Try to laugh at least once a day, if you can do this, you will release endorphins which will cleanse your system and remove a little of the old programming. It is the same with crying. Allow yourself to be angry, the majority of you have so much anger inside of you, you cannot move forward on your life journey with anger inside! Do not be angry with those who create the anger, they have come to help you release it by their presence, and you in your way are helping them to release their old energy also. Express your anger by writing a letter and not sending it, speaking the words which make you angry, but speaking to yourself, shout and be noisy, but let the energy go. The more you can do this, the more you can move forward and return home to us, hopefully never again to return to the earth plane.

Everything Has A Reason

Everything has a reason, it is just that you cannot see the reason due to not understanding the metaphysical world. We are trying to teach you, so that you will have a better life and understanding about that life. What may seem bad is actually a doorway to a new beginning or the opportunity to change. You ask for that change before you are born and we in our world with your Guardian spirit help you to set up the circumstances to learn and make that change or new beginning. Those who seem your enemies can actually be your best friends in our world who have come to help you. Their is nothing negative, only growth and opportunity to move forward!

Guardian Spirit

Each one of you has what many of you call, a Guardian Spirit. This soul is with you from the moment you are born to the moment you die and is with you on the other side while you review your life after death. It is the purpose of this soul to lead and guide you through thought and intuition to the people and places you need to learn from, even what are termed the bad experiences. You often think you are alone, but you are not, this soul is with you your whole life. It has no emotion and so does not react to the situations which make you emotional. It is trying to teach you to do the same; once you can do that, then and only then can you see the situation as it really is, and often the reason why!

June 28, 2012

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Your Own Path

Each soul has its own path to walk, no path is the same because you choose the path, there can be similarities and even twins although they may have the same birth placements of planets and signs, are different to each other. Each will live their life together differently from the other with different energy. Wherever on your path you are at this earth time, you are meant to be there, there is a reason for being there, just know that. Lessons are being learned, and knowledge gained. You may not like what is being given to you, but you have chosen it, to help you grow and leave old conditioning and energy behind you.