Emotions – Continued

I recently watched a friend of mine go through a harrowing emotional experience and, as it always did, her Self came out in all its glory. Her response always has been to react by crying. Why would people treat her this way? Was she not a decent person? Her Self not only had a field day with her, but it really wrung out the emotions full blast. The person who had upset her was a family member, one she had been close to all of her life. The person would not speak to her and, worse than that, when she was in his presence he would not make eye contact and treated her as if she did not exist! I had told her not to cry in front of this person as this gave the person more fuel to hurt her with. She managed to stem the crying until she was alone. Then the Self came out big time and really brought her down. I told her that once the crying stopped, she should thank this person for doing what they did, for they were teaching her emotional detachment.

She was, ironically, in her 2nd Saturn return at age 59 (Saturn is in its second return at age 58 to 61½). Her life lesson is to learn detachment and, at age 59, she was finally learning how to detach from her emotions, something that prior to 59 (and in past lifetimes) she had found very difficult to do. Had she not learned her lesson now, she would have another 29 years until age 85 (if she lived that long) to learn. And if not then? She would have to come back again for another try.

I told her that she should be grateful to be learning it now and not have to come back, as each lifetime it gets harder and harder to learn. Thankfully, she understood what I was saying to her. Whether it was Maitreya’s energy or just the right time for her to learn, I do not know, but she finally felt at peace!