India Tour

Margaret McElroy and Maitreya are returning to India from June to November of 2013. During their stay in India, they will be staying in Delhi, and will travel anywhere for pre-arranged group events. Margaret and Maitreya will offer one-on-one readings as well as various courses and seminars. If you wish to organize an event for Margaret and Maitreya, please contact Ratna Colluru or Jean Luo at

- Consultations with Maitreya – Find out your life purpose, your gifts and talents, and discover what you came here to learn. In this focused one-hour consultation, Maitreya will concentrate on your present life. During this transformative engagement, He will focus on the talents, challenges and lessons you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. Maitreya’s knowledge of your soul will bring clarity to issues you are facing in this incarnation. Consultations are available in One Hour and Two Hour options.

- Introduction to Metaphysics – This is a day not to be missed!! This workshop is a whole day where you will be enveloped in the energy of metaphysics and the energy of Maitreya. This will be a full day workshop to introduce you to the wonderful world of metaphysics. Subjects such as astrology, Self and higher Self, healing, channeling, crystals, flower essences, higher states of consciousness, and raising one’s vibration all will be covered in this one day event. Find out more about this workshop here.

- Maitreya Channeling – A wonderful session of channeling from Master teacher, Maitreya. This special event is a must for anyone interested in, or studying metaphysics.  Maitreya will speak on a topic specific to the audience, and then he will answer general questions. Find out more about Maitreya’s Channeling Event here.

- Mediumship Course – This course is held every Sunday afternoon for 10 weeks. During this course, you will learn to be a medium and channel for Spirit. You will practice using the energy flowing through you to bring forth intuitive insights and information. If you have ever wanted to work as a psychic, medium or channel, then this is the course for you! Find out more about the Mediumship Course here.

- Masters Course – (for past students) For 6 days, you will be transformed in the energy of Maitreya. There will be 1-2 meditations each day, and an optional tour of the beautiful sites of Northern India. Course will be held in March 2014. Please email for more information.

- Seminars – Margaret and her associates, Jean Luo and Alan McElroy, will be teaching seminars on a variety of topics. There will be talks on Soul Astrology, Past Life Energy, Sexual Energy, Healing with Sound, and Color. Margaret would also love to speak at your corporate event, and she specializes in subjects such as Stress Management and Work / Life Balance. Dates and times for all Seminars are TBD. Please email to set up and event today!