is the way of the world, and we could all see that it has not changed one iota for all those centuries mentioned earlier.

My granddaughter was on Skype the other day discussing a film she wanted to see, but her friends at school had panned it. I told her to make her own decision about it, so she chose to go and see it. Afterwards, I asked her what she thought of it, and she said she loved it. I told her that she would have missed out on a good movie had she listened to her friends and from now on to make her own decision over things. Hopefully, she will do that and not go into the old way again of listening to everyone except herself!


Being True To Yourself – Continued

It was about fear: the fear of upsetting someone, the fear they may not like me. Some people in my life were very strong personalities and it was difficult (or seemed so at the time) to be honest – to take a different truth or view. It was all fear-based. Maitreya told me that I had a right to my own opinions and not to be upset when people did not like what I said. He did, however, teach me how to say the right words without a lot of anger or confrontation on my part as well as not engaging that in the other person.

As I began to speak my truth more and more, I came to a peace inside of myself. I no longer had to lie and I came to the awareness that having a lie inside of you is as bad as having something physically wrong with you. Once it was no longer there, I had such a different feeling about myself. Not only that, my health and well-being changed for the better. I became more intuitive also. It was a whole process which changed me completely. She who, only a short time ago had been afraid to speak her truth to anyone, was speaking her truth right, left, and center. Not only that, she was at peace inside of herself. I could not believe the difference inside of me and I knew it was going to be permanent. It also felt good to be able to express myself in that way. I still had those who did not like what I said to them, but I said it with love and tried to let them know it was not them, because many people took my opinion as a personal affront, especially when it related to religion or something they believed in. They were of the belief that if I did not like what they did I did not like them.



Until each soul can learn respect for others – whether it be for their belief, their partner, or the color of their skin – humanity will not have peace in the world. Respect is one of the most foremost necessities for peace on the earth plane. What does it matter that your neighbor is a Jew, Gentile, or New Age soul? That is what they choose to believe. Just because you choose to believe something different does not mean that you cannot get along with each other. If you do, you will just have respect for their differing opinions.

In spiritual development, respect is one of the most important things to learn. Humanity has a habit where each soul feels it is their duty to change a person’s thinking to their own. This is evident in Christian circles where people go and knock on people’s doors to try to convert them. You could say to me “But Master, you are doing that with this site. Your views are there for people to see,” and I say to you “Yes, but the choice is given for people to read and then either believe, or dis-believe.” No one calls you and tries to change your thinking. It is your choice.

Respect is the most important ingredient today in your lives. If you do not agree with another, do not waste energy arguing with that person. What a waste of energy! Just say to yourself, “Well, that is their choice and belief, but it is not mine” and let it be. Give it no more energy. It will aggravate you for a short while, but eventually, you will find that you will accept that person for who they are, not what they believe in. In time, their belief system will be unimportant. Learn respect and you are on your way to ascension.



I have been asked many times about the subject of Theosophy. Do I support it? Am I a part of it?

The answer to that is “Yes and no.” Yes, because it is part of many belief systems in the world today, those who believe in this way of studying the spiritual. Yes, I support it because for those souls who are searching and find Theosophy, it can be for them a door opening onto a wider world.

The answer no, is also relevant. It is so, because, for those souls who do not wish to be attached to Theosophy, who find it difficult to understand the Indian words and the way of Theosophy, I offer them something different: the teachings in a very simple form. Many souls do not want to be involved in churches, organizations, religions, or spiritual groups. They wish to serve the Spiritual realms alone. My writings are for them. Many have said they find Theosophy very difficult to understand. For those people I open another door. Many souls get great upliftment and spirituality from Theosophy. However, there are souls who do not want to be involved with that concept.

If one is truly spiritual then one can accept all thoughts on the spiritual, choosing to take what one needs. For those who are spiritual and who find it difficult to understand why there are so many different views on the spiritual, I would answer this by saying to you, “There are many different souls on the earth plane today. Each soul has its own vibration, as does the word of the spiritual. Even those who study Christianity are in the right, too. There is room on the earth plane for all views. Those souls who are searching will find the view that suits them. They should be allowed to do so.”


New Technology – Continued

Why are so many people frightened of technology, including myself? I truly believe it is many things. I told someone the other day it was about a past life where their fear came from, and they asked me how that could be. Technology was not invented in past lives! I was able to tell them that it was, because our past lives can be in the future too! I am sure I have your attention now with that statement.

Our belief system is that we live our life, die and then come back in the future. It is a wrong belief. Our past lives are like roles in a play. I call it a hologram and describe it thus: Imagine a large hall with doors all around it. Each door is a different experience of an incarnation. You choose which one you wish to experience. There is no past or future, just the door you choose to go through.

For instance if I wanted to have another incarnation in the Elizabethan times, I could do so even though in our thinking the Elizabethan times have passed in our history. It is just an experience. I can also go into what we would term the future because there is no future, only the now. For some, it is difficult to understand, and then there comes fear because we are talking “out of the box” as we say. This is something we have difficulty getting our head around. But I can choose my next incarnation in any time era, including the future. It is my choice. It becomes even more interesting when I do choose an incarnation. I can, if I wish, choose to live a life which has already been lived by someone famous. It is my choice and, even though someone has lived it, they lived it their way. I may live that life differently!