Going Back in Time – Continued

The reason I say “whatever love is,” is because nobody can really define love. For women it is romantic, poetic, and a fairy tale. Very few men – perhaps 80% of men – really do not “love.” Men are designed to procreate, and for them the lovey dovey of “love” is sometimes non-existent. They just need to release, and love for them is not important. What is important is the release, and many men will use women to get that release. Women, of course, love the touching, holding, kissing etc. and do not realize that often the man they are with does not feel the same. Some men will say anything to get that release.

Neither Alan nor I are under the influence of whatever love is. We have a great personal friendship – an intimate relationship – but there is also an energy between the two of us which holds us together. Alan is the most wonderful, caring man I could ever wish for. My ex-husband was a caring man, but his heart was closed off, and it was purely a business relationship with occasional personal intimacy included. Although I had a lot of past-life energy to work out with Alan, it never took away that special feeling we have together. He is the most wonderful husband – attentive, caring, affectionate, and understanding. More than anything, he understands the work I do and has joined with me in it. I have a friend, brother, and lover all rolled into one, and sometimes even someone to advise me because I do not always have Maitreya near me to talk to about things, and it helps to be able to share with someone one’s ambitions and ideas. Astrologically also we are destined to be together. I believe Spirit saved the best until last, but a friend of mine said it is because Margaret has grown up and does not waste energy any more on mundane emotional issues. Whatever it is it works, and I know deep within myself that there is no other husband or other man for me in my life.