Your Own Power

Until you can take your own power in your hands, love yourself and let go of all low self esteem and self criticism you will stay where you are. You are all such special people with incredible talents and gifts, many of which you do not even know you have. You see yourself as a lesser person, not good enough, you fear failure and ridicule, this either from this life and childhood memories or past life experience. If you could see yourself as we do, such powerful energies and with the ability to create such abundance in your lives, but the Self part of you, the past memories stop YOU from seeing this. and only when you begin to love yourself and have faith and trust, can you begin the path to attaining that vision. You need to forgive all those who have caused you pain, and who have hurt you, forgiveness is the key, so many of you hold onto your pain, sorrow and hurt like a dog afraid of losing its bone! When you have done this, open yourself up to a myriad of opportunities and see what you can bring into your life.

Don’t Fear Change! Thought For The Week – Jan 30 2012

Here is my ‘Thought For The Week’ video, in it I go into detail on sometimes changes are necessary. Instead of fearing about changes, we should embrace the changes in our life. I will be posting this week’s ‘Thought For The Week’ daily until Friday. A new one will be posted on next Monday. Until then please share my video and leave a comment. Have an amazing week!

The Self & Ego

What is the ego if it is not the Self? The ego is the part of you which is also attached to the Self, but NOT the Self, it is a different energy, and often thinks it is better than anyone else, or that life will be a certain way and then is crushed to learn it is not what they thought it was. It is connected to the energy of the planet Neptune for it is illusion, it is the dream which never becomes the reality! One can be told of one’s destiny but if the ego or the Self is in control, that destiny can never manifest. The Self and the Ego sit side by side in the subconscious mind and while they are there they stop the soul from moving forward and achieving its destiny. Once again, help is required to remove it so that one may move on. 95% of humanity could be having a better life if only they could know about and remove the Self and the ego!

What Is The Self?

Before one can be successful any Self has to be totally destroyed, if not it will sabotage one and stop one from the success it deserves. On a deep subconscious level the Self part of you resides, it is deep fear and whether because of the fact it does not feel good enough, or is frightened of ridicule or other emotional memories, it will never allow you to open fully into the person you should be. People spend their lives allowing this Self to do this without realizing it IS doing this. I am often asked what is the Self, is it the ego? No it is not; it is the deep subconscious fears in the soul memory from many past lives and if not removed will stop you succeeding in your destiny! Nobody can remove it but you, through a healing therapist. There are people who have spent thousands of incarnations trying to remove this energy from their soul memories, and are still trying to do it today. There is no medication which can remove it, but the flower essences can over time bring that fear to the surface and remove it, but it does take earth time. We have brought you teachers, healers and the flower essences to assist you remove the blocks and subconscious fears, but humanity as yet does not want to know how to remove their deep seated emotions, little by little, soul by soul some are now doing this. For those who do, a new life evolves, one without fear, doubt or insecurity on a subconscious level, they are finally free to achieve their dreams and goals and create their abundance in whichever way they choose. With that abundance, whether in knowledge or financial success, they can then help the world.

January 26, 2012

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