About Margaret McElroy

Born in Nottingham, England in 1946, Margaret McElroy migrated to Australia in 1974. The mother of three and grandmother of six opened the door to her spiritual path in 1985. Margaret began her spiritual learning by studying under the guidance of two English mediums. It was through this journey that she discovered her purpose, to be a spiritual teacher. In 1992, Margaret began channeling a Divine Soul known as Maitreya and developed a website to promote Maitreya’s numerous writings and channelings.

MM picIn June of 1998, a large spiritual group within the United Nations asked Margaret to channel Maitreya at the UN in New York City. Maitreya addressed this group on June 8, 1999. Since then, Margaret and Maitreya have traveled the world bringing Maitreya’s message of modern enlightenment, to humanity. Margaret and Maitreya have taught in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, England, USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Slovenia. Now Margaret and Maitreya are bringing Maitreya’s teachings of Modern Enlightenment to India.

Margaret and Maitreya made their first visit to India in September of 2012, where they spoke in Bangalore at the 5th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists. The event was a great success, and now Margaret and Maitreya are traveling throughout India to bring Maitreya’s message to anyone who is ready to embrace the path to enlightenment in these modern times. Modern Enlightenment is for everyone. By attaining that state of peace and harmony within, only then can you believe in your power to be the Master of your own life and to create everything that you need.

Margaret has appeared in over 500 media and print publications and is the author of five books: Born to be a Channel, The Energy of Life, Stories Along the Way, The Photon Energy and The Simple Guide to the Psychic. Under the guidance of Maitreya, Margaret is currently working on her sixth book. In March of 2004, Margaret met Alan McElroy when he attended her courses in Australia, and in July 2005, they were married. Margaret and Alan moved to Seattle, USA in 2005 and are now staying in Gurgaon, India.