How We Communicate With You – Continued


There are many who believe that it is imperative to meditate, that true communication with spiritual realms can only take place when this is happening. Many souls can meditate and enjoy doing so. For them it is the highlight of their day to sit and communicate with us. For others it becomes a struggle and a frustration, and this should not be.

You cannot, however, communicate with us while you are worried and anxious or racing around doing a hundred and one things. That will definitely not work. We need you to be relatively still, doing gardening, housework, menial, or necessary work. You need to be occupied. Even reading a book can enable us to communicate.

Tell us that you wish to communicate. You can call upon us as God, Divine Soul, Masters – whatever you wish to call us and that you feel comfortable with. For many years of earth time Margaret, my channel, would call out when she was occupied, “Hey you upstairs!” It did not bother us for we knew then that she was ready to receive our information. She received many, many communications when she was doing her ironing.