Thanksgiving and Other Things – Continued

I cannot tell you how stupid I felt after realizing this situation of people moving on and myself still fuming inside. One of the issues I had was with my boyfriend when I was 21. After 5 years of courtship, he left me with my unborn daughter and would not marry me. I was so angry over it for the next 25 years that it was virtually eating away at me with terrible tinea (athlete’s foot) in my toes for years. Once I let go of the anger and the frustration, then I was shown a past life which showed me that all that had happened was meant to be and that it was nobody’s fault. For 25 years I had sat on that issue, not able to let go of it, brooding over it every now and again, sometimes on a monthly basis. What a waste of energy!

When I thought of what I could do with that energy, I could have done so much with it – manifested money, a job, a better life – but I did not. I hung on to the memories, the pain and, of course, the emotions. It evoked sympathy and sadness in the people to whom I told the story. It fed my emotional body and ate away at my soul. Now I only get tinea every once in a while. Now I go within and try to find out what is causing it, what is eating away at me. I am usually successful in doing so and then in letting it go. Now I am very blessed to have the Thanksgiving because I can forgive and bless all those in my life who have taught me through their mirroring, but also those whom I have a bee in my bonnet about. But what about the rest of the world? What do they do without a special day to say thanks?


Speak Your Truth 2

Today Margaret talks about her experiences when getting sub-standard services and why she regrets it when she doesn’t speak her truth.


Suffering – Continued

I consider myself so lucky to have the awareness I do because, as soon as my toe (and it is always the little toe on the left foot, never on the right foot) begins to itch, I know I need to address something. When I meditate on it, I always have the answer. I wonder how people cope who do not have the knowledge I do?

I once met someone who had chronic athlete’s foot/tinea who had tried everything in the medicine/herbal line to treat it, but without success. I told him what it was metaphysically and he listened. He said the affirmation I gave him and, within five weeks, for the first time in over 15 years, he was free of this problem. He could not thank me enough, but it was only something eating away at him (which I could actually see in his energy). And once it was dealt with, the energy dissipated and disappeared.

Suffering is part of life, and until we can understand metaphysics, we really cannot deal with the suffering. Once we do though, we can allow the energy to come to the surface and dissipate – to be no more. Over the years I have spoken to so many people with “disease” who have had medical tests – even operations – to find the cause of their health problems only to be told that nothing could be found. The people have been normal people, your average Joe and Jenny in the street – not mentally ill or with big imaginations, just normal people who have health problems nobody can find an answer for. If you have Neptune in the sixth house of your natal astrological chart, you are probably one of those people. I often find this planet in the charts of people who have this illusionary illness. They are often so relieved that someone believes in them and can find out what is wrong.