General Stuff 2 – Continued

I once read a book entitled Dark Robes, Dark Brothers, a book channeled from a spiritual master known as Hilarion. In this book, Hilarion teaches how the Masters in the light actually use the dark side (or those who are not of the light) to test and prepare souls like me for Mastery, or enlightenment. It is a book not readily known, but a very interesting book for those seeking enlightenment and a higher vibration. Just as in the previous chapter where I wrote about the Self penetrating the soul memory, well, it is the fear the dark side consciousness creates that causes this to happen. I cannot tell you what a blessing that book was to me. It is only a small, thin book but, as in all of the books the Masters have written through their channels, it is plain and simple. But it helped me enormously on my travels to becoming enlightened.

Maitreya once told me that life is a game. He told Alan the same thing, and it is a game – a game between the dark and light – and the majority of the time the dark side wins. Why? Because we allow fear into our energy. I have an expression for the fear. I call it the creeping crud! Unless we can learn not to react to it, learn to face it and not to run away from it, it will rule our lives and stop us from having happiness, abundance and faith. I know I gave so many years to my own fear, and many incarnations before that also. The interesting thing is that fear can be transferred from family to family, person to person, and I will give examples of that in the next chapter.

As I am writing this blog, I have no idea what I am writing. My fingers are moving over the keys, but I have no prior awareness of what I am writing. Someone is writing this for me, and I thank them for their help, because it is not me!



Recently my channel was asked about the subject of gambling. The question was, “Did she not feel it is wrong because the money she wins is the money from people losing?” This is an interesting question because there is no right or wrong. Everything is there for a learning experience. There are those who are learning either through their addictions or their loss at a casino. It is their life lesson to do this. Perhaps they were a gambler in a past life and need to let go of an addiction. In this incarnation, they choose to go through the experience of gambling to enable them to let go of it.

There is no “loss” because the money they lose enables them to let go of their problem. As such, it becomes a bonus! My channel has let go of all of her fears and insecurities and thus not only believes in abundance and manifests it, she finds it very easy to win it. This is our bonus to her for her hard work and dedication to our work. There is one more thing also. While she is spending time at the casino, she is able to completely switch-off from her metaphysical work. She has such a high vibration that she finds it very hard to switch-off from communication with us. At the casino, her concentration on the machines enables her to close-down from us and our communications for a short period of earth time, hence giving her respite from us. The higher in vibration one goes, the harder it is to switch-off from us. One literally has one foot in your world and one foot in ours. Everything is perfect and as it should be. There is no right or wrong – just karma and life in action.


Destiny – Final Words

So, what is your life plan, or your destiny, or your fate? Whichever way you look at it, we are all here for a reason, but we all chose different reasons before we reincarnated. Astrologically, each star sign has a purpose. For instance, Librans (like Alan and me) are here to learn to let go of the fear of making decisions and also to find balance in our lives. Taurus energies are learning about being frugal and yet allowing the flow of abundance to take effect – once again a form of balance. Each star sign has its purpose in learning. Whatever your sun sign or birth sign is, it represents your destiny, fate, or ultimate life purpose. We then choose in what area of our lives we will learn that lesson. That is where we need an astrological natal (birth) chart to help us find where that is.

The earth plane is riddled with fear, and there is so much fear all around us – including fear of ourselves. I have often met people through my work who are actually frightened of success! Fear is the one thing I have found to be at the top of the tree when it comes to the reason for unfulfilled destiny/fate/life purpose. I am in awe at how I faced so much of my own fear. I just cannot believe I have done it. Hopefully, very soon I will be able to help many people leave their fear behind as I move forward in my career. I do not want to come back again. Ironically, as a child I used to tell everyone I met that I was not coming back again to the earth plane. Let’s hope I can fulfill that prophecy!

With the help of an astrologer and a personal reading, one can find the keys to abundance, happiness, fulfillment, and many more positive truths. It is up to us to become aware and then spend the time to find out who we are and what we are here to do. Most of all though, we must work through the minefield of issues which hold us back, and astrology can help us to do so. It certainly was what enabled me to walk through the minefield even on some rocky days.


There is so much worry on the earth plane today – worry over money, relationships, life in general. It has become a major issue in the life of many. You can say to me, “But Master, you do not live on the earth plane and have the problems that we encounter.” No, we do not, that is true. However, we also know that every time you worry about anything, you stop the flow not only for yourself but for others, for worry is a negative thought.

When you worry, you set off a negative energy pattern. What is worse is that you do not realize when you worry about another – about their welfare – that you also stop the flow of energy for them. Yes, you do! You create a block which, if not removed, can stop another person from experiencing their life lessons. If a person that you know – say your son, daughter, friend, or whoever it may be – has good karma and is on the earth plane to experience wonderful things in life, you can actually stop that from happening by worrying about them. Think about that. Think of the times each day you worry about other people. Even worse is that all that energy spent on worrying about others takes energy away from yourself. You not only can stop others from using their energy, but you also stop your own flow.

Every soul is meant to have abundance in their life, yet so many of you stop the flow of that abundance on all levels by worrying about things which often never happen. It is difficult to stop worrying. It takes discipline to stop the flow of negative thought, but it can be done. It can be done by affirmation and it can be done by being aware of your thought patterns. Each day as you realize that you do worry, are worrying, say to yourself: “I am stopping the flow either for myself, or for the person I am worrying about.” Then watch the situation change. You will be quite amazed!


How Can I Serve Humanity? – Continued

Your Self will destroy you if it can, for it does not want to leave the comfort zone. Your Higher Self only wishes to educate you and to take you to a higher vibration. Once you can do this, then you can serve humanity. The Self will do everything it can to stop you. It will bring out all the fear, doubt, disbelief – and this will stop you in your tracks. However, if you fight the fear, have no doubt, and believe in a higher source of energy, then your life will change. It will change so much that you will bring all that you desire into your life.

There is nothing wrong in having abundance in your life, in having money and success. It is what you do with it that is important. If it is used to help humanity on its path, then it is truly being used for good. How can you serve humanity if you are poor? Yes, I can see your Selves finding an answer for this question, yet, without funds or material assets one can be limited and frustrated if one wishes to help in certain ways. You limit yourselves in so many ways. However, once you believe that abundance is yours and it can be used to help others, then it will surely come into your life.

Often there can be past-life residue from a convent, monastery or a poverty-type existence that is behind the lack in this life. If you have poverty consciousness and wonder where this comes from, then find out the answer through past-life regression and remove it from your energy. Then you can use the abundance to assist humanity.