It amuses us in our world in the fact that many of you carry talismans with you in your daily life. Although through history there has been a strong belief in these items, they really do not provide any protection or bring one luck. However, if one believes they do so, then it shall become. For centuries of earth time humanity has carried or worn crosses, talismans, amulets, and other kinds of protection for all sorts of things, including to bring one luck. These items are created by fear of others or from conditioning from parents, family, friends, or even the church. You are the creator of your own reality, and you can have protection and the ability to manifest if you just believe it will happen. For some this will take a long time because their deep, subconscious beliefs have not yet been cleared away. Thus, even if they believe and affirm, it may take time to happen. Others will find it happening very quickly because they have cleared away their fears and subconscious negative beliefs. Whether it is made of wood, metal, or other materials, a talisman will make no difference. Only you can be the creator of your own luck or protection.

So much money is spent on talismans when, in fact, just saying what you want to happen and having belief will start the creative process. Do you wear a talisman, amulet, or other item to protect you or enable you to have luck? If your answer is “Yes,” then take it off and watch how the fear manifests within you once that item is no more. You do not need to protect yourself. You are always protected unless you believe differently. There is no evil to be frightened of, only what you believe and create. Let go of your fear and your doubt in yourself and open the door to a new beginning in your life where just your affirmation will be the magnet for all that you need.


Once Again!

The title I would have liked to give to this blog was “The Photon Energy – Once Again,” but it was just too long for me. But this is about the Photon Energy once again. Someone wrote to me this week and asked a question about anger: “Do you think there is more anger in people than a few years ago?” I wrote back and informed her, “Yes, I do think so.” I am having a problem myself in not getting angry these days. Maitreya has taught me to detach emotionally from anything when I feel angry and to look within to find out where it comes from. Then I say an affirmation to dissipate it. I am so lucky in that I can do this because so many people cannot. Nor can they find the answers to why, how, what, and who!

All around me I am watching the hours in people’s lives becoming less and less; the days race by. I cannot believe – and neither can some friends of mine who are 30 years younger – how the months are passing by. It is August as I write this, and since January the year has passed so quickly. Where have the months gone? Everyone is asking the same question “Why?” All I can say to them is that it is the Photon Energy. It is bringing a lot of fear, anger and other emotions to the surface. It is affecting the Self energy of an enormous number of people, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I feel privileged to have had the knowledge of this since 1998 and to have received the answers in 1999 – ironically the year I did the UN talk in New York. Yet still, nobody wants to know about it and nobody wants to talk about it. Recently I was a receiver of the energy also. I have never had problems with my health in any way, but over the last six months I have had soreness over my crown chakra and a headache with it. My third eye (in the middle of the forehead) has also been sore.


Suffering – Continued

I consider myself so lucky to have the awareness I do because, as soon as my toe (and it is always the little toe on the left foot, never on the right foot) begins to itch, I know I need to address something. When I meditate on it, I always have the answer. I wonder how people cope who do not have the knowledge I do?

I once met someone who had chronic athlete’s foot/tinea who had tried everything in the medicine/herbal line to treat it, but without success. I told him what it was metaphysically and he listened. He said the affirmation I gave him and, within five weeks, for the first time in over 15 years, he was free of this problem. He could not thank me enough, but it was only something eating away at him (which I could actually see in his energy). And once it was dealt with, the energy dissipated and disappeared.

Suffering is part of life, and until we can understand metaphysics, we really cannot deal with the suffering. Once we do though, we can allow the energy to come to the surface and dissipate – to be no more. Over the years I have spoken to so many people with “disease” who have had medical tests – even operations – to find the cause of their health problems only to be told that nothing could be found. The people have been normal people, your average Joe and Jenny in the street – not mentally ill or with big imaginations, just normal people who have health problems nobody can find an answer for. If you have Neptune in the sixth house of your natal astrological chart, you are probably one of those people. I often find this planet in the charts of people who have this illusionary illness. They are often so relieved that someone believes in them and can find out what is wrong.


Suffering _ Continued

I was quick to assure the person who asked about the suffering that, yes, there is suffering if you want to call it that, but I also have lots of fun in my life. Life for me is not all suffering. The so-called “suffering” is only when I have gone through a healing crisis or a raise in vibration. In the beginning they were one after another. I would have perhaps three to four a year – even more if I had past-life sessions which also helped release the old energy. In between those experiences though was a normal life. Always after an experience I would find myself becoming so much more intuitive and sensitive. I liked to think also that I was letting go of old energy which had been stopping me from moving forward and stopping me from leaving the earth plane forever and not coming back. For that is the purpose of our life, to conquer all of the energy from past-life suppression and this life also. As Alan says so often when he is going through a release; “Better out than in.”

That is it in a nutshell. How wonderful to have it out and not inside rotting away because basically that is what old energy is, rotten old energy! Once it is removed one can see and feel a lot better, and of course there is the higher rate of vibration and intuition. If that energy stays inside it can cause dis-ease which eventually becomes physical disease. It begins in the etheric body in the chakra system and if not released latches on to the physical glandular system, which then creates illness or as I said dis-ease which then becomes disease. I find it quite funny that, when I get something eating away at me, it manifests as athlete’s foot, or tinea. The itching is terrible along with the smell from the dis-ease. Once I search for the reason as to what is eating away and address it with an affirmation and clearing session, it disappears.


Judgment and Criticism – Continued

At a time like that none of us ever thinks to say, “Well I screwed up. So what? Try again next time.” We are so used to getting angry and being upset. I have been getting angry and upset for over 60 years of my life so far and, to be honest, although Maitreya (my spiritual teacher) has helped me to let go of a lot of things from the past – especially fear – the critical side of me is still there, and I still find myself being critical and judgmental (mainly of myself these days rather than others). Reading what I just wrote, I have decided. “No more.”

I am going to become aware of when I am critical and judgmental and not make a big deal out of it. People do make mistakes; it is a part of our life’s learning. We cannot learn and grow if we do not make mistakes, and I have to acknowledge and accept this instead of beating myself up about it. I am also going to try to stop saying “I am sorry” for things I have no control over and which I am not responsible for. That is going to be a hard one because it not only comes from this lifetime (and mostly comments by my father in this life), but also brings up past-life energy where I did the same.

However, I am sure that if I create an affirmation for myself (and I am good at doing that), I can change the energy and move forward out of that energy. It is just a matter of awareness and applying the affirmation at the time. The things we do are connected to the past, either this life or a past life. Until we can change that energy – and that is all it is, energy – we stay trapped in the same way of doing things, sometimes for hundreds of incarnations.