Feb 24th, 2011

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Differences – Final Words

I no longer feel different, weird, or guilty because I do not like certain foods. I no longer feel guilty because, some days when I am not working, I sit in my nightdress until noon and sometimes even later. This really affected me for a long time as I really wanted to do it. I had done it with my ex-husband, and he had not minded at all, but with Alan I did not feel “right” about doing it. Then one day Alan spent all day in his pajamas. He only did it once, but it opened up the door for me to spend an entire day (and even more days when not working) in my nightdress. I asked myself why I felt guilty and not feel that I could spend all day this way? Then I realized it was the way I had been raised. I chose parents who were very set in their ways, and my upbringing was very conservative. We had a special outfit which we wore only on Sunday or for weddings or special occasions. We were to be seen and not heard, and we dared not step outside of the way we were either.

I remember at 22 years of age asking my first husband if I could have the light on to read in bed. This was just not allowed at home (despite being in my late teens), and I dared not go against what my parents said. I remember my husband telling me not to ask him, that I was married now and could do what I wanted. It was just sheer heaven lying there in bed every night with the light on, reading. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It took many years to get out of my habits of childhood and to free myself to please myself, but each relationship brought fresh challenges with regard to the differences we shared. I was a slow learner too, hence the length of time it took to let go of it. Today, I relish in my uniqueness and realize that if people do not like what I do, it is their issue. I do agree with Maitreya though in that, if we do not learn to understand the differences between each other, we cannot change the world. Let us hope that we can do this over the next 50 years. I have a feeling we can at least improve it anyway.

Margaret McElroy

Differences – Continued

One of the ways I was able to change was watching a TV show here in the USA where a man goes around the world eating things nobody would normally eat here. Today was fried bull’s testicles, rat stew, and fried lamb eyes. I was almost retching watching him eating these foods which, of course, for the show’s popularity he ate with great relish! My food tastes and those of Alan pale in comparison to this man and what he eats. My mother had a penchant for steak and kidney – she loved it. It is also a dish I do not wish to partake of. Haggis is another food I have no inclination to try, yet the Scottish people love it, and it is given great ceremony on New Year’s Eve, (known in Scotland as Hogmanay).

I have become very understanding over the years regarding the differences in people around me. I remember going to Japan and being asked to try sushi and raw fish. Yuk! Yet the Japanese eat it with gusto. However, they did not react to my dislike of this; they just dug into it and looked at me with a sort of pity realizing that there was more for them. LOL! It has taken many years for me to come to the situation where 85% of the time I do not react to what people eat and to accept my own likes and dislikes and give it no energy.

It is the same with the way people do things in their daily lives. Many years ago before I became metaphysical, I found it very difficult to understand why people did what they did if it was different from what I did. These days, once again, I give it no energy. I do occasionally react, but it is getting less and less the older I get. I was thinking today about this subject, and it was this thinking about it which prompted this blog. We are all different and we need to understand this fact.


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Differences – Continued

Why do we have difficulty with the differences between people? A lot of it is from childhood. Some of it is a form of control; we have no control when people are different from us. We cannot control them (subconsciously that is) while they are different. I remember in the early days noticing that Alan liked cottage cheese – he ate a lot of it. Even though it turned my stomach, he liked it. I could not understand why he liked it. It is bland and tasteless as far as I am concerned, yet he would wolf it down as if it was the finest rib-eye steak! Yuk! was my reaction, yet now I can watch him eat it without any comment or emotion at all.

Even twins have their differences. We were meant to be different. Can you imagine if we all ate the same food in the same way? Our differences make us who we are. We are unique individuals, but for the majority of us (unless we can move beyond it), these differences can be a source of frustration that our partner, mother, friend etc., can be the way they are with their issues over things and foods.

Maitreya has said that, until we can accept the differences in each other, we can never have peace, and I have to be honest and state that I do wonder if we can ever do that. We are so diverse in our energies, so set in our ways sometimes. If one has raised one’s vibration/consciousness and is on the metaphysical path, it can be easier as we learn not to give energy to such trivial things. But what if one has not raised one’s vibration/consciousness? The Photon Energy is enabling many souls on the earth plane to do just that, and many are. But what about those who are entrenched in their religious faith and will not change? Maitreya has said that it will take time, but we are moving forward and are better than we were. There will be more and more souls on the earth plane who will change over the next few years, and he said that, eventually, we will become more tolerant of each other.