Emotions – Continued

It is not easy giving no energy to things we would normally react to. A lot of what we do is programming or conditioning and also energy left over from past lives. The first thing to do is to be aware of what one is doing. Once one begins to do that, then it is a matter of not reacting when it happens again. In my friend’s case, when it first happened she was devastated. It was a family member whom she had been extremely close to. She tried to heal the wound which had come between them, but two other parties were involved, and this person supported the other two – who were even closer to them. My friend, of course, never stopped talking about the issue, how hurt she was, how this person had treated her, etc., and at every opportunity the Self would have her crying. Her Self brought other people in to keep the subject current so that even more energy was given to it. She happened to have a career where she had clients visiting her, and her clients kept the subject current. Of course, the Self, the actress within her, loved telling her story because it evoked sympathy. Yes, the Self was on a roll.

Maitreya could see what was happening and so created a situation where she was faced with this person again, and this time the same thing happened. The Self came in, but then a part of my friend could finally see it was the other person’s problem, not hers. She was just reacting because she was very upset and felt abandoned. I pointed out to her that she was still loved by me, her clients, and the rest of her family. It was the other person’s loss that she was no longer in their life. They could not see that, but it was so. Finally, she was able to see it for herself and peace ensued.


Changing Patterns – Continued

I still have not completely let go of my habit of not wanting to release things on a material level. I am getting better – 80% better – but there are still times that I find myself going back into the old way. The more I can be aware that I am going into the old way, the more I can change it. Thankfully, the Photon Energy is doing its work, and more and more people are wanting to change within themselves. The energy of the earth plane is changing and changing rapidly. The old ways are not working anymore, and so new ways are being created.

One of these is the way we look at ourselves. Many people are not happy with the way they are, or have been, or with the way they have been doing things. I do not beat myself up about the fact that I still tend to go back occasionally into the old way. I do not punish myself or get upset, I just make a gentle reminder to be aware and, as I do, it becomes second nature to remind myself and move away from it.

The fact that we do get upset because we cannot do it right, perfect, or move away from it, is another reason to change the patterns. We should not get upset over anything. We are human. We are allowed to make mistakes. We live on the earth plane and it is a school. In school we sometimes have to repeat a class, and it is the same with the patterns we need to change. In fact, astrologically there are times in our life that we choose (before we reincarnate) to have these issues come up and to deal with them. For instance, I was supposed to open the door with my work when I was 21. I ran away from it then and then I ran away again at age 27. Once again I ran away at 30. I was 35 years old when I finally went through the door and stopped running. Oh am I glad I stopped running!


Changing Patterns – Continued

So how can we change the patterns of the past? Unless we raise our vibration, or become aware spiritually (not religiously), we may find this very hard. Of course, an astrologer can assist you here, but unless one feels the need to change, one cannot move on from the old energy of the past. In the last 30 years, millions of people have become aware from going to Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, reading books, taking classes, or just their own awakening.

I chose my awakening a short time prior to beginning to raise my vibration. I faced much fear in doing so because I had such a strong fear of change – once again the Cancer midheaven. When people talk about astrology they really do not understand that it is not just your sun sign that determines who you are, it is the whole chart and what is in that chart. Not only do I have that Cancer midheaven, but I also have my moon in Leo which makes me a very fiery individual – as my husband Alan will attest. It takes a brave person to live with me. Although over the years I have mellowed quite dramatically, every now and again I still have my fiery moments!

The first step in changing oneself is to become aware and the second is to then want to change the old patterns. This can be done with past-life therapy, affirmations, and healing on a metaphysical level with flower essences, color therapy, counseling, or other alternative practices. I found the use of crystals and gem stones helpful as well as Bach Flower Therapies for the fear I had on an emotional level. It was not just one thing but many, and it took over 30 years to achieve all of the changes I needed to make. It can be done in one lifetime – I am proof of that. However, the most important factor is the fact one needs to want to change more than anything.



Why are you afraid of silence? You live in a world filled with noise; there is very little quiet in your lives. In silence you can listen to the soul. In silence you can speak to God. This does not mean that you have to sit in silence, stiff and upright. No, it means that you need to be aware of the quiet and not be afraid of it.

When you are quiet you really do have to look at issues around you. If you are on a spiritual path it is a time for the soul to show you what needs to be looked at. It may be vanity, anger, frustration, or ego to name a few. When you are silent, you can see these in their full glory.

My channel had a friend once who would not be still. She found something to do each and every minute of every earth day. She wanted to be spiritual, yet she would not take any time for contemplation or to sit quietly and let the soul speak to her. One day she became very ill, so ill that she was forced to go to bed. She could not move for days and during this time she was in silence most of the time. In the silence her soul spoke to her. This created a healing within her that lasted for many days – more than she anticipated. She experienced anger, pain, hurt, frustration, but for her it was a cleansing, freeing her body of trapped negative energy. She cried the tears of healing. Each day now she takes thirty earth minutes to sit in silence and to listen to her soul. She knows that, if she does not, she could be forced to do so again, just like before.



I have been asked many times, “Master what can I do to become more spiritual?” and I say to the soul, “Be aware. Be aware of what you are saying to others, of how you say it. Be aware of the words coming out of your mouth. Be aware of how your Self manipulates you not to do the very thing you know will raise your vibration.”

It is not easy being on the spiritual path, for as you move forward in energy, the earth plane energy will try to draw you back into the fold that you have just left. Nobody is perfect, and moving up in vibration is not an easy task. It can be made easier though with your becoming aware of everything you do and of how you try and sabotage yourself as you grow. It can often be a case of two steps forward, one step back. As you move though, and keep on moving, you can gradually move away from the earth plane and find a peace that many have never experienced. It is worth striving for!