Changing Patterns – Continued

So how can we change the patterns of the past? Unless we raise our vibration, or become aware spiritually (not religiously), we may find this very hard. Of course, an astrologer can assist you here, but unless one feels the need to change, one cannot move on from the old energy of the past. In the last 30 years, millions of people have become aware from going to Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, reading books, taking classes, or just their own awakening.

I chose my awakening a short time prior to beginning to raise my vibration. I faced much fear in doing so because I had such a strong fear of change – once again the Cancer midheaven. When people talk about astrology they really do not understand that it is not just your sun sign that determines who you are, it is the whole chart and what is in that chart. Not only do I have that Cancer midheaven, but I also have my moon in Leo which makes me a very fiery individual – as my husband Alan will attest. It takes a brave person to live with me. Although over the years I have mellowed quite dramatically, every now and again I still have my fiery moments!

The first step in changing oneself is to become aware and the second is to then want to change the old patterns. This can be done with past-life therapy, affirmations, and healing on a metaphysical level with flower essences, color therapy, counseling, or other alternative practices. I found the use of crystals and gem stones helpful as well as Bach Flower Therapies for the fear I had on an emotional level. It was not just one thing but many, and it took over 30 years to achieve all of the changes I needed to make. It can be done in one lifetime – I am proof of that. However, the most important factor is the fact one needs to want to change more than anything.


A Long Way – Continued

It is time for things to change on the earth plane, and I truly believe it is time for that change now – hence the shops, magazines, and centers closing down. For many people the last 30 years have been years of opening up to the alternative practices known as “metaphysics.” Some people have given away their faith, others have regained it. We are in a process of change, and nothing can stop it. Everyone of us is intuitive. We have, as Maitreya said, just “forgotten to rub the lamp,” and many of us do not even know we have one.

I am aware that many of the so-called metaphysical books written in the last 30 years have been inaccurate because I know about the world of Spirit. I visit it often – more times than anyone, I believe – and it is nothing like it has been pictured by many. But if it turns people toward their intuition and healing energy, it is great. I believe that eventually people will see the truth – whatever their truth is – as Maitreya has said, but we are moving forward, and it is time for a new guard. Many people believed that, if they took one flower essence or bought a crystal, it would heal them. It was the same with a lot of so-called “new age” products. Courses were held in all sorts of strangely named healing modalities, but many of those courses are not around today. Why is this? Because only the true ones stay around; it is as simple as that. Many of them were great courses, but putting them into practice was very hard for many of those who studied them. There were promises of huge incomes because of taking the courses, yet I have found very few people who have made money from metaphysical subjects. I was lucky that I did, and I created teaching centers with what I earned and was given to me. I traveled and took the energy of Maitreya around the world, opening the door for him wider and wider. Hopefully I will still do it in the future, but the times they are a changing, and it is high time for change!