Why? – Continued

I have often written about my Self in this blog and the battle I had with it. As I write this blog I am beginning to realize just how much of my Higher Self was there and how it did override the Self a lot of the time when it came time to doing things – such as the travel to Palmerston North. It has been an awakening for me to find that out.

Working for the Masters is not easy because very rarely do we have enough discipline in our lives and so we have to learn how to have discipline which, of course, the Self part of us does not like. But we also have to be prepared to do things at the last minute. Often Alan and I are not told about what we are to do work-wise until the last minute. Why is this? It is because if we knew beforehand, our Self would do all it could to sabotage us. It is as simple as that!

Having trust and faith is huge. It is so hard to fight the fear because we are not used to that. For me, the 1982 recession in Australia helped greatly because often I did not know when I would buy groceries as there was a bill to pay and it was a toss-up between the bill and food. My cupboards were always bare but, at the end of the week, I always had the money for food. I would have only enough for the basic groceries, but it would be there. I might have to sell something in a garage sale, but I would always manifest the money for what we needed. I put it down to not worrying about it or where it would come from. I remember one Christmas nobody knowing about our financial situation except a neighbor and, although she swore it was not her, I believe she told a charity about us because they left a gift basket of Christmas produce on our doorstep.


Changing Patterns – Continued

So how can we change the patterns of the past? Unless we raise our vibration, or become aware spiritually (not religiously), we may find this very hard. Of course, an astrologer can assist you here, but unless one feels the need to change, one cannot move on from the old energy of the past. In the last 30 years, millions of people have become aware from going to Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, reading books, taking classes, or just their own awakening.

I chose my awakening a short time prior to beginning to raise my vibration. I faced much fear in doing so because I had such a strong fear of change – once again the Cancer midheaven. When people talk about astrology they really do not understand that it is not just your sun sign that determines who you are, it is the whole chart and what is in that chart. Not only do I have that Cancer midheaven, but I also have my moon in Leo which makes me a very fiery individual – as my husband Alan will attest. It takes a brave person to live with me. Although over the years I have mellowed quite dramatically, every now and again I still have my fiery moments!

The first step in changing oneself is to become aware and the second is to then want to change the old patterns. This can be done with past-life therapy, affirmations, and healing on a metaphysical level with flower essences, color therapy, counseling, or other alternative practices. I found the use of crystals and gem stones helpful as well as Bach Flower Therapies for the fear I had on an emotional level. It was not just one thing but many, and it took over 30 years to achieve all of the changes I needed to make. It can be done in one lifetime – I am proof of that. However, the most important factor is the fact one needs to want to change more than anything.