Christmas 2 – Continued

The world is the way it is also because of past-life energy. In his astrological natal chart Alan has Chiron, the wounded healer (representing his deepest wounds), in the 3rd house of communications and brothers and sisters. There are deep wounds there for him both from this life and from past lives. Only when we can learn to let go of the emotions and the hurts inside of us can we move on and find peace in our lives from these kinds of happenings. One of his sisters speaks to him, the other does not – nor does she want to. It is so sad this is happening, but again, welcome to the energy of past lives.

There is a bigger lesson here though, and he has to thank both of his sisters for helping him to learn the lesson this is bringing, for it has to do with emotional detachment. It is teaching him to let go of all emotional attachment to his family – and especially to his sisters. It is something we are all here to learn in this incarnation, to let go of the emotional body and to move on. That does not mean we need to be frigid, cool, or uncompassionate, but just to let go of attachment to people, places and things.

It has been one of the hardest things for me to learn in this lifetime because I did have an attachment to people, places and things. Over the years though, the Universe in its wisdom has taken away that attachment leaving me with love, commitment, understanding, and a feeling of peace within without being emotionally attached. There is a difference between the above and being attached emotionally – a big difference. We cannot go through these experiences unless we have people to help us do this, but often we take it so seriously that we cannot see the purpose behind the actions.


General Stuff 3 – Continued

I am a little faster than most people in recognizing when the Self is present. However, even now, after all these years with Maitreya, when I am tired I fall by the wayside and the Self has a field day. When Maitreya asked me to create a website for him, I was very lucky to be married to a man whose computer knowledge was quite extensive. The website was begun in 1997, and we used a gift of money we were given to start it. As we needed website fees in the beginning, a question from a viewer would come in to be answered and they would pay the account. The same happened for all other needs we required. We always tried to keep the cost down, but the amount of work that goes into answering a question is quite extensive and even more so these days.

The Masters know every soul on the earth plane. This is evident on the radio when I answer questions and people are shocked to find that I know things about them they do not even know themselves! They lead me to the astrological chart to find out about the person, and it never ceases to amaze me how accurate it can be if you have the right time of birth. If you do not, Maitreya can help me find it. With a quick scan of your chart, I know all about you. However, that “quick scan” can take up to 30 minutes. Then I meditate and connect with Maitreya to get further information, and he usually confirms what I get. Sometimes a $30 reading can take nearly an hour to get the answer. I often do not feel I get paid enough for that work, but I have always wanted to keep costs down for those who do have difficulty finding the money for a reading.


Advice and Guidance

I often receive email from readers of my blog or our radio show who feel they have the answers to the issues I experience, especially anything to do with my health. From the very beginning, my teacher, Maitreya, told me I would be taken care of with regard to my health and not to worry about it. He also informed me that I have a doctor who is looking after me from the world of Spirit and that energy would let me know if I need to see a doctor. I have nothing in my astrological natal (birth) chart in my house of health, or of work and service and I must state that, for most of my life, I have been very well and healthy. Apart from having my children, a small operation on a cyst many years ago, and a tonsillitis operation when I was eight years of age, that is the sum total of health issues I have experienced.

My grandson has a lot of health issues to deal with: visits to the hospital, leg casts every few months, and recently this year a big problem with his teeth – all because he does have issues in his house of health and healing. My granddaughter in the same family also has issues planetary wise in her sixth house of health and healing. Over the years I have come to be aware of when those in the world of Spirit require me to listen to them. Recently, a week before we left on our trip to Curacao, I had a small health problem and went into my astrology program to find out what was happening. Maitreya led me to this program in 1997, and since then it has been a valuable help to me when I have had health issues; most of them being stress or exhaustion related.


Changing Patterns

Because of my astrological Cancer midheaven, I find it very difficult to change the way I do things. Whether it is a private or work issue, change is not something which comes easy to me. I often wish I could be like a Buddhist monk – able to travel anywhere with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back and a begging bowl, but I know that within a few weeks of traveling I would have a coat, perhaps a horse or mule, and a bag on my back with food and personal items in it. It is so hard to change one’s patterning after years of programming.

I remember leaving Australia and saying to myself that I would not have possessions again like I did in Australia. However, not only do I still have possessions in storage in Australia, I have more here in the USA than I have there! I can actually laugh at the situation because I have nobody to blame but myself. I just thank God that I am not a hoarder like those people on the TV shows in the USA, people who are buried alive basically in their homes by the stuff they collect, most of which is never used.

There are those who know me who would say that I am not like the way I am describing myself, but I do consider myself difficult when it comes to letting go. Many years ago my teacher, Maitreya, told me that a cluttered house stops the flow of energy. It tells the Universe that you have enough and actually have more than enough – so much so the Universe does not bring you anything new; one is in stagnant energy. I was horrified at this thought. At the time I was in a stagnant period in my life and felt it was because my house was filled with things that I no longer needed but could not let go of.


Destiny – Continued

Why do people not fulfill their destiny even though they do not need a partner? One simple reason: the Self! Fear, doubt, and other emotions can stop a person in their tracks. The earth plane is a minefield. If you do not know where you are going, you get blown up! If you have a natal chart it can help you maneuver through the minefield so it is not so hard. When a person tells me it is their destiny to do something, I often ask them if they are prepared to walk through the minefield to get there, because that is often what happens if one does not have a map.

My destiny is to channel Maitreya and to bring new teachings to the earth plane. In the minefield were two husbands who could not stay the distance, people who told me I was not channeling Maitreya, other people who put obstacles in my way, as well as obstacles my Self put there – heaps of fear and confidence issues in my journey, just to name a few of them. I was lucky in the fact that I put no astrological oppositions in my destiny, my natal chart. Had I done so I would never have made it – I know that.

Oppositions are astrological aspects that really make it hard to do what one has to do in pursuing their destiny. I have a good natal chart. As such – although it has not been easy – it has not been extremely hard. Each step along the way has been a learning experience that has taken me on to the next lesson. All I needed to make the journey was provided; I just needed to believe it. Here lies the first lesson: I had no idea about what I could do. Once I conquered that aspect, I was then able to maneuver through the minefield with a lot more ease.