Thoughts And Words Are Powerful Energy

Be aware of the words you speak, for those words will manifest and become what you are. If you say you are without funds and finding it difficult to have money in your life, this will be what you manifest (create). Telling the Universe “I am temporarily out of funds;” states; “yes I am out of funds now, but I am waiting for more to come in.” Words such as “I cannot” “I do not do that” should not be used, for they carry a strong message to the Universe, replace them with words such as “I will try that” and “I will do that.” to replace them. You have no idea at all in what you state is what you create. YOU are the creators of your own reality, of your life, if you use positive words and affirmations it is what you will manifest. Thoughts are so powerful and are also energy, what energy are you sending to the Universe? It will not happen overnight, but with time and effort on a positive level you will change your reality and change your life in the process. If you have the discipline, it will happen.

The Self And The Higher Self

What is the Self part of you and what is the Higher Self part of you? The Self is the fear, doubt, insecurity, but mainly the fear within you from this life and also past life/lives; it is frightened of doing things and it prefers the comfort zone of life, it does not want to try anything new; it wants to stay in the safety of what it knows. The Higher Self part of you is the part you will bring home with you when you come back to your true home in spirit. The Higher Self knows what you have come here to do, it has no fear, doubt or other emotions, it lives in the now, it is detached and so can see every angle of all that is happening for you. It has the answers to all you ask. However, because the Self (ego) part of you is so strong, it overshadows the Higher Self and stops you gaining information and answers from the Higher Self. The Self can be removed, but only by understanding it and working at the removal which takes earth time. It will not happen overnight. Once that happens though, only the Higher Self remains, and then communion with us is clear and precise.

Your Dream State

Why is it you cannot remember your dreams? It is because when you are asleep you are in your Higher Self part of you, once you wake up, you are in the Self part of you. The Self does not want anything to do with messages from the Higher Self. In your dreams we try to give you messages, this can be difficult for us because you have a mind/brain and we have to contend with that part of you when we send our messages, hence the fact that often the dreams are difficult to understand as the mind/brain tries to interpret the messages coming through. Once you wake unless you have raised your vibration quite high, your Self has control once again; only when you sleep does the Self sleep also, unless it is concerned over what is happening in your life and it will then do all it can to stay awake. It is interesting the Self does not want to know anything the Higher Self has to say, yet often the message can save the Self a lot of strife, trouble and effort. Once you can begin raising the vibration, facing your fears and emotions, you will remember more and more of your dream state!

Find Your Talent

You are all such talented souls, every one of you has a talent, once you find that talent you can then change your life and become so much better. Someone asked me; “but what about the person begging on the street?” and I replied; “yes they have a talent also, everyone has one; however your talent is usually your fear. So many of you have fear over using your talent, yet it can bring you all you desire. My channel was struggling financially many earth years ago, she had this beautiful gift of prophecy inside of her and an ability to teach yet she was in fear of it. She had a destiny and did not know it. Once she found it and she had to find it the hard way by suffering before finding it, and then faced her fear, she changed her life for the better and became a much better person who was no longer struggling. Her talent eventually became her passion. What is your talent, do you know what it is? Find your talent and your will find your passion and also your destiny! An astrologer can enable you to find your talent!

Be Free of Debt

So many of you live beyond your means, you have debt; yet that debt is your yoke around your neck sometimes for your whole life. Debt is the not of God, but of the Self which states it must have the latest of things in the market today. The Self cannot wait it must have the latest thing now, and whether that means debt is incurred to purchase it, does not matter. Yet interesting enough, once you have it, the Self tires of it and wants something else. The Self part of you is never satisfied, and never will be while it has control. The Higher Self will say “save for that item, you will appreciate the fact you had to work hard to get it;” the Self says, “why wait, in one year there will be something new, get it now” and very often, more often than not you purchase what the Self wants; you then find yourself in debt, you cannot save because you now have debt and have no money to save. It is a vicious circle and one which can plague you for the rest of your life, in some people it has killed them. Do you have debt, how long will it take you to pay it, and how much will it cost you to borrow it? If you can free yourself of debt you can then begin the process of saving for what you need, and the prize which is what you need, will be so much easier at the end of the savings process. Debt can create problems for your mind, your body and yes your soul, be free of debt and have peace. Their is no easy way of paying debt, but if you are dedicated to freeing yourself, then it will take less time than you think.