Time for Change – Continued

 This new age is bringing the teaching of communication with spiritual realms, astrology, time and space, channeling, and many other subjects. Once humankind has the knowledge of these matters, then they will be able to free themselves of all ties to other sources of information. They will have direct communication with the Higher Self and with the Creator. When one shows allegiance to any particular group, then one becomes a slave to that source, believing that belief, and not finding answers for oneself.

In the future, all humankind will, if they wish, be able to find their own answers and to become their own masters. Only then, can humankind break away from bondage and war, and there will be peace upon the earth plane. When humankind no longer follows like sheep and follows their own thoughts and divine inspiration, truly then will they be divine. Truly, then, those of the spiritual realms will speak through them and to them individually.