Jean Luo

Jean has a Ph.D. in pharmacology, but her passion is to assist souls who are searching for answers and who are asking for help to make a better and happier life. She is a graduate student of Margaret McElroy. She is certified as a Past Life Regression Healer, Aura-Soma Level III Practitioner, Emotion Code Healing Practitioner, Color Reading and Healing Practitioner, and a Tarot Reader. Jean conducts her spiritual guidance utilizing astrology, color healing, emotion code healing and past life regression to help people release their blocked energy and to assist them to move on with their life with better understanding.

Services available from Jean Luo:

Healing Request – USD $30/request

A healing request is to send the healing energy from Maitreya channeled through Jean to assist you to work on yourself on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. If you have deep subconscious blocks, the healing has to break through many layers before any difference may be felt. It can take some time for you to begin to feel the energy working within you depending on what level of consciousness you are at. BUT, the healing will be taking place.

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In-depth Astrological Reading - USD $150/reading

This reading can be done by telephone, Skype, or in person in Delhi, India. Readings are approximately 60 minutes in length and are fully recorded for you. The recording is then e-mailed to you after the reading via your email address.

After the reading, you can ask three additional questions within 3 months.

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Astrology Report w/ 3 Questions - USD $125/reading

This astrology report is a very detailed look at your soul path in this incarnation. It was created based on Maitreya’s instruction to assist you with your soul growth and enable you to find out about your life plan. The report consists of astrological information based on your time of birth. However, if you do not have that, Jean can work out the time of your birth with her Master Teacher in Spirit. The report also looks into the next year for you — what energies are going to be around you and what it is possible for you to achieve.

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Personal Questions Reading

This intuitive reading consists of either one or three questions, answered by Maitreya and channeled through Jean.

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Aura Photo Reading - USD $15/photo

Your aura is the field of energy that surrounds and encompasses your body. An Aura photograph, taken by a specialized camera, measures your energetic and auric qualities and exposes them on a single sheet of instant photographic film. The photograph maps your energy vibration which is then analyzed and translated into the color vibration that corresponds to your unique energy levels. Each frequency or vibration matches various colors in the color frequency spectrum. Each color is a particular aspect of your makeup and has a specific meaning for each person which is determined by your state of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The meaning of the colors in the Aura are read based on the moment that the aura photo is taken.

Having your aura picture taken is fun! It can be used as a tool to see if you are experiencing health issues, emotional or other issues, and whether you have gifts and talents which will be of great benefit for you and your life but which you may not be aware of.

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Aura Soma Color Consultation - USD $100/session

Do you know your soul essence, your gifts, potentials and the challenges in your life? The language of color connects with the deepest part of your inner self or Soul. A consultation consists of choosing four Equilibrium bottles that you are attracted to at first sight. Bottles can only be chosen once in each reading. Based on the four bottles you have chosen, I will interpret what they reflect about you, and will make recommendations for what Pomander or Quintessence bottles you should use for healing in order to bring balance back to your body, mind, and spirit.

The consultation can be done in person or online via Skype. If you choose to do it via Skype, you can make an appointment with us through our website and choose the four bottles from those listed on our website (there are 108 bottles in the Aura Soma Care System). The consultation will then be done online via Skype.

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Color Reading & Healing - USD $100/session

Do you know your gifts and talents? Do you know that you are an Aladdin’s Lamp meant to shine and glow? Are you aware that it is your subconscious fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and other negative emotional blocks, conditioning and programming that keep you from manifesting a better and a happier life? If you are not aware of what is going on within you, how can you make positive changes and move forward? How can you bring your gifts and talents out into your life to assist you to fulfill your hopes and dreams?

A color reading will help you to understand your subconscious blocks and show your true talents, gifts, and potentials. The principle of a color reading is that you are the color you choose. In the reading, you will choose two cards which will represent your conscious and subconscious mind at the time of your reading. Through the colors you chose, I will give you valuable insight, information, and guidance about you and your life. I will also provide you with self-healing modalities to assist you to clear the energy blocks on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so that you can start to make change positively and create a wonderful and promising future for your life. This service can be done in person, by phone or by online via Skype.

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Past Life Regression - USD $160/session

Believe it or not, 85% of our current life is lived in past life energy. For example, you just meet someone and do not even speak to them, but somehow you have a feeling towards them, either positive or negative, as if you knew them long time ago. Furthermore, your habits, likes, and dislikes – even some diseases – are tied mainly to your past life energies. You do not have to believe in past lives. Nonetheless, the past-life energies have stayed in your subconscious mind for a very long time. They are a very dominant and powerful force that controls your current life even without your knowing it. These unreleased energies often manifest in your being as physical pain/disease, and as mental and emotional issues.

Past-life regression is one of the most powerful healing methods available. It will assist you to get in touch with the true cause of the problems and issues in your life caused by unreleased old energy and bring them into your consciousness so that you are able to clear them from your being and restore well-being in your body, mind and spirit. As a result, you are able to create a better and happy life. Past-life regression can be done via Skype or in person in Delhi. Sessions are typically 2 hours long.

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Emotion Code Healing - USD $80/hour

Do you ever feel that you are struggling with something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Do you ever feel that you are trapped in emotions such as fear, depression, grief, anger, resentment, guilt, deep sadness, bitterness, abandonment, betrayal, low self-esteem, etc.? Do you sense that you have emotional issues, but do not know how to get past them? Emotion Code™ Healing is the answer to this. It is the best, fastest, and most effective way to get rid of your emotional baggage for good.

Emotion Code™ Healing offers a simple and relatively quick way of finding the trapped emotions buried in your subconscious and bringing them into your consciousness through talking to your body. I use a high-powered magnet to clear the trapped emotions which restores your body’s natural flow of life-force energy. This healing modality will assist you to become the happy, healthy successful person you really are!

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Spiritual Guidance - USD $80/hour

Jean is a channel for Spirit. When she is providing guidance for her clients, she allows the intuitive information to flow through her from Spirit so that she can help her clients to pinpoint emotional blocks by exploring their feelings and thoughts about themselves, and provide them with guidance for upliftment, encouragement and consolation. This service can be done in-person, over the phone, or via Skype.

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Tarot Reading - USD $100/session

If you need spiritual guidance or need to know what is going on in your life, an intuitive reading with Tarot cards can help you. Whenever I do a Tarot reading, I always follow Spirit’s guidance to give you the messages from your guardian or guides. The reading will be for uplifting, encouraging and consoling.

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Solar Return Reading - USD $100/session

The Solar Return reading is based on a Solar Return chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday but at a different time each year. The chart is calculated for the time of the Sun’s return for a given year and marks the principal events for that year from birthday to birthday. The Solar Return chart depends on where you are physically located at the time of your Solar Return. Thus, some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you can analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return reading, choosing among different locations where you might want to spend your birthday.

The Solar Return reading is based on the astrological configuration of your Solar Return chart. On a spiritual level it helps you to be aware of the lessons, issues, challenges, and opportunities the universe brings to you in the coming Solar year. My purpose is to assist you as a spiritual being to move forward to higher consciousness and to improve your life through understanding the energies around you in the coming Solar year. This service can be done in person, by phone or via Skype.

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Saturn & Pluto Report - USD $30/report

Saturn is the lord of karma, the teacher and discipliner in your life. The location of Saturn in your natal chart is where you are facing your deepest fear and where you can expect to learn your hardest lesson in life. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. The location of Pluto is in your natal chart is the area where you are going to go through radical change and transformation in your life.

Find Saturn and Pluto in your natal chart now and you will have a better understanding about your life and are able to evolve to higher consciousness as a soul.

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Chiron Report - USD $30/report

Do you know why you have communication difficulties? Why you do not feel good enough? Why you always have fear or are insecure? Why you keep looking for your ideal partner but seem never find one? Find Chiron in your astrological natal chart and you will be able to find the answer. The location of Chiron in your natal chart is where you will find your deepest wound on the emotional and psychological levels. Understanding your Chiron will enable you to understand yourself on a deep level so that you can change and begin to heal yourself. A Chiron reading or report will assist you in this matter.

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Childrens' Color Reading & Healing - USD $100/session

Children are highly in tune with colors due to their active and creative imaginations. A Color Reading and Healing is one of the best healing modalities to assist children not only to connect to their inner talents and gifts and to bring the best quality into their life, but also to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

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