How Does Anyone Know What God Wants?

One of the American politicians made a comment that America needed to get back to being of God and not of Government; how does anyone know what God wants? Until one can clear the ego from one’s energy and raise one’s vibration so that the Self part of you, the ego, is no longer able to control you, you will never know what God wants. God is not human, it does not have human ego or emotions, it has total compassion and understands why everything is as it is. The world has many different ways of approaching God; you have churches, chapels, mosques, and so many sects of your faith, what is the true faith? There is no true faith, and there never will be for while one has a Self, one has a false prophet, the Self is only living for itself, for its survival, it knows no other way. It will cheat, lie, become emotional, do anything it can to prove it is right and its way is the best way. Each of the sects has its own truth, some support abortion as you call it, some do not and allow it. One church will not allow homosexual priests, others do. Who made these decisions and edicts? It was certainly not God, for God does not make decisions such as those. God has no fear, the Self is ruled by fear and by wanting to be the best, and it will do all it can to prove it to be right including making decisions which often cause more harm than good. You will not find the energy you know as God judging or criticizing anyone, for God knows the why, how and what of why things and events happen. You put your religious leaders on pedestals, yet it is not about the person, it is about the deeds and the message; A person truly in God does not need endorsement neither will they lie; cheat, become emotional or do wrong of any person. It is as simple as that!

August 30, 2012

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Criticizing or Judging Another Is Wasting Energy

When you criticize or judge another, you are in actual fact wasting energy; valuable energy you could use for other things more important. Your whole day is filled with energy, and how much of it you spend on wasting it, is very important. It is the same when your comments about yourself are not good and you chastise yourself. The more you do this in criticizing others and chastising yourself, the less energy you have for the things you want to do. Every word you speak, every thought you have whether of yourself or of others is energy, you have created it by thought, and if it takes effect and you use it, it depletes your store of energy. What could you do with that wasted energy? You could plan your future and have the energy to manifest it; so many of you say you do not have the time to do things, but is it because you waste energy? What do you gain in talking about others in criticism and judgment? It does not change them, and it does not change you, it is idle thought and words. Once you cease to do this, you will have so much more energy to manifest what you need and also you will find your intuition is so much better.

It Is Worth Striving For

It is quite common knowledge in that to become spiritual or enlightened, one has to change one’s life! In a sense this is true, because as one raise’s the vibration one becomes less and less concerned about the material things of life and the way life has been until then. However what is true is that as one opens the door to awareness, the insight gained and the knowledge, help one to let go of fear, doubt and other issues, and one begins to feel better and lighter. As you let go of your programming and fixed thinking and especially as you let go of your fear, you can see life a lot better than you did, and a freedom begins to infect your being. Peace begins to take over and what you wanted, desired, or feared you no longer have a desire for and in the case of fear; it is like being freed from a chain around the neck. One wonders after the fear is faced, why one did not face it before. Little by little, as you let go of the conditioning you begin to see life differently and as you do, you raise your consciousness; as this happens you find you no longer need the things you used to need and slowly you strip away everything you no longer need. It takes earth time, but slowly you find you become a different person to the one you were, and more and more peace fills your being. You do not have to become a vegetarian to become spiritually minded, you do not have to change anything, your raised vibration will do that for you, removing all you no longer need. You are still YOU, just an enhanced part of you. It is worth striving for.

Express Your Love! Thought For The Week – August 27 2012

Here is my ‘Thought For The Week’ video, in it I talked about sometimes we let ourselves get too involved in things we forget to express our appreciation and love to people around us. new ‘Thought For The Week’ video will be posted on everyone Monday. Until the next one, please share my video and leave a comment. Have an amazing week!